LOS ANGELES (CBS) — The city’s top teacher welcomed school officials back to class on Wednesday and said improved testing results should be enough to silence those critical of the district.

KNX 1070’s John Brooks reports LAUSD Superintendent John Deasy is using some good news to kick off the new school year.

In a speech to principals and administrators, Deasy released the results of the most recent high school exit exams, which join a long list of other rising test scores.

“75 percent of tenth-graders passed the English portion, and 75 percent of tenth-graders passed the math portion,” said Deasy. “That is just remarkable.”

Despite the uptick in testing results, the district’s overall graduation rate of 56 percent underscores the challenges facing both teachers and administrators.

Deasy, however, called for critics to abstain from any public comments until they have seen all the available data.

“The relentless disbelief in our public school system in our country must end, and the poisonous and fractious rhetoric has no place in LAUSD,” said Deasy.

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  1. Dan says:

    It’s nice to know that 75% of tenth graders can pass a test designed for kids with an 8th grade education. This of course means that there is still 25% of 10th graders out there who can’t do school work at an 8th grade level. Honestly I dont think these numbers are anything LAUSD should be proud of; even less so those parents allowing their kids to waste valuable school resources when barely over half will even graduate.

    1. Educated citizen says:


      You should take that test and see how you do. I guarantee it’s not designed for an 8th grade level of education. Judging by your sentence structure, it’s highly doubtful you would score proficient. I don’t know if you are aware of this but a large portion of American adults who graduated from high school have reading and math skills below the tenth grade level.

  2. Clarke Terry says:

    Test scores are a load of you know what. My son attends Renaissance Arts Academy in Eagle Rock. He scored in the advanced percentile of every area of those tests. His spelling is atrocious. His ability to write an essay is horrendous. Sentence structure, correct word usage, and the ability to write a coherent paragraph are laughable. I looked further into what was going on and I found out that his school is actually ‘teaching to the test’, in other words, they study how to past the tests. No real learning going on.

    1. Educated citizen says:

      “they study how to PAST the tests.”

      Do you sit down with your son and help him with his spelling, grammar, sentence structure, correct word usage, and writing coherent paragraphs? Horrible spelling is usually related to a lack of independent reading, which basically falls on the responsibility of the parent. There is also a correlation to writing skills and independent reading as well.

  3. Mehilanges says:

    In the news video report they slip in and mention that some are complaining that “whites” are getting better test scores and or graduating, just doing better academically.

    But they haven’t pointed out the Asian community, Koreans, Chinese, etc. students that also do better academically, all of them, whites included, just do, historically.

    Why? Culture.

    The other minorities that I won’t go into, have a culture, a family support system that just doesn’t push academics and just being plain smart.

    So its NOT just the LAUSD’s fault, its the parents, the environments THEY make for themselves, their CULTURE that supports stupidity to put it plainly.

  4. bigjim says:

    Mebilanges you just don’t get it. All of those “factors” you described have an agenda to promote, that of the “victim” in everything. They don’t feel they should study, go to class, or learn proper English. And quite frankly why should they when all they have to do is get pregnant and run down to the welfare office for all the freebies thye think they are entitled too. All paid for by hard working taxpayers.

  5. Stuart Goldurs says:

    Who are the people at LAUSD that make the decisions affecting your children?

    The article calls Deasy the top teacher. He has never been a teacher!


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