Manhunt Underway For Chatsworth Double-Murder Suspect

CHATSWORTH (CBS) — Police are searching for a double-murder suspect who has been described as armed and dangerous.

Brent Zubek is accused of murdering a man and a woman, whose bodies were found Friday at a house on Lassen Street in Chatworth.

The 44-year-old suspect, who is on probation for a string of bank robberies, used to live at the home.

Detectives spotted Zubek in Van Nuys Saturday, but he was able to get away.

Zubek’s sister is pleading for her brother to surrender to authorities.

“Unfortunately, we haven’t seen or had communication with him for some time, so this was quite a shock,” Lisa Zubek told CBS2. “Hopefully, there won’t be a bad outcome to what appears to be a really horrible situation right now.”

  • Travis Mogren

    I live in Chatsworth, I persoanlly know someones live who was affected by all of this, please catch this guy, or shoot him… whichever is easiest.

  • For Real

    Please save us some money and kill this swine when you catch up to him.

  • Sammy

    Since he’s white I’m sure your taxes
    will go to a roof , a cot ,a shower and 3 Square meals
    for the rest of his life
    Who let the bank robber out to begin with?

    • Dennis

      What does being WHITE have to do with it. If he s a murderer… KILL HIM.

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