LA PUENTE (CBS) — A La Puente woman took drastic measures to save her home from foreclosure.
With help from a community organization, homeowner Rose Guiel staged an impromptu protest at the headquarters of One West Bank in Pasadena last Thursday.

“I wanted them to see a real life story, not just a number of people that they just kick out,” Guiel told Joy Benedict, reporting for CBS2 and KCAL9.

“I remember growing up saying ‘you know, I’m gonna be this… I’m gonna have that’ like any other kid and then here I am in a situation where I don’t have it anymore,” she added.

Guiel purchased her home seven years ago for $300,000, signing an adjustable rate mortgage.

She moved in with her brother, who helped out with the payments, and her disabled mother and father.

Then in 2009, Guiel’s brother, Michael, was killed in a drive-by shooting. Without the second income, she quickly fell behind on her mortgage.

“Trying to cope with that and then also trying to make sure that I stay current, it was just too difficult of a task,” she said.

And in the middle of what she thought was the process of getting a loan modification, her bank foreclosed.

“People are losing their homes and they’re becoming homeless,” Guiel said.

One West Bank could not comment on this case, calling it a private issue. However, they have agreed to a meeting with Guiel on Monday.

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  1. Sage Advice says:

    MISTAKE #1: SENSE OF ENTITLEMENT WITHOUT CREDIBILITY, INCOME, OR TALENT TO MAKE FEASIBLE INCOME BACKING IT UP: “I remember growing up saying ‘you know, I’m gonna be this… I’m gonna have that’ like any other kid and then here I am in a situation where I don’t have it anymore,” she added.

    MISTAKE #2: ADJUSTABLE RATE MORTGAGE ON LIMITED INCOME WITH NO PLAN TO PAY IT OFF BEFORE MATURATION – ON A LIMITED INCOME BEYOND THEIR MEANS: “Guiel purchased her home seven years ago for $300,000, signing an adjustable rate mortgage.”

    MISTAKE #3: RELYING ON OTHERS FOR SOURCE OF INCOME. Yes it is unfortunate her brother was killed – but with two incomes up to that point, after 5 years, and surely even by 7 years (the length of time she has ‘owned’ it) they should have had the majority of the house paid off.

    MISTAKE #4: Blaming the bank – sure, it’s all their fault. I am willing to bet she bought a shiny new car, and a bunch of other “bling” on credit that she didn’t need and was beyond her means as well. Like she said: “I remember growing up saying ‘you know, I’m gonna be this… I’m gonna have that’. – WELL, YOU GOT IT!!!! NOW IT GETS TAKEN AWAY BECAUSE YOU BOUGHT IT ALL ON LOANS. WELL, NOW THE LOAN IS OVER BECAUSE YOU RENEGED.



    1. Virginiag says:

      Sage Advice, I believe that people like you end up in a nursing home with a lot of money and no one to come visit you. Frankly, in my opion, I think this lady should file bankruptcy and get a new start. She did not cause this fiasco in the housing market. A lot of people have and are making money on other peoples loss. People are too quick to voice such negative opinions. A lttle compassion goes a long way when people are hurting, Wow! I don’t understand how you could write something like, “it’s unfortunate that her brother was killed-but”. Unreal!!!!!!

      1. Chris says:

        @Virginiag File Bankruptcy? someone has to pay for that loss…who and where do you think it comes from? Research that> I have to agree with Sage, she could have also rented out the rooms to help with the mortgage..

      2. Tony F. says:

        Virginiag, spoken like a true liberal. Lets have entitlements for everyone!!!!!!!!

    2. Alessandro Machi says:

      Sage She was late with one payment and that caused the bank to escalate fees and penalties.

  2. Devra Blani says:

    SHE DESERVES THIS HOME!???? Then pay for it! Or rentb like everyone else who can’t afford owning a house. WHAT AN ENTITLED ATTITUDE!!

  3. Stubby says:

    I say throw this entitlement hag in jail for a day or two. This arrogant sense of entitlement is pervasive throughout California due to the our political leaders’ fixation on votes, never enforcing our laws and upholding the rights of decent, taxpaying, law abiding citizens. Civil chaos is next. Who do these people think they are, Obama supporters? Yuk!

  4. Tony F. says:

    A sad story , however its not the banks fault that she signed an adjustable loan. Ther were risks involved Its not the banks fault that her second income was killed. We have become a society of ” whats in it for me”.

  5. Steve A says:

    I Remember Distinctly, somebody telling me that Life Comes with an Fairness Guarantee; are You trying to tell me it doesn’t ? ! ?

  6. charlie says:

    i think the bank should let her have the house, with all the loss that she went through, bank should see the person behind the loan.
    Speaking of which, i think the bank should let my have my BMW free and clear too, i just lost my job, and i need the car to look for another job, one can’t be an executive, and take the bus to work, like you know,

  7. Margarita says:

    This women has nobody to blame but herself. She signed a ADJUSTABLE rate loan which means that on a $300K loan her monthly payment can go from $2400.00 to $4000.00 per month, hence the word adjustable. And Rose, the contract you signed did not state that if your cosigner dies the bank would “work with you” etc. It doesn’t matter if your entire family dies…payments are still due. Simple concept to understand. Stop making a fool out of yourself and either go rent a single apartment or start calling homeless shelters. I have no sympathy for people who borrow someone else’s money and then whine when they can’t pay what they agreed to. I know your reading this Rose, and as a manager at a Coldwell Banker location I will be calling One West Bank which I happen to know a few employees there and tell them not to lower themselves to your level. Have a great day/night.

    1. Alessandro Machi says:

      Margarita, you are a moron.

  8. Jenny says:

    Quicken to this day has a commercial stating basically ” why pay a high mortgage payment for a house you will sell or refinance within 7 years” The banks are pushing these mortgages AND THEY DO NOT TELL YOU THAT HEY, YOU MIGHT NOT QUALIFY TO REFIANCE IN 7 YEARS OR HEY, YOUR HOUSE MIGHT BE WORTH 400,000 LESS IN 7 YEARS!

  9. Dave says:

    Wow, I think I deserve a new car, new house, new boat, a chateau in the Swiss Alps…. Oh wait, I live in the real world, I need to go out and actually work, plan, and save for those things. Life is hard and not fair, deal with it. After hearing her say she deserves a house, I wish i could be the one to serve her with eviction papers.

  10. Nina says:

    I was angry too when I heard part of her story, but then I looked it up and read what really happened. She purchased her home like many American did in good fate. Despite her tradies she is still willing to pay what she can by refinancing. She’s not trying to get her home for free. She’s actually gone through the proper channels to keep her home. Why are we mad at her for that. The bank should refinance her loan with the understanding that any money saved ( number of month no payment was given, with her living in the home) would go towards her refinancing her loan. We should be upset at those people who purposely stop paying their mortgage just to live in them for 2 or more years and pocket that money and get away with it with no intent to stay in their home.

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