SOUTH WILLIAMSPORT, Pa. (AP) — The Little League World Series title game matchup is set, with Huntington Beach, Calif., playing Hamamatsu City, Japan, on Sunday.

California secured its berth by routing Billings, Mont., 11-2 Saturday to take the U.S. championship. The run for the first team from Montana to ever qualify for the World Series came to an end.

Twelve-year-old pitcher Nick Pratto struck out 10 and had three RBIs at the plate. The boys did a group bear hug behind the mound after a force play at second secured the final out of the game.

Japan defeated Mexicali, Mexico, 5-2 earlier Saturday to take the international championship.

Yoshiki Suzuki struck out seven and Kaito Suzuki scored two runs and had an RBI single to lift the mashers from Hamamatsu City.

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Comments (9)
  1. Margie says:

    Congratulations to both teams. To California for earning the title and to Montana for coming in 2nd. Outstanding players on both teams. You do America proud.

  2. Tamy (University History Teacher) says:

    I hope Japan wins. If the Americans win most of those kids will grow up overly conceited, with big egos and have an untouchable mentality for the rest of their lives. Japanese kids and adults are a lot more humble and have much higher morals/values then Americans. GO JAPAN!

    1. Devin says:

      Jeallous much? You tenured P.O.S. Get a life, support America. Make a difference in your students lives, and quit being ashamed to be American,

      I hope your budget gets cut, and the can your sorry AZZ.

      1. Toshio says:

        Bravo Tamy. The truth hurts but someone has to say it. Totally agree with you. If the American kids win most will think they are God afterwards. Just look at how American high school and college male jocks act…arrogant and rude outside their circle of friends. I’m Japanese and there is no such thing as “jocks” in Japan. And whether one is a janitor or doctor we treat and respect each other the same…this does not happen in America.

        And Larry…all these kids are not “winners already”…LOL. On the planet we live on (Earth) kids and adults must win it ALL to really be labeled as winners. You can call the loosing team on Sunday a “winner” but that will only be good for therapeutic purposes (healing the pain of loosing).

    2. Iknow says:

      There are very ugly sides to that kind of society. You need refreshing courses in what it’s like living in that kind of culture long term. Most of Japanese prefers Western society.

    3. Devin says:

      Suck It Tamy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Larry says:

    The kids are all winners already. American and Japanese. And your post, is just another obvious showing of how Adults (assuming you’re an adult) don’t behave as well as Children do at times.

  4. nICK wALN says:

    Your reporter tonight really blew it! She said it was the first time an Orange County California team had gone to the world championship at Williamsport. WRONG! SOUTH MISSION VIEJO LITLLE lEAGUE WENT AND WON THE U.S.. CHAMPIONSHIP IN 1997 AND WAS ONLY DEFEATED BY MEXICO IN THE BOTTOM OF THE 6TH INNING FOR THE WORLD TITLE.


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