SACRAMENTO (CBS) — A state agency tasked with protecting the public from harmful pesticides is found to have discriminated against Latino school children.

KNX 1070’s Brian Ping reports on a settlement in a 12-year-old case that has civil rights groups largely dissatisfied.

The complaint filed in 1999 claimed California regulators put children at risk because they continually approved the use of methyl bromide near schools in agricultural areas that are heavily Hispanic.

The Environmental Protection Agency concluded that the state violated the Civil Rights Act in a settlement announced Thursday — a ruling that forces California to assign a monitor to check levels at an affected school in Watsonville.

The state disputes the findings, saying it already has the toughest methyl bromide restrictions in the nation thanks to new findings since the suit was filed twelve years ago.

Civil rights groups are also unhappy with the settlement, saying it falls short on compensation for the victims or offering any long-term solutions.

Methyl bromide, which many state agricultural producers used for decades, has been largely phased out since the suit was filed under the Montreal Protocol, which claims it depletes the earth’s ozone layer.

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    1. Stryker 21 says:

      Trying to get rid of the fleas and disease that third world bottom feeding ILLEGAL ALIENS have.

  2. Rick says:

    I had always hoped they would find a way to pack those crop dusters with birth control powder!

    1. Rickwasdroppedasababy says:

      Yeah, wished they would sprayed it at your momma.

  3. bounce says:

    Where do they spray pesticides? On farms. Where are (often illegal) agricultural workers? Near farms.

    The notion that this was a deliberate act (as presumed by discrimination) to target a segment of the population is lunacy. What about the non-hispanic kids — they are being exposed to the same conditions, are they not being discriminated against?

  4. The Realist says:

    Just like those people those same Politicians protect with refusing to tax their wealthy ass appropriately for making so much money off those lowly illegals. You can’t have one without the other. REAL Truth Fool

  5. Bob L. says:

    If this was a health issue only, great. But this was not, why?

    But to make this a Civil Rights issue is (was) ridiculous.

    Some of the Civil Rights and Civil Enequacies are splitting this country even more. A house divided against itself will not stand, and we are seeing this now everyday from the dysfunctional U.S. congress on down to our local politicians. The U.S. is rushing to be a third world country.

    Instead of playing a fiddle, we are playing now with our eToys and iToys and too busy to see the US folding in on itself.

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