(CBS) — The Milwaukee Brewers have turned a rare triple play in the second inning against the Los Angeles Dodgers on Monday night in Milwaukee.

With Matt Kemp on second base and Juan Rivera on first, James Loney’s grounder up the middle was grabbed by Josh Wilson who easily forced Rivera on a flip to Yuniesky Betancourt , and the throw to first got Loney — Prince Fielder then turned and fired a strike to George Kottaras at home who tagged out Kemp trying to score — creating a 4-6-3-2 triple play.

It was the sixth triple play in Brewers history, and the first 4-6-3-2 variety since 1972.

Comments (4)
  1. emma says:

    Leave it to the Dodgers. I am sure Vin Watching this game st home is not surprised.

  2. field says:

    There is no chance Vinny is watching!!

  3. alg says:

    Take a look at that headline!! Doesn’t it look as if what the writer is trying to say is that the DODGERS hit into the triple play.
    Wouldn’t it have been better to say Dodgers LOSE to triple play, etc. etc.
    I constantly see these titles or headlines MISLEADING the readers.
    Either that, or whoever is writing this needs to go back to school to learn how to write. period. over and out

  4. duh says:

    A ‘good’ triple play is, with men on 1st and 2nd, ball is hit to short or 3rd, who tags out runner going to third, flip for force at second, flip to force at first (or some variation of this actual ‘forcing’ of the outs that the at-bat team cannot control). This triple play was solely ‘created’ by Kemp trying to ‘steal’ home after reaching 3rd safely. It’s technically a triple play, but if Kemp stays at third, there’s no 3rd out. So yah, meh… yawn. Not all that historical. It’s rare because most base runners would not attempt the extra base. If they did, this play would get recorded many times a season.

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