BURBANK (CBS) — Grocery workers gathered in Burbank Sunday to prepare and train picket captains in case negotiations with Southern California’s grocery stores continue to languish.

“Our hope is that instead of a strike authorization vote, we have a fair contract offer to ratify,” said Rick Icaza, president of the Grocery Workers union local 770. “But in the event the supermarket corporations continue to refuse negotiating a fair deal, we need grocery workers to be prepared to strike.”

Grocery workers represented by Local 770 have been without a contract since March 6. The two sides have come to an agreement on pension increases, but remain far apart on health care costs.

Grocery workers have given the stores a deadline of Aug. 19, when they will either vote on a new contract or authorize a strike.

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Comments (12)
  1. Talega says:

    It’s time to buy Wal-Mart stock. When grocery store employees strike, Wal-Mart reaps the benefit.

    1. Zock says:

      You have a point there i have been working for lucky;s to long it was a good place to work. I just go to work day by day.

  2. Mike Wilson says:

    If Ralph’s/Kroger workers strike. I wil not cross the picket lines. I will shop at Vallarta market and at Gelson’s.

  3. Kevin says:

    Unions are a cancer to the business community. They were good back int he 40’s but now they are just greedy and push wages up and up unitl the jobs are moved overseas! Unions need to go the way of the dinosaurs!

  4. Todd says:

    I could care a less if they strike. They want free healthcare benifits and don’t want to pay a dime for there deductible as well. They have it good right now and they can’t seem to get it costs the grocery chains lots of money to continue down this path. The grocery chains will charge us more if they negotiate a better deal and that’s the last thing anyone wants is more expense for food!!!
    Let them strike and hopefully they will get a worse deal than the last time and see that unions do nothing but cause trouble for workers!!!

  5. EverydayGuy says:

    Yes, it must be real tough work stocking shelves, collecting carts, and bagging produce. No matter, I have already switched to Trader Joe’s. Forever.

  6. Zock says:

    Kevin! Unions are so weak now i been working grocey for a long time i work for albertson-luckys.

  7. Zock says:

    BILL! If you need to work i now times are hard i been in a lot of strikes we are having hard times at this time go for it.

  8. Mary says:

    I got to admit – VONS and Stater Bro.’s are my stores. Unfortunately though, the last time the went out on strike – the stores, especially VONS, never seemed to recover and I am afraid if they go on strike again, we will lose VONS for good.. The store in Palmdale (The store I use) on Palmdale Blvd. is in bad shape and it went down hill after that last strike. And it is getting worse day by day. I wish them all the best. When they do strike – I will be supportive and not shop the stores until the strike is over.

  9. Ron says:

    As usual, the Unions do not care about the members, because if they DID, they would be training them in resume writing, job interviewing, pounding the pavement and how to NOT get DEPRESSED after trying to find another job for a year or two and losing ALL MEDICAL INSURANCE !!! That’s the only thing YOU union members will get from a STRIKE.

  10. socal grocery worker says:

    Funny how many ignorant people comment on a situation they know nothing about..the grocery companies are cutting back hrs worked for employees.. the average worker makes about $20,000-25,000 a year. the big grocery chains are trying to push a deal on healthcare that would cost the employees aprox. $8,000- 11,000 a year..this would be a death blow to each employees.. the strike is not for money its for the integrity of healthcare.. besides if the contract was signed as is “how many people would have to sign up for welfare or other government assistance..before you comment negatively, realize what would happen to all those employees who bust their backs for a thank less job to be treated to a healthcare proposal. thats a huge slap to the face…learn the facts…unions are here for the good of the workerd.

  11. Phoebe says:

    The “average worker”??? That’s the operative phrase….they ARE WORKING WHEN SO AMNY P[EOPLE ARE NOT!!!! Its. going to be alot harder to get people to sympathize & support their strike than it the last time they walked out. Whatever their issues are, most people are ressentful & angry that what they have now in this deteriorating economy is not enough. Besides, if management caves into their “demands”, who ultimately pays for it?? Yes sir, we the consumers in the way of even higher prices. There are so many non-union alternatives now, the unions don’t have the strangle hold on the consumers the amy have once had.

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