‘Definitely Not A Gang Member’: Canyon Country Man Shot On Late-Night Stroll

SANTA CLARITA (CBS) — A man was hospitalized Wednesday with a shoulder wound that he suffered in an apparent gang attack while on a late-night walk through his Canyon Country neighborhood, authorities said.

The shooting outside 19773 Merryhill St. occurred about 11:50 p.m. Tuesday, said Lt. Mark Hershey, watch commander at the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department’s Santa Clarita Station.

“The victim, a while male in his 20s, was a resident of the neighborhood, and definitely not a gang member,” said Hershey, calling it a case of being in the wrong place at the wrong time.

“The victim couldn’t get to sleep and decided to go for a walk last night,” Hershey said, adding that two males pulled up in a white, four-door Honda and asked him for directions.

“When he stopped to answer, one of the suspects pulled out a gun and shot him,” he said.

Hershey said he believes the assailants were gang members.

The man was hospitalized for a shoulder wound.

“The wound was a through-and-through shot and at last report, the victim was listed in stable condition,” Hershey said.

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  • Jeezus

    gangs are so immature….grow up. you’re pure waste. do you know what “waste” even is? look into it. dont steal it or shoot at it, just study it and learn from it and move forward.

  • Tionne Clarke

    “White Male in his 20’s” “definitely not a gang member”? How RACIST is that! I bet if he was black or hispanic it would say “possibly gang related” “situation still being investigated”. Geesh, like White guys can’t be in a gang…smh

    • Jeezus

      that is pretty wicked.

      it’s no wonder people like me make stupid racist jokes and not even realize -look at the media stirring the pot

    • Mexilangeles Resident

      Well, maybe he wasn’t. And in CC, yeah, what normal white guy is going to be with gangs. Yes, I know there are homie-like confused, messed up white thugs, I know that, but in CC?

      I mean, reasonably, and I’m sure if there were photos of the victim, you’d say, oh, yeah, he doesn’t have the vibe of a gang member.

      And before YOU start pointing out racists, gang bangers, homies, are the BIGGEST racists you’ll ever encounter. Not only with African Americans or Caucasians but also with other NON-Mexican latino’s.

      IF you have never known about that CLARKE, well, being around them, I know of this reality.

  • Clark k

    couldnt sleep so decided to take a stroll??? yeaaah rigght.. i say a drug sale gone wrong. ha. nice try. i used to tell the wife that all the time.

  • Gabriel Hill

    Drug deal gone bad.

  • Jo Manny

    Its turning into a real jungle out there for sure. Wow.


  • charlie

    can he sleep now ????

  • fidel

    wrong place wrong time, just where is the right place the right “TIME” in your neighborhood

  • Paul Castillo

    Please pay no attention to that strong, fishy smell coming from Canyon Country. It’s just this yong mans story to the cops that is causing this odor.

    • Peggy

      Fishy smell where in this story are any girls brought up?

  • Pedro

    Rapists on the prowl, got popped by homeowner, neither want to admit.

  • Mexilangeles Resident

    Canyon Country has a gangs? Oh, it must be the influx of Mexicans that carry that with them as part of their culture. Brown pride right?

    Amazing. I remember when CC was a gang free city, what happened?

    You can never do away with the Mexican gang culture unless you actually change the attitude of the top level general Mexican culture and its accepting and nurturing of gangs and gang bangers.

    Of course, you will get a duplicitous response as they push responsibility away from such elements in their people.

  • Hivyeleli
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