‘We’ll Be Ready If He Returns’: Police Deport ‘Backpack Bandit’ To Mexico

LOS ANGELES (CBS) — Police on Tuesday threatened to arrest a man suspected in a series of robberies if he returns to Los Angeles after being deported to Mexico.

Adan Peralta, 25, is suspected of robbing a 79-year-old, sight-impaired woman in the 200 block of San Pedro Street on Aug. 1. A surveillance camera video capturing part of the incident shows a man believed to be Peralta running away from a woman using a walker.

Peralta also was suspected in two similar crimes, according to Los Angeles police Lt. Paul Vernon.

A tipster told police Peralta and his brother were bragging about the robberies, Vernon said.

Vernon said police picked up Peralta, but did not have enough evidence to prosecute him, and officers turned him over to federal immigration agents, who returned him to his native Mexico. Detectives later found a witness who identified Peralta in a photo lineup and got an arrest warrant for him.

“Peralta seems to always land back in the downtown area,” Vernon said. “Every officer has a flier with his face on it, and we’ll be ready if he returns.”

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    […] Police on Tuesday threatened to arrest a man suspected in a series of robberies if he returns to Los Angeles after being deported to Mexico. CBS Los Angeles […]

  • Teufel Wolf

    I guess when they talk about how illegal immigrants do the jobs no American wants do they mean jobs like robbing blind old ladies…..

  • Maury

    …Peralta seems to always land back in the downtown area,” Vernon said.

    Geez…, I wonder why. Next time, lock these devils up when they commit a crime. instead of sending them back to Mexico on a free bus ride. Saying not enough evidence is just an excuse given by this dept. Next time the kills someone, are you idiots going to deport him again?

    • Duh!

      Isn’t LA a sanctuary city? This is why he always goes there. I’m surprised that the police defied the mayor by turning him over to ICE. Guess some heads are going to roll for this one in the LAPD.

    • Marty

      instead of deport him send him to college so his rights are not violated.

  • Arod

    And what will they do….nothing….if he were white or black they would beat him to death but an illegal has special rights and if we don’t trat them right who knows maybe mexico will be upset and not like us anymore. They do so much for us so we wouldn’t want that to happen

  • WaLLy

    What a waste
    He will be back in days

  • ray

    I guess he should just kill the old lady next time, useless cops

  • Phiilip

    ‘when’ he returns? Got that right.

  • Jeff

    He sounds like a good person for the Fullerton PD.

  • dan

    One gone… 15 million to go…

    • PAYAZA818

      U SO WRONG

      • David Huffman

        @dan,correction,50+million !! @PAYAZA818 No dan is’nt wrong.Matter of fact why don’t you Mexicans show us some of that Mexican Pride you fools are always talking about,and ALL of you go take your own country back from the Cartels and corrupt government.Then maybe you will be worthy of our respect,Action speaks LOUDER than WORDS ese !!!

  • Kobe

    The only way politicans and lawmakers will do something about illegals is if an illegal kills one of the politicans or lawmakers family members. Then they will do somthing. But as long as illegas only kill and steal from regular people nothing will be done.

  • Tom

    He robben an old lady and the cops are threating to arrest him? Unreal! Truly unreal. Wetb@cks cannot be arrested. They have a free pass to commit crimes.

  • Mo

    The problem is and I guess “wetb@acks” isn’t the appropriate term. He doesn’t cross the Rio Grande River to cross onto Texas soil. He can hitch a ride with someone onto a van or car outside of the border crossing (northern) and take the 5 freeway. They can deport him as many times they want to, but it’s not going to solve any issues. You are absoutely correct that Los Angeles is the sanctuary for illegal migrants. Everyone gets free medical care. This is why the hospitals are so clogged up. 3/4 of the people coming into an emergency room don’t have a social security. Just recently, a mother threw her baby from the fourth level of the parking structure at Children’s of Orange County Hospital. She could have given to the hospital staff. But she didn’t know. Loss of life and freedom taken away. People can do whatever they want. There are no laws.

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