9 Arrested For Alledged DUI During Checkpoint In Lake Elsinore

LAKE ELSINORE (CBS) — Officials made nine arrests during a drunken driving checkpoint in Lake Elsinore late Friday night and early Saturday morning, said authorities.

Deputies checked drivers at Riverside Drive and Collier Avenue, just went of I-15, said officers.

Those arrested were:

• Miguel Medina, 35, of Lake Elsinore;

• John Varian, 40, of Mira Loma;

•Manual Merida, 35, of Lake Elsinore;

•Carlos Brito, 45, of Murrieta;

•David Jackson, 34, of Lake Elsinore;

•Michael Rails, 45, of Lake Elsinore.

In addition, Jose Ruvalcaba, 46, of Corona was arrested on a warrant issued for a narcotics violation; Bobby Roberts, 42, of Escondido, was arrested on a warrant issued for a parole violation; and Brittany Petcheil, 28, of Escondido, was arrested on a warrant issued for a drug violation.

Deputies gave 14 field sobriety tests, cited five drivers for vehicle code violations and 29 others for driver without proper licenses. A report stated that each of these drivers’ was towed.

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  • Mike_88

    Wow! Looks like they should do that more often.

  • dean

    “A report stated that each of these drivers’ was towed.” i suspect strongly that it was their respective cars that were towed, and not the drivers.

  • aaaa

    rip-off towing scam racket

  • Grammar_Police

    “Alledged”? Is somebody guilty of TYPING under the influence?

  • John

    Police state of USSA.



  • Carlos Mayor

    all mexicans, even the white nmaes. shoot emall, then deport em

    • Tyrone

      I hears you carlos shoot the white boys and da burrito boys us brothas have to stick up fo are selfs jus cuz we can’t swim they don’t like brothas up by the lake!

  • jk

    DUI check point. What a lie, just an excuse to investigate everyone that drove down that road. How about having a house to house search for what ever the cops can find. Kick in everyone’s door and drag them out in the street Nazi style.

  • Tyrone

    Show got lots of Mexicans up dar SO WHAT NO BROTHS LOUD UP DAR?

  • Tyrone

    they towed the drivers???? now i ain’t no johnnie cochran but i believe some civil rights were violated i check wit my Boy Jesse Jackson and halla back at ya!

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