INGLEWOOD (AP) — Over 2,000 residents gathered around tables at a Los Angeles-area high school gymnasium to vent their frustrations about the lingering recession and call on their elected officials to focus on job creation.

Congresswomen Maxine Waters, Laura Richardson and Karen Bass attended Saturday’s “Kitchen Table Summit” at Inglewood High School, listening to voters’ stories of layoffs, losing homes and job searches that have gone on for over a year.

Refugio Mata with GoodJobsLA, the grassroots group that organized the gathering, called the event a “large-scale therapy session,” allowing struggling residents of urban areas to come together and commiserate about how the economic crisis affects them.

The jobless rate in California tops 12 percent. Rep. Waters called unemployment her “major focus and primary adversary.”

Attendees urged politicians and corporate officials to sign a pledge to support a wide-ranging national jobs program.

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Comments (14)
  1. alg says:


    Tell the federal government to reduce by 15% all CORPORATE TAXES, and you’ll see how fast they start hiring people.

    It’s that simple folks. I’m serious.

    Companies overseas will also come back if the gov. does this.,
    and they better do it soon, or there will be a revolution.

    1. Stryker 21 says:

      Another mudflap criminal trying to get the mudflaps jobs. They don’t want jobs, the only job they want is going to the mail box for welfare.

      1. Stubby says:

        Absolutely right. Gimme gimme gimme. Inglewood has a population of generational entitlement recipients. 2000 neighbors showed up for a meeting instead of getting jobs. There are jobs everywhere for qualified, decent people. Those who aren’t working are making excuses to stay on the government teat. Maxine Waters is a pandering witch.

  2. Reg925 says:

    people were actualy protesting against corporations that are paying no taxes, which is $$ that could be put back into our communities to create good paying jobs. Here’s the rest of the AP report on this event:

  3. O J says:

    I can’t believe Ms Waters
    Just because Obama is Afric-American
    She expects favoritism to her race
    Unemployment affects us all
    It’s harder being a black male with a felony
    Distraction from her lack of ethics
    She should resign

  4. PL says:

    Maxine Waters enabled her husbands bank to
    get TARP money and said it was not a conflict of interest

  5. ginny says:

    I would ask, since Maxine is not a newcomer to Washington, why hasn’t she done more over all these years to improve things for her constituents? Maxine, what are you doing to fix it? Why are you not one of the main movers in Washington so that you could see changes?

  6. Tina says:

    Maxine Waters is too busy skirting the issues and blaming others to be one of the main movers in Washington – or LA for that matter. Maxine – stop the bad language, keep your mouth shut and focus on bringing jobs to LA. Be the change your constituents NEED you to be!

  7. Ossie says:


    Tell your constituents why the bank in which YOU own stock got a $12 million TARP taxpayer-funded bailout, then helped finance expensive homes and cars for its CEO? How did THAT help the low income in your “community”?

    Where are the JOBS that the BANK in which YOU own stock were supposed to create, being a “Community Development Financial Institution” and all?

    We await your reply with eager anticipation.

  8. S II says:

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