LONG BEACH (AP) — A Long Beach police officer responding to a gang fight involving knives, shot and killed a 29-year-old man Friday night.

In a statement, police officials say the unidentified victim was trying to flee, when he was shot once in the upper torso.

The unidentified officer who fired the deadly shot says his or her life and the life of a fellow officer were endangered by the victim.

The victim was pronounced dead on the scene. He did not have a weapon on him, but a knife was located in the path of his flight from the officers.

Upon further investigation of the area, two stabbing victims were located and were transported to a local hospital for treatment. They are listed in stable condition.

An investigation is ongoing.

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Comments (17)
  1. Hollywood Reporter says:

    Good one less gang banger, good shoot LBPD.

  2. James says:

    LBPD don’t fark around

  3. Charlie says:

    Shoot to kill, California is going bankrupt with convicts

  4. ex-LB resident says:

    I remember LBPD bullying and close to arresting a small fem asian man for driving his bike at night without lights on Broadway .
    Didn’t they murder a drunk guy sitting on his balcony recently, shooting without warning and justifying it by saying they thought the water nozzle the man was holding was a gun?

    1. Fuk you says:

      If you look at the “nozzle” in a pic. It looks like a pistol. Imagine this…a man puts a toy gun in your face after taking off the red tip and robs you. After $hitting your pants, you call the cops. They say, “What do you want us to do, the gun is fake. Couldn’t you tell.” Your a complete a$$.

  5. blader says:

    i have every confidence in the ability of a police officer. you mean they could not catch up to tackle him – they were afraid of a knife??? what is wrong with long beach police that they keep killing unarmed people. last time it was a guy with a garden hose, now a guy with a knife, fleeing – that is, they shot him in the back?? horrible, maybe he was the wrong guy and they killed him incorrectly. i hope there is a full, independent, investigation.

    1. Michael Anthony Loizzi says:

      I guess a knife isn’t a dangerous weapon? You mean that if you were a cop, you would chase and tackle someone armed with a knife? Oh thats right, those super tough cops cannot be stabbed because their skin is too thick.

      The moron had a deadly weapon, and threatened people with it. It’s his fault, not the officers. When will you morons learn?

    2. just tell it how it is says:

      Liberal bias KCAL9 does it again…..”Victim”? How is the suspect (gang member) involved in a knife fight and posing a danger to the officers called a “victim”? Only if the person writing the story wants to make his subtle jab at making the officers look like criminals for doing their job. Hopefully those with half a brain can see through the subjective reporting and lack of credibility this news agency carries.

  6. ex-LB resident says:

    Then again, if it’s past fourth street, shoot away. 🙂

  7. goodkid1 says:

    The article says…”In a statement, police officials say the unidentified victim was trying to flee, when he was shot once in the upper torso.” To quote the coward cop who shot the fleeing man in the upper BACK………”The unidentified officer who fired the deadly shot says his or her life and the life of a fellow officer were endangered by the victim.”

    I guess the punk cop was scared that an earthquake might start with the violent “pavement pounding” from the civilian’s feet as he ran away. lolol….cops stink. Two out of five of them are the WORST of our society. When will we learn?

    1. Michael Anthony Loizzi says:

      Cops are trained to shoot violent fleeing felons, who are a danger to society if let go. The moron stabbed someone, and possibly tried to harm the officers, why are you defending him?

  8. Michael Anthony Loizzi says:

    Why are you referring to him as “the victim”

    The police shot the suspect.

  9. I support the PD says:

    I guess all these people bashing the police were there. They should go to the LBPD and give their statements since they have all the answers. Thank you LBPD for your service.

  10. Mel Gibson says:

    If you are carrying knives, fighting or gang banging there is a good chance you may end up getting shot to death and it could be a Cop who does it.

  11. rich says:

    i’ve heard it said a million times NEVER BRING A KNIFE TO A GUN FIGHT YOU WILL LOSE EVERY TIME LOL good work officer



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