LOS ANGELES (CBS) — The U.S. Department of Justice is investigating the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department for allegedly discriminating against minorities living in subsidized housing.

A federal lawsuit accuses Los Angeles County Sheriff’s deputies in the Antelope Valley of unfairly singling out Latino and African American residents of low-income homes.

The civil rights division of the U.S. attorney’s office says the discriminatory practices allowed white residents in, while forcing out minority residents.

The DOJ is expected to make a formal announcement about its probe Friday at a news conference.

Sheriff Lee Baca is expected to attend.

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  1. John says:

    I’ve said it before I’ll say it here:

    The police depts throughout America are completely out-of-control. Period.

    1. Real Facts Please says:

      Their standards for passing psych exams have been lowered over the years because less people are becoming police officers. With that, you get a whole new kind of recruit.

  2. Bob V says:

    Ok,,,,if 90% of the folks on welfare are latinos and blacks, why is anyone surprised when 90% of folks caught by police pulling welfare scams are latinos and blacks? Hellllloooooooooooo!!!!! McFly!!!!!!!!!!!!



    2. AB says:

      No, the highest % of welfare recipients (by a small amount) is white.

    3. Real Facts Please says:

      Bob V, you need to to do your research. Might be surprised how many whites are on it as well. Maybe not as many in the Western U.S or East Coast., but plenty down South and in the Midwest. Your percentages are way off. It’s funny when people skew numbers to justify responses…..idiot.

  3. Daniel Thomas says:

    There are a whole host of issues in this article.
    ‘Republic Empire Falls’ has a point; but the major point to that point is to not let that be an obstacle. So many of us have. Yes, I do know – easier said than done. I have a couple of questions. This one may sound harsh and I think I know the answer. If Blacks and Latinos occupy 90% of the housing – why would whites want to be a part of that (hostile) environment? Regarding discriminatory actions by the Sheriff against minority residents – the sheriff may feel better able to control (poor) whites than minority residents. In reality they may be inviting more issues. The other thing I wanted to mention but am unable to explicate due to space is that I heard a sheriff’s captain imply that there are more deserving tenants for available Section 8 housing. This statement say’s so many things: all of which require time and space for thoughtful educative comment. Suffice it to say that an over-worked constabulary needs to find a way to merge or meet-on-balance an under-educated perhaps less gainfully employed community. Who will take the high-road in this matter?

  4. Rights to all says:

    80 percent of the volent crimes as reported here are committed by either latinos or blacks. Do the math.

  5. Lenny Sullivan says:


    The ACLU and this biased and inflamatory report are making this a race issue. Many people in the AV have become extremely frustrated with the lack of oversight of the Section 8 tenants in their neighborhoods. Often, these tenants are unruly and peace disturbing. The hard working, tax paying people in these neighborhoods have little recourse, other than to report disturbances to their local police.

    It stands to reason, if the majority of Section 8 recipients are minority cultures of course those will be the people reported. This is NOT a race issue; it’s a peace issue. All residents wish to enjoy their home life without threat of terrorism, violence, drugs, criminals, and criminal behavior in their neighborhoods. Too often Section 8 reipients are illegally, selling drugs, renting rooms or housing felons in subsidized housing. Since these people have the savvy to earn extra income, their benefits should be terminated.

    It’s time to clean house (pardon the pun) and offer Section 8 benefits to the law abiding and truly deserving needy. Moreover, it’s HIGH TIME the tax payers voices be heard. The governing agency (HUD) must stop irresponsibly spending tax dollars.

  6. mattzweck says:

    some of the people in section 8 housing do drugs. or do drug deals. i think the people who deserve the section 8 housing are the ones that work but need a cheaper place to rent and they actually abide by the law.

    1. Lenny Sullivan says:

      I agree 100% with you. Too many people don’t qualify for subsidized housing because they have income.

      Perhaps it’s time to drug test recipients of government benefits? People have to pass drug tests for employment, maybe they should pass drug tests to qualify for government assistance too?

    2. PL says:

      People on section 8 frequently disobey rules
      More people reside than lease allows
      Meeting places for gang bangers
      Drug dealers
      End social dependence programs

  7. The system needs an overhaul says:

    Did anyone else notice the three nice cars (one being a fairly new Dodge Magnum) in the driveway and the stainless steel two-door fridge in the garage at the house being investigated in the clip? Those things seem a little out of place in a section 8 home. I am a high school teacher in the Antelope Valley and there are plenty of people up here taking advantage of the goverment assistance. I meet with parents regularly who are receiving section 8 benefits yet somehow are able to afford really nice cars, fake nails, expensive clothes/shoes, and cigarettes. The majority of the students that we have that receive section 8 assistance are African American and Hispanic. I will also say that although it is a relatively small sample size, most of the parents that I’m speaking about happen to be African American. In the current economic state of both federal and local government something has to be done about how many people are abusing the system. I don’t care what color a person is…..if you’re stealing our hard earned tax dollars, you should be punished. The people being investigated are not only being targeted, they’re being taken away in handcuffs. That tells me that there is wrong-doing of some kind going on and once again, I don’t care what color they are. I hope they eventually make it to the doorstep of every single person receiving section 8 to make sure that they are legally qualified to do so.

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