Man Unlocks Mystery In Safe Bought From Home Depot


CANYON COUNTRY (CBS) — Matt Chambers is well-versed in the life of a stranger.

He opened up a safe he recently bought at a Home Depot in Canyon Country only to find piles of papers — marriage certificates, death certificates and decades of family history.

Chambers said what was strange was that he bought the safe in a sealed, taped box.

“I was thinking, boy, this feels kind of heavy,” Chambers said. “I was thinking maybe it’s a heavy-duty safe.”

What he found locked inside was quite the surprise.

A pile of documents revealing intimate details about the life and family of a man named Rick Cooper, born in 1937.

Citizenship certificates date back to the 1800’s and there’s even a deed to a SoCal property registered in 1906.

Chambers surmises that Cooper probably returned the safe, forgetting he put the papers inside.

He hopes to get the safe, and its treasure trove of memories, safely back in the hands of its rightful owner. Unfortunately, all the phone numbers on the documents inside have proved dead-ends.

“I’d love to meet him and shake his hand and hear about his family,” Chambers said of Cooper. “There are some amazing pieces in here and, I bet, there are even some better stories behind ’em.”

A Home Depot manager said it’s nearly impossible to track where the safe came from.

Anyone with information is encouraged to e-mail Chambers at

  • Stubby

    Quite the return policy at Home Depot. LIke everything else returned, they don’t inspect the items’ suitability for resale.

  • Capt crunch

    Been lookin for that. That’s mine!

  • jk

    Home Depot and most other retailers put all thier returns back on the shelf. They even tape them up real nice so they look new. What they are doing is fraud. Most things returned are for a reason, like they don’t work or are missing parts. I bought a camcorder from Walmart and it had pizza sause, I think it was anyway, all over the manual.

    • Jonathan Covey

      I worked there for 10 years you would not believe what went back on the shelves

  • JM

    This is a good story…hope the owner or family of the owner claims their papers. And the guy that found them is honest, to share this story, which is very rare in the world we live in today. Nice to hear someone cares about someone other than himself.

  • TT

    Maybe Check with Alice Cooper n Family ???? Was found here in Ca…. never know …

    • HamatoKameko

      That would get you precisely nowhere. Alice Cooper is not his given name.

  • Jo Senddio

    Incredible! I do hope he is able to find the owner and return the papers.

  • Jonathan Covey

    I worked for HD It is not hard to track down when the safe was returned. Just another lazy over payed manager at HD that does not want to do whats right for a customer.

  • JoeC

    Maybe it was DB Cooper! We found him.

  • emh

    Richard Cooper was born on April 11, 1937 and passed away on Friday, February 18, 2011.

    Richard was a resident of Nottingham, Maryland.

  • Vincent Chavira

    Maybe its DB Cooper!!??

  • Yvonne

    Good place to research is I noticed from the story on TV that his name might have actually been Frederic Joel Kupperman also known as Rick Cooper. This shows up on, and it does show that exact name being married. It also show Rick Cooper(Kupperman). It shows names and addresses too. I hope this helps…

  • Y

    Check out this link. It shows both Kupperman and Rick Cooper family trust owning that property on Ocean…

  • Jeff

    I’ve bought stuff from FRY’S that was returned and “checked and approved for re-sale” only to open the box and fount it physically broken. Never buy stuff like this from FRY’S.

  • ArmyStud

    This guy did a better job than “Geraldo Rivera”

  • chakka

    shes smoking hottt

  • ok

    On the video looks like some papers in russian

  • Leny

    Hi. As I can see from the video there is the paper in Russian with clear indication of the Bplace in Russia.
    Start from there.

    • Cliff

      There is a guy in Santa Monica age 74 who is related to- Maurice Kupperman, Lauretta Kupperman, judy K Collier-Coronado. Try Looking at these people. Maybe these are his daughters.

  • KZ

    Is anyone else thinking the man in the photo looks a lot like the infamous DB Cooper? He would have been the right age…and had the right last name! DB Cooper certainly would have a reason to stuff his life into a safe for “safe keeping” at Home Depot, too!

    • D@VE

      Hah! That is EXACTLY what I was thinking! I saw this video on Yahoo!, but searched for this page to see if anybody else noticed it, too. Two Mysteries solved in one morning! Beat that Scooby Do!

    • JM

      that is the only reason i came here to comment, because i thought it was DB Cooper. and Suzie Suh is hott

  • Dave

    Umm, why not turn it over to the police? They are EXPERTS at finding people and they have the resources.

  • Michael

    Looks like a new 20 dollar bill. Not that old of stuff

  • Michael

    Looks like the $20 bill is new, so some of the content is new.

  • ra

    There is a security officer at the getty named Rick cooper…it could be him

  • s.

    You can all rest at peace. He has been found and all is well. Thanks for your concern :)

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