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LOS ANGELES – For the 15th time, it looks like Kobe’s great Turkish adventure isn’t happening. reports that Kobe’s agent, Rob Pelinka, has declined every offer from Besiktas and that both sides have come to the conclusion they won’t be able to agree on a contract.

Pelinka recently met with Besiktas over Kobe’s future with the team and while reports had the discussions as “positive,” it doesn’t look like the sides could come to a conclusion. Basically, it sounds like Besiktas just couldn’t come up with enough money to satisfy the Bryant camp. Reports had their offer initially in the $500,000 per month range.

Besiktas of course already signed Nets guard Deron Williams for a reported $250,000 a month.

If Kobe is off the table, Besiktas will likely refocus all efforts on to Kevin Durant, who is reportedly in early talks with the Turkish club. Durant had recently said he was “50-50” about going overseas.

Kobe, if he’s looking for an overseas contract, could look at another Euroleague team but might consider his Chinese options as well. The China stuff is hazy though because of the league possibly passing a rule that won’t allow NBA players under contract to sign and then leave to return for the NBA.

Something tells me though that this isn’t the last of Kobe and Besiktas’s dance. We can hope though.

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