LOS ANGELES (CBS) — California landlords may soon be able to ban smoking on their properties, including rental units, if a new bill becomes law.

KNX 1070’s Pete Demetriou Reports

Senate Bill 332 was unanimously approved by the state senate Monday. The bill is sponsored by democratic Sen. Alex Padilla of Los Angeles.

Padilla says SB332 is meant to protect families from second-hand smoke, which can travel between units through open windows and doors, ventilation systems and crawl spaces.

SB332 must be signed by Gov. Jerry Brown before it becomes law.

Comments (15)
  1. wendy sumerlin says:

    Are you freaken kidden me??? I personally dont smoke cigarattes, infact you can see I cant even spell the word correctley! but where will this stop

  2. Mo says:

    nanny state in action.

  3. The Mad Man says:

    ‘Padilla says SB332 is meant to protect families from second-hand smoke, which can travel between units through open windows and doors, ventilation systems and crawl spaces.’ Now were reaching for it here. I thought what you did in your own home was your own business and now I have to worry about second hand smoke ‘traveling’. How about the noise of a baby crying, loud fights going through walls, and everybody hanging outside their apartment having a quick smoke. I can just see the crowds now. How are they going to enforce this smoking ban? Smoking police? How about the people who are legally allowed to smoke marijuana in their homes? The law says, they must smoke this in their own homes and not in a common place outside. I hope we get some heat on this one because it won’t stop here!

  4. Jim Gates says:

    wendy you didnt read the whole thing it is still up to the landlord if they want to inforce so its basically a waste of time because most landlords do smoke like mine and wont inforfcrce it

    1. The Mad Man says:

      What landlord wouldn’t want to enforce this especially if they are given tax credits and special loans for a smoke free apartment. Of course that will mean they will have to invest something to get something but therein lies the rub!

  5. John T. says:

    As much as I despise cigarettes, I think this may be going a bit too far. This is delving a bit too much into the privacy of our citizens. I see this a possibly being ruled unconstitutional.

  6. Jim Gates says:

    oops my fingers messed up i meant inforce

    1. The Big Logic says:

      What you really meant was “enforce”.

  7. Jim Gates says:

    but what about the non smokers that live in the apartments dont they have rights too
    why should i have to smell the smokers smoke and be exposed to it.

  8. Jim Gates says:

    i think this band should be on apartments and condos not houses because apartments are more close together then houses.

  9. Al Sanchez says:


  10. EverydayGuy says:

    Democrat controlled California: The New Nazi State.

  11. Fred says:

    Is that it? Passing a Bill/Law for smoking. What about passing a Bill/Law for the displaced homeless, this group is growing at an all time high rate. Something must be done to address this concern. And of course, the property owners who does not smoke will say “NO” to smoking of any kind on their property.

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