LOS ANGELES (AP) — The Rev. Jesse Jackson has joined Southern California grocery workers who are fighting proposed health care hikes in a contract struggle with major supermarket chains.

KNX 1070’s Claudia Peschiutta reports.

Jackson and other activists met with local Ralphs executives Wednesday at a Los Angeles store to express their concerns. Jackson says he’ll hold another meeting with supermarket higher-ups.

Some 62,000 members of the United Food and Commercial Workers union have worked without a contract since March. Union officials say negotiators at Ralphs, Vons and Albertsons stores have proposed unacceptably large increases in employee health care costs to workers.

Jackson and some workers said they want a new contract, not a walkout. A four-month strike and lockout that began in 2003 cost the store chains an estimated $2 billion.

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Comments (17)
  1. Ron says:

    And what did it cost the GRUNTS on the ground?

    Jesse Jackson will go anywhere for any cause, just to get his face and name in the media.


  2. Doug says:

    Jesse is the king of extortion. You can only squeeze business so hard and then it shuts down. Trust me, the health care plan on unemployment isn’t as good as the one you have now.

  3. will ashton says:

    Jesse Jackson, a great american; good luck with helping resolve this issue.

  4. Cruiser says:

    Boy that’s great to have Jesse to speak up. Maybe he can get his wife and his mistress and his illegitimate children to help out to..
    Like any good christen minister would do…
    fricken hypocrite…

  5. Go home Jesse! says:

    Go home Jesse!
    You are as bad as any ambulance chaser. Every time there is a camera he is sure to be right in front spewing his bs.

    As for the grocery workers, I am a skilled pro, with 20 years of supervisory experiance that has been unemployed for over two years now. If you think having to pay a little more for insurance is worth loosing your job, than picket and I will take your job to feed my family and give them a warm place to sleep. Times like this are not times to strike, good luck on the picket line.

    1. Bob says:

      I guess your not that skilled if your out of work. You should probably educate yourself on this matter before you go on spouting at the mouth.

  6. ginny says:

    And why would the market chain(s) officials even listen to Mr. Jackson? How about he find some other so called worthy cause to speak out about please. Hey Jesse, I saw an article today that the striking Verizon worker in New England are loosing their medical benefits Friday because their union has a clause in the 2008 contract that allows Verizon to stop providing them if they strike. Seems to me he should head to NY, MA and see what he can do for them instead of spouting off here.

    1. Ron says:

      Ginny, he EXTORTS money from the businesses. And you can bet he WILL be in NY and MA soon. He is a hypocrite, because he has at LEAST 1 illegitimate child.

      And Will Ashton, “Great American”? Are you 1 of his illegitimate kids?

  7. bluford says:

    Where is Reverend Al Sharpton? He is the “go to guy” in black America plus his wife used to be a backup singer for James Brown. Reverrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrend Sharpton is sharper than Jackson.

  8. Jim Zimmer says:

    The caption says that the Rev. Jackson helped patch up the Clintons marital woes. Now, while Jackson was consulting the President after the Monica affair, he was gettin’ it on with a young hot thing in his office. That’s hilarious.

  9. shoe says:

    Give it up union heads. Free or even low-cost bennies are a thing of the past. Quit this nonsense while you still have jobs!!!

    1. Bob says:

      You should educate yourself on this issue before making your comments

  10. Alan C Rhine says:

    GO HOME JESSE JACK- (_!_) In support of the striker will not shop at any of those stores if he goes away But if you the worker still call for his BLACK MAILING tactics, and MEDIA SHOWBOATING WILL NEVER SPEND ANOTHER DIME IN THESE STORES Hello STATER BROS

  11. fed up says:

    Gives me even MORE reason to spit at these moronic people who have paying, steady jobs while many can’t find work. Any cause that this self-loving jackazz stands up for gives me the willies.

  12. Hollywood Reporter says:

    God help the Southern California grocery workers if this leech Jackson is involved they dont stand a chance on health care hikes in a contract struggle with major supermarket chain negotiations.

  13. igor doublebubblevich says:

    Patrhetic WIMPS bringing in Jackson, same as 2003, Stores hope you win, this is the pathetic union ,soon no mas.

  14. CT says:

    Good Man Jesse!! here is my mortgage bill, car payment and son’s 5000$ a semester bill, thanks a lot for handling that!!

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