Man Unlocks Mystery In Safe Bought From Home Depot


CANYON COUNTRY (CBS) — Matt Chambers is well-versed in the life of a stranger.

He opened up a safe he recently bought at a Home Depot in Canyon Country only to find piles of papers — marriage certificates, death certificates and decades of family history.

Chambers said what was strange was that he bought the safe in a sealed, taped box.

“I was thinking, boy, this feels kind of heavy,” Chambers said. “I was thinking maybe it’s a heavy-duty safe.”

What he found locked inside was quite the surprise.

A pile of documents revealing intimate details about the life and family of a man named Rick Cooper, born in 1937.

Citizenship certificates date back to the 1800’s and there’s even a deed to a SoCal property registered in 1906.

Chambers surmises that Cooper probably returned the safe, forgetting he put the papers inside.

He hopes to get the safe, and its treasure trove of memories, safely back in the hands of its rightful owner. Unfortunately, all the phone numbers on the documents inside have proved dead-ends.

“I’d love to meet him and shake his hand and hear about his family,” Chambers said of Cooper. “There are some amazing pieces in here and, I bet, there are even some better stories behind ’em.”

A Home Depot manager said it’s nearly impossible to track where the safe came from.

Anyone with information is encouraged to e-mail Chambers at


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