LOS ANGELES (CBS) — Joke? Publicity stunt? Mash note? Midlife crisis? Or a true expression of one older man’s affection to a young startlet he’s smitten with? Or as one network called it just a tad “creepy.”

Fans all over the Internet debated exactly what it is, but of one thing there is no doubt — it is causing an Internet sensation Thursday.

Actor, comic and funny man Jim Carrey, 49, put a video love letter on line to 22-year-old current “It” girl Emma Stone (“The Help,” “Crazy, Stupid, Love”).

He posted the 1 minute, 53 second video on his own website under the “TruLife” section.

He says, “I just wanted to let you know you’re all the way beautiful, not just pretty. And smart and kindhearted. And if I was a lot younger, I would marry you. We would have chubby and little freckle-faced kids.”

Carrey goes on, “We would laugh all day long and go camping and play Yahtzee and tell ghost stories by the fire. And the sex…(He shakes his head to indicate it would be great.)

He then adds a note about their age difference and how he hoped it wouldn’t be a problem. “I have lines in my face and sometimes gray in my beard …signs of aging. But every day I would thank god every day that I was the appropriate age for you.”

Carrey then congratulates Stone on her rock-solid career at the moment. “I wish you continued success, artistic fulfillment and most of all I wish you love and contentment. That’s it. ”

He smiles, and then ends by silently mouthing the words “I love you. I do.”

Late Thursday, Carrey’s publicist released a statement saying the video was obviously “a comedic love letter.”

The publicist went on to explain that Carrey is launching a new site jimcarreytrulife.com and “he thought it was funny and all done for fun.” There was so much traffic to the website, it crashed twice Thursday.

Emma Stone shows she has a pretty good sense of humor, too. On her youtube channel she replied to Carrey’s video: “I was a huge Jim Carrey fan. Now I’m not sure if I should be flattered, or seek an order for protection. lol”

For a link to the video, click here.

Comments (18)
  1. Joseph Conarkov says:

    I think it was sweet. why do people have to make someone wrong, or weird because they are expressing themselves from the heart. who cares what the age difference is. Jeez!

    1. Joseph Conarkov says:

      Why doesn’t the press say that all the insane behavior of Justin B’s girl fans is creepy? How about Hugh Hefner and his 18-20 year old girl friends? Seems like a lot double standards and judgement going around to gain readership.

  2. Corinne Anderson says:

    Who cares?

      1. Gary says:

        Very funny!!

      2. ES says:

        I’m still laughing! 🙂

  3. Joe says:

    I think Jim is just trying to stir news on the internet. If you want to get notice in the internet, say something out of the ordinary. In showbiz, say or do something contraversial. It’s free publicity.

    Could it be that Jim is just trying to drum up interest on Emma Stone that way she gets more exposure? What best way to get free exposure when you get a bigger star to say something nice to you even though pairing both of you does not create a good picture.

    It’s showbiz, people. I won’t be surprise if both Jim and Emma appear in the same movie pretty soon.

  4. Reason says:

    Jesus are you people REALLY believing that this is “real”?? My God you people need to stop watching the TV/films/media and get outside in the real world for a while for some perspective. Anyone who even thought for a moment that one of the most known COMEDIC actors of the last 20 years would just randomly make a video to an actress half his age professing his love for all to see, well I have underestimated the gullibility of the celebrity obsessed/focused of this world.

    1. Reason says:

      and Joe is on the right track above ^

    2. Joseph Conarkov says:

      Whether it’s real or not is beside the point. It’s the judgemental way that peeps have been responding that’s got my attention. I mean, if people would be OK with it ONLY if it were a joke, but not if Jim was serious — that’s kinda messed up. Anyway, you may very well be right on the money as to Jim’s motivations… And I agree with you, the real world is a much better place for getting a real perspective than the media’s second and third hand versions. Cheers!

  5. purplehaze says:

    Jim Who? and Emma Who?

  6. Matt Reagan says:

    Where can I vote for “I think he’s serious–good for him!”

  7. Sage Advice says:

    Want to hear something even more creepy? That is Jim’s living room – and I’ve been there. Mr. “Private” rarely lets anyone in his house. So, creepy back at ya Jim!

  8. G says:

    He just Jim Carrey. Have you seen him on Live Tv?

  9. PL says:

    Pedophile Creep

  10. Leggy Mountbatton says:

    All entertainers and performers should be required to keep all of their opinions to themselves and should be sequestered from the public. Let them do what they do and watch or don’t watch if you choose. Please, tabloids, grow a pair and stop inundating the stupid with your dribble.

  11. Lone W says:

    Always knew that Jim Carrey was a creep

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