NEWPORT BEACH (CBS) — An Irvine man is behind bars on Monday for allegedly slapping his seven-year-old special needs son aboard a tour boat and tossing him overboard into NewportHarbor.

Orange County Sheriff’s spokesman Jim Amormino told KNX 1070 the incident reportedly happened Sunday afternoon as Sloan Briles, 35, and his girlfriend were arguing aboard a commercial sightseeing boat carrying an estimated 85 passengers.

The boy was crying because of the argument and was then thrown into the busiest part of the harbor by his father after being hit repeatedly.

“Three boaters that were nearby came to the boy’s rescue,” said Amormino. “The father did eventually jump in, but by that time the boy was rescued by a boater.”

Both the boy and his brother were later returned to their mother’s care, the Associated Press reported.

Briles became combative with deputies when they boarded the vessel to arrest him, said Amormino.

He was released on Monday and is expected to be charged with child endangerment and resisting arrest.

Comments (50)
  1. John Holmes says:

    The father should be charged with attempted murder, not endangerment since the father did not jump in to save till after other boats rescued him. The boy could have drowned, cut up by the propeller or run over by another boat. The father looks like a homeless man and was probably on drugs.

    1. Christine says:

      Wow, you can tell all that by his extremely average looking picture? He certainly won’t be getting father of the year! And, one would hope a judge never allows him to have unsupervised visitation. Lastly, I pray to God that the children’s mother is strong enough to leave that man and never look back.

      1. rich says:

        christine the mother is not with the man he was on the boat with his GIRL FRIEND not the mother of the children

      2. Ben says:

        Bad Balls!

    2. Patricia60 says:

      John, the man was under the influence of alcohol, but anyway, yes he should have been charged with attempted murder. His behavior is criminal.

    3. Bob Higgins says:

      The guy’s not the best father, but you can tell he’s homeless and on drugs from a picture? What are you, LAPD?

  2. Larry Levine says:

    Youngsters need to learn to swim.

    1. ??? says:

      the kid is special needs, might b difficult for him to learn to swim

    2. USA1917 says:

      It doesn’t matter whether the child could swim or not he could have been killed by another boat. Boats with engines and rotor blades that could have been sliced him to bits.


  3. Andrew says:

    I recon, couldn’t wait to get home and than blister his back side.

  4. no beach says:

    there is no excuse for that at all. even if the kid was misbehaving, there’s no need for that type of disregard for anybody’s safety.

  5. JM says:

    Im very surprised there is hardly any comments. Happy nothing happened to the boy, but I’ll tell you one thing. Put me in a room with this idiot and I’ll show him a thing or two about doing that to a kid.

  6. lala63 says:

    wow! Great parenting skills. What a jackwagon. Some people just should not have kids. Period.

  7. Edgar Alvarado says:

    That’s funny…

    1. Patricia60 says:

      Edgar Alvardo, I hope to God, you’re not a parent because you obviously lack any regards for this child.

  8. Cyn says:

    How bout the mother? If he does this in public, wonder what he does when no ones looking! She just stands by, she’s an idiot too, for even bring a jerk like that around her kids.

  9. Alex says:

    I still dont know why alcohol is legal, ohh yeah because congress backs big alcohol and tobacco companies…Alcohol destroys our communities, yet people still indulge..

    1. ROSCO says:


  10. rich says:

    the mother was not there cyn the story states it was the father the child and the fathers girl friend and seemingly a brother to the child the mother must have been at home. there is no blame on the mother here she clearly is not in a relationship with the man anymore but sadly the man has visiting rights with the 2 boys

    1. ??? says:

      yes, that’s how i read it too, the kids were on visitation w/ the father

  11. USA1917 says:

    Some of you are saying that he should know how to swim.

    Even if he does know how to swim he was probably traumatized and it would have taken him a minute or two get get his bearings.

    Remember, he is SEVEN and his father was angry when he threw him in the water.

    1. Patricia60 says:

      USA, these people are obviously ignorant and probably don’t have kids and if they do, let’s hope to God, someone else doesn’t do this to their kids because I’m certain, they’d all have a different attitude.

  12. Another one of them says:

    deport him back to europe where all them hicks belong ya’ll heard!!

  13. Time to go back to court says:

    I hope the mother gets full legal & physical custody of her boys. The idiot of a father doesn’t deserve to be a part of their lives! He’s a danger to his boys & deserves to be in jail.

  14. Chad Wilson says:

    Excuse me!
    Anyone notice?
    This guy is white….
    All you racist have selective reading
    and only notice crimes committed by brown and black men???

    1. mike says:

      That’s because a hugely disproportionate amount of crimes are comitted by them. Sorry, but its the trufe.

  15. Karen says:

    Well Phiilip, that just means your parents are psychos. I hope this kid never has to see this jerkoff again. I can’t imagine a parent throwing a 7 year old off a boat. What a psycho. I am glad this is in the news. HOPEFULLY no women will ever date him to prevent that from happening again.

    1. Phiilip says:

      What I meant to say was…there was a time when parents disciplined their children (right-or-wrong) and everyone kept their noses out of everyone else’s business. In other words? TIMES HAVE CHANGED DEAR! ~are you my ex-wife?

  16. Dr.Phil says:

    I can’t imagine a 7-year-old ever doing something so bad to deserve being thrown overboard. The dad is obviously abusive and then he fights with the deputies on top of that. Its definitely a wakeup call to the girlfriend to exit this relationship.

  17. kate coleman says:

    poor boy i feel for him. hopefully his mother can take away visitation and custody


    the economy is affecting white people too!!!! the longer we as people stay racial towards one another, the longer the ugly system wins! the economy is creating human time bombs!!! and race is not a factor!!!!

    1. Dr.Phil says:

      What are you talking about?

    2. mike says:

      Keep drinkin’ that kool aid.

  19. stop the maddness now says:

    whats gotten into these well educated white people ??? it started with the killing of the little girl for stealing a popcicle, then a couple of case’s where the mom poured hot sauce down the kids throat. a father with the foreclose home , then that mad lady who tried to sell “junior” for 2 thou., oh and dont forget cutiepie’casey anthony. there has been a rash of this the past two months i am black an i am worried,

    1. John Holmes says:

      25% of black men men between 18 and 25 are in prison. So for your people it is a normal everyday event to steal, kill, rape, rob, assault, carjack and when a white person commits a crime it is a rare occurance.

      1. Ben IncaHutz says:

        You’re an idiot and John Holmes dies of AIDS.

  20. Patricia60 says:

    Hey Muck, there isn’t anything particulary comical about this. This was a special needs child of his of whom he had thrown overboard. And even if this child was not a special needs, that’s still not an excuse to treat children. I hope to God, you’re not a parent because that’d be really sad.

  21. Patricia60 says:

    This man should have his parental rights revoked because he very nearly killed his own child by throwing him overboard. This behavior is unacceptable and the mother of this child should not even permit him to visit the kid after what he’s done. He’s not a stable individual and I can garan one thing is that he’d probably do this again if given the chance.

  22. Ziggy Cannonball says:

    This clown needs to be made an example of. You don’t treat your kids this way. You don’t treat anybody this way. An eye for an eye would be a fitting punishment here. Have a WWE superstar beat the hell out of him and toss him overboard into shark-infested waters. This would simulate the same kind of life-changing fear that I’m sure the boy went through. Geez, why am I so irritated by this???? I only wish that in several thousand years, we will evolve to overcome even our deepest engrained violent tendencies.

  23. pedro says:

    It was a hot day, father saw that the kid was hot watching father & gf argued, had the son took a swim to cool down, what’s wrong with that ?

  24. charlie says:

    Dude argued with his gf, should have slapped the girlfriend, then toss her overboard instead of the poor kid.

  25. Sick Scary Monster says:

    It should have been attempted murder, when you beat a child and then throw them in water, they ARE likely to drown. Especially a 7 year old special needs. This guys should be put away for a long time. He is a public safety liability.
    There is no comedy in this.

  26. JAWS says:

    I’m sure that when the kid hit the water..he Stopped Crying! This dad found a new solution controlling “whiny” children.!!!

  27. John Holmes says:

    Now that he is out on bail he will find his ex-wife, 2 sons and kill them. He should not have been given bail, that was a big mistake.

  28. Caroline says:

    Attempted murder it should definitely be, but at LEAST add child abuse, child negligence and a couple other charges to that list! Everything always gets reduced in criminal cases, and child endangerment is not enough. Child endangerment is leaving your child alone where they could get hurt, not possibly killing a special needs boy!

  29. Dave says:

    Really get a kick out of some of these comments – looks like they’ve finally got internet access in the bayous! LOL

    Far as dear ol’ daddums – well, in addition to the civil charges, there’s also likely to be a court of inquiry by the Coast Guard which should prove interesting. Pretty sure throwing a passenger over the side of a commercial vessel underway is a no-no by their standards as well. I suspect he’s going to have a real full dance card when he hits Avenal, Wasco, or Chino.

    And – as far as “kid’s gotta learn to swim sometime”, tossing an upset child into a harbor full of boats, with the water depth about 15 feet or so (varies with the stage of the tide) and bucking tidal currents (looks like they had a pretty decent tide swing on the 28th – ’bout 5 feet or so – but at least it looked to be a slack tide around mid-afternoon) off the bow (so the captain can’t see where the kid hit the drink and effect a course change to avoid hitting him with the hull or prop), in the ferry crossing zone (which is specifically marked because the ferries aren’t particularly maneuverable) and on a summer Sunday afternoon (where all the clowns that are on the freeways demonstrate their incompetence on the water as well) – sorry, not good. If you want to instruct your kid on how to swim, that ain’t the place. Might want to try a swimming pool, or a proteccted beach at a lake, or even right there in Newport Harbor (there are a few public access beaches that are suitable – kinda tough to find with all the mega-yachts) but not out in the maelstrom.

    As for me – I tend to feel sorry for all of ’em; the kids for having to put up with juvenile behavior out of their parents; the ex-wife & the gf for having to deal with the high maintenance BS, and even for Mr. Briles, who’s looking at a whole bunch of ugly for this one.

  30. realman says:

    What an awful girlfriend he must have to drive him to such harsh actions.

    Women are good at delivering emotional torture to men which makes them do the craziest things sometimes.

    She wouldn’t give up and he finally snapped.

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