ORANGE (CBS) — An infant fell at least two stories from a parking structure and is in critical condition after landing on a concrete walkway in Orange County Monday night.

An eyewitness reportedly saw the baby fall from the parking structure, belonging to the Childrens Hospital of Orange County at 6:20 p.m., Sgt. Dan Adams of the Orange Police Department said.

Adams said the circumstances were “suspicious” considering the baby couldn’t have gotten over the ledge by itself.

The infant, estimated to be one month old, was taken from Childrens Hospital to UC Irvine Medical Center because of its renowned trauma center. The baby was listed in critical condition.

Police were looking for a person who might have had to do with the fall.

Investigators are reviewing surveillance video from the nearby hospital and the parking structure for information that will lead to a suspect or identify the baby.

Comments (10)
  1. John Holmes says:


    1. Ron says:

      Another sick person trying to kill an innocent child. And at O.C. Children’s Hospital. Did they check to see if the baby was a patient?

  2. OC family says:

    It is disturbing to know that this happened. Equally disturbing is a video on KCAL news that appeared to show something on the ground. I only saw a brief image on the screen and looked away from it, and I am not certain exactly what I saw. It would be inappropriate to put up such images on display, in my pov. This story is very sad.

  3. UPDATE says: has stated the baby died.

    1. NatalieH says:

      Can you post link? Went to site and didn’t see that update – just that baby in critical condition at UCI. Praying you are mistaken…..

  4. broken hearted says:

    Tonight… my heart has broken. Poor little angel.
    Awe man, this will hunt me for days. I really hope they catch the animal that did this and if the news is showing the little angel on the ground shame on them. The things they do for ratings.

  5. Heather Hunkee says:

    the parents should be dropped from the same parking structure
    an eye for an eye
    how in the hell does this happen?

  6. Ebony says:

    The law need to take the mother up to the fourth floor and drop her ass off on some concrete and then she will know how it feels. God bless that little angel.

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