Jumbo Jet With ‘Landing Gear Issue’ Arrives Safely At LAX

LOS ANGELES (AP) — A Philippine Airlines jumbo jet has landed safely at Los Angeles International Airport after declaring an emergency because of a possible blown tire.

The Boeing 747 touched down smoothly around 9 p.m. Friday. The pilot initially descended to a low altitude so a police helicopter could inspect the tire’s condition, then pulled up again and circled before landing.

Federal Aviation Administration spokesman Mike Fergus said the pilot reported that the jet may have had a blown tire upon takeoff from Manila and declared an emergency landing. The aircraft idled on the runway as fire trucks and other ground crews surrounded it.

An airport spokeswoman said 400 passengers and 20 crew members were aboard the plane.

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  • Christian Calloway

    STOP!!!! THE STORY IS OVER, WE DO NOT NEED TO SEE THE PASSENGERS GET OFF NOR DO WE NEED TO HEAR YOUR ANCHORS SAY “AH: AND UM” EVERY THIRD WORD.. It is such a shame that talented broadcasters are out there and would make your news watchable but you hire these people that can only read from a teleprompter and if they have to ad lib its a “ah’ and “um: fest. Go back and listen. That is so unprofessional. I have the right to say v=because I was the youngest news director in the country at age 16 and I knew better than to say “um” or “ah”.


    • Anthony

      so news is all about bad news? are you alone?

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  • Arod

    So was the tire blown or not???

    • rich

      clearly not or ir would have gone off the runway or at least not landed smoothly

  • http://www.pprune.org/rumours-news/462005-philippine-airlines-jumbo-jet-landing-gear-issue-arrives-safely-lax.html#post6665758 A Philippine Airlines jumbo jet with 'Landing Gear Issue' arrives safely in LAX - PPRuNe Forums

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  • joel b. oberio

    that’s our philippine airlines pilots… well trained, safety concious and are good pilots

    • david kopecki

      PAL is probably one of the unsafest airline in Asia, next to China airlines. not to mention their service. Sorry, give me Singapore Airlines!

      • don1829

        have you try Qatar Airways? Qatar Airways are one of the best airlines in the world. 7star airlines.

      • ronan

        Baseless comment, maybe you only know 3 airlines in asia out of over a hundred countries.

      • JM

        i strongly disagree. if your talking about unsafest airline in asia, THAT WOULD BE SOMEWHERE IN THE MIDEAST. I RODE gulf-air (bahrain) and Kuwait Airways , they are so far the worst. Qatar air Dubai airlines are the best in Mideast.

      • martin

        everybody seems to agree with what you said David… because no ones writing against it. But Yeah, i agree, Singapore Airlines has the best in-flight service.

    • martin

      what? i’m a filipino too….. this the first time i witnessed this kind a thrilling situation done by a Philippine airline pilot. But on so many same situation as this, MANY AMERICANS HAD DONE MORE THAN THAT! all caught on video…. Dont be so overly proud, kasi nakakahiya at magpasalamat ka nalang at ligtas mga pasahero….salamat!

      • RealMcCoy

        Ikaw ang nakakahiya!!! lakas ng loob mong sabihin na Pinoy ka..me classic “TALANGKA” mentality ka Brod… mahiya ka sa balat mo!!! Good Job PAL crews…thanks God for the plane’s safe and smooth landing..

      • RealMcCoy

        That’s a reply for Martin’s comment. I hope you’re not a true Pinoy..shame on you!

      • jonas

        Tang ina ka MArtin hayop ka talagang animal ka sana ma kidnap ka diyan sa america gago ka!!

      • jonas

        @Martin = Huwag ka nang umuwi sa pinas hayop kang unggoy ka baka ipapakulam lang kitang hinayupak kang animal kang gago kang kupal ka. Tang ina ka ang yabang yabang mo nakapunta ka lang ng america GAGO ka.

      • chris

        @martin : What’s wrong with saying we’re proud of our pilots? Hindi naman sinabing tayo lang ang makakagawa nun…so bakit ka mahihiya? Bakit kailangang negatibo ang tanggap mo?

      • martin

        ang nakakahiya ay yung pagka mababaw natin minsan mag-isip at sabihin “pinoy kasi kaya magaling”…itimbang mo lang naman kasi, kung taga america ka, napanood mo na yan maraming beses at alam mo naman ilang beses na nangyari ang mga ganyang sitwasyon at ganun din naman ang pagka-dala….

      • mark

        It’s true filipino pilots are well trained and highly capable because philippines schools are one of the best that’s why many foreigners are choosing to study here not only because it’s cheaper…remember the 9/11 those pilots were trained there sad to say.

      • cadz

        sana my paraan akong m kilala ka tang ina mong martin ka.. yabang mo.. pag m kilala lang kita at makablik ako ng u.s. tapus ng deployment ko kaw ang susunod kong papatayin at duraan pa kita.. yabang

      • martin

        @Cadz: wala akong masamang sinabi, karapatan ko magsabi ng aking opinyon at yun para sa’yo ang napakababaw para pagbantaan ang aking buhay….bago ka magbanta Cadz, kilalanin mo muna sino ang pagbantaan mo… pwede ko naman sabihin na takot ako, its up to you to believe that and tell me “takot ka pala eh”.. anyways, wala akong nilabag na batas,dito sa pag comment ko dito, at wala akong binantaang buhay.

      • drew

        grabe naman yan joel is trying to say how our filipino pilots handle situation its not na binbuhat ang bangko … anung nakakahiya sa pag save ng whole airplane?

  • Kapitan

    there were tires that blew off upon take in Manila. the problem was the landing gear wouldnt open up when it reached LAX. you can still land even if you lack a few tires.

  • 52k

    was in this flight. saw 2 the tires blew off to the brim. the pilot kept everyone calm. in fact, i and im guessing all passengers had no idea there was an emergency until relatives text messages (from the philippines) came in saying that we’re on the news.
    thanks be to God for keeping us safe. good job Pr102 pilots! and salute to PAL.

  • Kristine Enriquez

    Thank God PAL landed safely! We salute the PAL pilots for doing their job well!

  • jayson

    hoe can i watch the video without the ads

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  • Ramon Bobby Calicdan

    Kudos to the Pilots and Crew…good job

  • martin

    napakababaw para sabihin mga pilipino lang nakakagawa niyan! sabagay, first time mo pa nakakita ng ganyan…..sana makita mo yung Jetblue na ganun din sitwasyon at maraming pang iba, lahat mga amerikano gumawa. Pasalamat nalang at ligtas sila.

    • cons

      @Martin…nagdiriwang lang ang karamihan na pinoy dahil sa issue na ito…at indi mababaw ang tawag duon…..tanggapin mo na lang na mahuhusay talaga ang pinoy na kahit di man pinagkakaloob sa atin ng tadhana ang sapat resources na dapat kailanganin ……….sobra ka atang bilib sa lahi nila…

    • mark

      kung sinasabi mo madami insendente sa american airlines n ganyan eh sayo na mismo nggaling na below standard ang skills nila mgoperate ng airline dahil kung talagang magaling sila hindi mangyayari ng madalas sa kanila yan bago pa man lumipad ang eroplano na check na lahat ng crew. isipin mo mga sinasabi mo.

  • http://mabuhaycity.com/forums/philippines-news-talk/16424-pal-pilot-makes-perfect-emergency-landing-la.html#post280185 PAL pilot makes 'perfect' emergency landing in LA

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  • junee

    Glad this thing doesn’t happen often to PAL, good maintenance probably… We’ve been flying with PAL for 15 yrs now. Great landing as usual!

  • Bernitos

    I see a lot of pathetc FIlipinos fighting over this issue. Shallow! This is not the place for you. Go somewhere else.

    • James Pho

      monkey see, monkey do

    • James Pho

      m0nkey see, m0nkey do

    • James Pho

      shut your vag, monkey!

  • http://pinoyown.com/?p=40093 Annabelle Rama, sakay ng PAL plane na nag-emergency landing sa LAX | News| Celebrity News | Philippine News | Tagalog Movies

    […] (View the video report here) […]

  • Briana Garris

    great landing. but i would still feel safer traveling with a real airline like Singapore or Cathay Pacific

    • mmb

      And what do you think Philippine airline is, not a real one? it’s called a jumbo jet Philippine airlines have been around since 1941 while your Singapore & Cathay Pacific weren’t even around then, it happens with any airlines, last week American airlines had the same problem with their landing gears so did Delta 2 months ago. Australian had the same problems twice in one year last yr. or two yrs ago, Cathay Pacific not long ago had some problem too, Philippines pilot used to fly Cathay & Singapore, that’s probably why you prefer them.

      • martin

        wheewww…. she’s expressing her thoughts..I dont mean any bigotry here,how can you tell there are Filipinos Pilots flying each every aircrafts of Cathay p. and Singapore A.?

    • Rey

      Well,it’s your choice..but don’t insult our nat’l carrier by saying it’s not a real airline?!it’s one of the pioneer in asian commercial airline & obviously one with the best & experienced pilots in it’s class!

  • cadz

    @ martin ang mga taong katulad mo ai tanga.. ang yabang mo.. wag kang umuwi sa pilipinas.. kinakahiya mo ang balat mo.. tanga

    • martin

      sorry sir…. nasa Pinas ako! di ako nagmamayabang kasi di naman ako piloto na para sabihin na magaling ako sa mga pilotong iyan para iligtas ang mga pasahero sa kapahamakan. akin lang, sinasabi niyo kasi na magaling “as in–parang pinoy lang nakakagawa niyan, kaya sinabi ko na mababaw…Maraming beses na rin na nangyari ang iyang mga sitwasyon sa america, kaya–huwag natin sabihin na mga pinoy lang nakakagawa niyan…. dont get me wrong, masaya ako kasi ligtas mga pasahero at hanga ako sa skills ng dalawang piloto….Pero, di lang ako sang-ayun—na sabihin ninyo na dahil sa lahi natin, kaya “ganyan ka-skilled mga pilotong pinoy…yung lang!

    • martin

      isa pa—kung kinakahiya ko pa ang balat ko, eh sana–di na ako lalabas ng bahay! at isa pa, kelangan bang kayumanggi ang kulay ng balat ng isang tao para matawag na Pilipino????? or kelangan ba maging “puti” para matawag ang isang nationality na amerikano? Cadz, come on! dont be a racist…..saan ba ako naging mayabang? wala naman akong sinabing magaling ako sa mga piloto at wala naman akong sinabi na ako’y amerikano…

    • @Martin Tanga

      @martin ang tanga mo nga.. sa mga nabasa ko… hahahaha
      para alam mo.. ang eroplano na lalapag at may 2 blown tires kagaya nung sa pr102.. maraming possibilities na mangyayari.. isipin mo na parang kotse yan na may blown tire.. nag seswerve yan dahil hindi balanse.. kung andun ka sa flight masasabi mo na ang galing talga nung pilot kasi kahit may 2 blown tires yung landing gear niya parang normal pa din ang landin niya… tsaka alam ng lahat ng airlines na magaling talaga ang pinoy na piloto kaya nga nauubos na ang piloto sa pilipinas kasi piina pirate ate hina hire ng ibat ibang malalaking airlines sa buong mundo.. kaya hindi nakaka hiya na sabihin… ang gagaling ng piloto na pinoy.. kahit ang ibang lahii na piloto saludo sa pinoy na pilots.. kaya din ang daming nag aaral na foreign nationals ng piloto sa pinas. ano ka ba!!! ang tanga tanga mo!!! hindi mababaw yung situation ng pr102… kaya nga tinawag na emergency landing kasi delikado….. BOBO!!!!

  • MannyPac

    All PAL flights to the US make a technical stop in Guam. How could the pilot land in Guam if the tire blew upon take-off at NAIA?

    • Aiota

      Wrong. PR 102 does not stop anywhere enroute to the USA. It’s always a direct flight. Now, from LAX it stops in Guam and that’s PR 103 flight.

    • martin

      they used to stopped at Guam, but they now made changes and now they do the technicall stop in Honolulu, Hawaii..

      • rich

        i recently took a PAL from LAX TO MANILA TO CEBU then back the other way on the way to manila we stoped in hawaii HOWEVER on the way home the trip was from CEBU>MANILA>LAX with no stops in hawaii or anywere else so that is how the pilot would not have had to land it prior to lax. on another note i have flown to the Phil several times and always used CATHEY before this last trip only reason o used PAL this time was it was a rush trip and i could not get a seat on cathey but could on pal. i WILL NEVER fly PAL again for several reasons
        1. they go from LAX TO MANILA only for the destination that i need of CEBU where cathey goes to HONG KONG (A MUCH BETTER LAY OVER SPOT) as manila is a very hard air port to get through for a non pinoy.
        2. PAL seats are FAR SMALLER then they are on CATHEY and i am not a small guy.
        3. if you want water on PAL they have plenty of it but count on it being room temp they did not give ice with water where cathey does
        4. the flight staff on the flight i took was very rude if you were asleep and any part of your arm hung into the isle they would run into it with their carts and not even acknowledge you
        5. the food served on PAL is disgusting tasting where the food on CATHEY is quite good.
        6. the take off and landing for the flight i was on was HORID all 4 planes 2 going into the phil and 2 coming home. the condition of the restrooms on the PAL flight i was on going from lax to manila was DISGUSTING it seemed they had not cleaned them from the flight before us.
        i get the impression my experience was not the norm as many of you seem to sing this air lines praise but im a firm beliver in FIRST IMPRESSIONS and this air line did not make a good one on me so i will stick with CATHEY in the future

      • Martin Tanga

        its not CATHEY. its CATHAY..

        Techstops doesn’t happen to flights from manila to the u.s.. it only happens to flights from the states to p.i…

        Techstops are only needed when the flight is heavy on load like full of pax and cargo.. because the heavier the plane gets.. the fuel consumption rises and a full tank won’t reach manila…

        some flights go direct when its light..

      • Julius

        Pa slang slang pa kasi CATHEY.. wahahahahhahaa…

    • mmb

      they have a direct flights from manila to L A now, you didn’t know that? so no stopping in guam.

      • mmb

        my reply to rich, to each his own.I saw the landing , it was smooth they’re good. Philippine airlines have been flying international Ior over 50 yrs. have never heard any accidents it can happened to any airlines, australian airlines has more accidents than Philippine airlines. iit happens, the main thing is they were able to land the plane safely period.

      • James Pho

        they stop in Guam from LAX to MNL. not all flights do this but some do.

  • Luke

    @martin just SHUT the F#@K UP! If you don’t have nice thing to say… keep you mouth shut! @TO all Pinoys who’s been arguing against Martin… its his opinion kaya dont make things any more worst. You can’t argue with a pathetic person.

  • tsk

    wow naman.. pati ba naman to pag aawayan nio pa. mahiya naman kayong lahat. sobrang babaw pinag aawayan ninyo.

    • Bernitos

      exactly. they are showing how barbaric he is. he does not even know whpw tp RESPECT other ppl’s opinions! Uneducated freak he is!

  • Matthew

    Having flown PAL myself, I couldn’t speak of them more highly! Shame on those who seem keen on rubishing them! Service was good planes well maintained and the landings the best I ever experienced! Emirates could learn a few things from PAL! Singapore and Cathay are great but PAL is a good alternative.

  • PAPA E

    Martin!!! you are like morons ..dapat ikaw firing squat sa Luneta o lethal injection.. Shame on you !!! IDIOT.. IDIOT !!

    • dran07

      give it the rest guys,martin expressed his opinion and no one can take it from him,look christopher lao ang bobong nilusong ang kotse sa baha hehe he expressing his opinion and he should have been informed,.whehehe..

    • Martin

      sabi ko lang, mababaw para sabihin natin na mga PINOY LANG NAKAKAGAWA NG LANDING na ginawa ng mga PILOTO ng PR102… kaya ako sa’yo, magpatingin ka na, sobrang babaw mo na para maging diktador at pumatay ng tao na ayaw ang kanyang sinusulat…..Ampatuan ka siguro..hahhahahha

  • Mandy

    Thanks GOD!!! Kudos for the pilots and crews…
    Keep it up!!! ;)

  • Miragena

    Goodness! So maybe this is the first time it’s been shown on TV. Doesn’t cancel the fact that the pilots did well and we have good ones. No harm in people relishing that after all the bad press recently.

    There was a time when Singapore and Malaysia had a good number of Pinoy pilots in their fleets, when their airlines were young. Now the ratio is different, I’m sure, but we have the right stuff.

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