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PASADENA (CBS) — A Winnetka man who pleaded no contest to attempted murder charges stemming from a fight outside the Rose Bowl before the USC-UCLA football game last December was sentenced Monday to 15 years and four months in state prison.

Anthony Richard Cisneros, 23, entered his no contest plea to the two counts on July 21 and was sentenced this morning by Pasadena Superior Court Judge Janice Croft.

The Dec. 4 fight was apparently triggered by an errant football that hit a Mercedes-Benz. In the ensuing melee, Joshua Dirling, a Cal State Fullerton student, was stabbed in the cheek, and Vimal Patel was stabbed in the back, authorities said.

Two of Cisneros’ older siblings also pleaded no contest to charges stemming from the brawl.

Arthur Joseph Cisneros, 26, pleaded no contest May 20 to an assault charge and was ordered to serve one year in county jail and three years probation.

Akira Sheree Cisneros, 24, pleaded no contest last December to a misdemeanor battery count. She was sentenced to three years probation and 40 hours of community labor.

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Comments (18)
  1. Go Away says:

    Dirtbags. Shoot ’em all.

  2. John Holmes says:

    Typical Mexican thugs, they never learn even when they go to prison. This is the result of illegal aliens giving birth to anchor babies that grow up to commit crimes like this. Close our borders now before it’s too late for our once great country.

    1. JOSE_The Illegal says:

      Well… the two daddy’s boys (Joshua Dirling and Vimal Patel) learned a lesson:
      Never mess with the Mexicans…LOL!!!

      1. what a dumb@ss says:

        Illegal Jose.. Who goes to jail in the end getting @ss f*ked?? MEXICANS

    2. JOSE_The Illegal says:

      Your boyfriend is defending you now….
      Par de Maricones…. Grosss!!! Well, it is normal on you guys..gays… whatever…

      1. John Holmes says:

        Mexicans are a bunch of wussies. They can only shoot or stab people or take on someone with 5 friends to back them up. The truth hurts doesn’t it JOSE_The Illegal.

      2. what a dumb@ss says:

        Jose…Grasp your ears firmly and pull, you might just be able to remove your head from your @$$. Nothing you say will make you s**t heads look good.
        Better luck next time taco

    3. JOSE_The Illegal says:

      John and Company….
      Let us know when is the next game at the Rose Bowl ……

      1. what a dumb@ss says:

        Jose = typical wannabe illegal chollo who thinks he is tough. Don’t worry muchaho, you will join your friends in prison sooner than later.

  3. Jeff says:

    A family of Hispanics committing violent crimes. What a surprise. I wonder if any of them were here legally?

    1. JOSE_The Illegal says:

      Well… these two daddy’s boys (Joshua Dirling and Vimal Patel) learned a lesson:
      Never mess with the Mexicans…LOL!!!

  4. Trojan says:

    You morons should be jailed for stupidity.

    1. Go Away says:

      eff you, tough guy.

  5. KM says:

    15 years and four months in state prison… Have fun with Big Bubba now “tuff guy” and don’t drop the soap.

  6. John Holmes says:

    He won’t be so tough now with out any beers in him in prison. The only thing in him in prison will be the inmates.

    1. JOSE_The Illegal says:

      Just in case you didn’t read my previous posti
      Well… these two daddy’s boys (Joshua Dirling and Vimal Patel) learned a lesson:
      Never mess with the Mexicans…LOL!!!

      1. John Holmes says:

        That is why all the prisons are full of Mexicans, because it is in their DNA just like pitbulls they can’t help it.

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