Judge Kevin Ross Presides Over ‘America’s Court’ On KCAL 9

STUDIO CITY (CBS) — A new judge is in town.

Judge Kevin Ross of “America’s Court with Judge Ross” visited the KCAL 9 studios Friday to talk about his new show. Rodd is a former Los Angeles County Deputy District Attorney and Superior Court Judge. He has handled over 60,000 cases during is tenure on the bench.

The court show debuts on Monday, Aug. 15 on KCAL 9 at 9 a.m.

“America’s Court” presents the “spirit of the law” alongside the “letter of the law” offering issues no other daytime court show can tackle. Personal injury, medical malpractice, products liability, breach of contract, alienation of affection and wrongful death just for starters. There are no limits to the civil disputes “America’s Court” can tackle.

For more on “America’s Court with Judge Ross,” visit the show online.

  • Jwp

    This show is terrible! So fake! Get rid of it!

    • Sandy Carter

      If you notice at the end of the show, this show is solely for entertainment purposes. This is not a real life court show with real life litigants. The acting is beyond terrible. This show format was a BAD idea.

    • Stephen B.

      I’d have to agree. The litigants are ofbviously actors and most of the acting is so bad. I’ve stopped watching it.

  • jojo

    He’s not allowed to practice law in California. Wonder how he got around that. Just another ‘unreal’ version of what happens in court.

  • pj

    Just watched the show: the episode about a straight man (jack) pretending to be gay, in order to move-in with two women (janet and chrissy), the scheme to fool the landlord (helen stanley [roper])…really, what a fool I am for watching a man removed from the bench and unable to practice law.

  • cm7

    Tried to watch this several times…Do Not like it!!!! I would rather watch anything else….nothing is better. He does not even listen to people and does not seem fair. I have watched judge shows and still watch Judge Joe, People’s Court, Judge Perro and Judge Mathis…they listen, ask questions ansd quote law….Ross just says “stuff'” and does not listen to both sides.
    Never never never watch!!!!!!!

  • Leslie Grisham-Ousdahl

    The only thing I have to say is that this is some dream of a “tort reformer” expecting the American public to believe that these are the “type” of cases heard by “real” courts — what balony — a disbarred lawyer “acting” as a judge, when the California Bar has disbarred him and when he was a “real” judge, disaplined by the other judges in California. Shame on you KCal9—- shame on you and your programming persons! Fire them!

  • CASUAL97

    I agree with the posted comments. Trying to psycho analize people in the spand of 5 minutes. Likes to hear himself talk. Assumes before he asks important questions pertaining to the case. Take this show off. A waste of good tv program space. Is it that he doesn’t know enough about law to make valid judements and decisions? WHO GAVE THIS GUY HIS OWN COURT SHOW? SHAME ON WHOEVER PUT THIS GUY ON TV IN A JUDGES ROBE!

  • Tonya

    Why in the world would you replace Judge Mathis with this clown??? He SUCKS! This has really put a damper on my mornings, as I am used to waking up to Judge Mathis. Now I’m forced to watch Regis and loud mouth Kelly!!! Guess it’s time for me to get cable. Now I have absolutely no reason to watch KCAL 9 in the mornings.

  • Ross Sucks

    This “JUDGE SHOW” is pure garbage. Please take it off the air, So mundane. The cases are lame and the “judge” i is monotone and BORING. LAME>>LAME>>LAME.. and I like to watch allthe judge shows, but this one SUCKS…BIG TIME>>>

  • Linda Moyer

    This “judge” is arrogant and a terrible actor. I will not take my time with this Boss Ross again.

  • LE

    I remember this a**. He was removed from the bench and WHY is he on TV???HE was horrible. And the charges filed against him are real. IN traffic court he denied due process to contest tickets.He was very arrogant. It was my way or the highway–not the law or due justice. I WAS THERE and I’d NEVER SEEN ANYTHING LIKE IT. WHY IS HE ON TV??? HE’S NOT A JUDGE!! http://www.metnews.com/articles/2005/ross111705.htm

  • Jim Lee


  • BK

    Please, spare us this smarmy, arrogant pseudo-psychologist! This show is beyond horrible.

  • veronica

    I love the show, and want to know how can I file a lawsuit with BOSS ROSS!

  • Judi

    Today you had a case involving Ruby Hilton. I feel that maybe you made a mistake in judgement. Maybe, her care was not worth all the money that she received. Did you look at the blue book value? A 14 yr. old car worth more than $2,000, I don’t agree with that. Plus the fact that she hit the side back panel of the defendants car, saying to me he was out far enough that she should have yeilded.

  • cm

    This show is terrible. Not only is the acting horrible, but the “judge” is a fake. If this show is representative of real life courtroom procedures, then we’re in real trouble. Also, today is the last day I’ll watch it. I’m so tired of hearing ” he was awake and he was aroused” I could scream. I’ve heard this every morning for the past week, WHO CARES IF HE WAS AROUSED??? Get real!

  • Matt

    I have never seen a worse show! The judge is NOT a judge, the defendants and the plaintiffs are only actors doing a lousy job of acting, and the law is clearly not applied in most cases, so what service does this awful show serve? Even the ads promoting the show are in bad taste. The latest one exclaiming ” he was awake and was aroused” shows the mentality of the writers and producers!

  • Sonja Leonard

    It is a pitiful. I live in n Georgia and traveling to Los Angeles next month ..However, I am visiting Los Angeles next month. Where do I get fre tickets to visit the show for laughs.

  • kirt richards

    Kevin Ross a Judge? ,I dont think so…He is WRONG 60% of the phoney cases I did see. He could NOT properly judge a beauty contest let alone a real civil court case. When it comes to legalities, morally right and wrong,plain common since, do whats right. JUDGE ROSS GETS IT WRONG ! I can give you producers a higher rated show with my own court show ;VIGILANT STREET COURT WITH JUDGE KIRT, where all wrongs will be rited by giving true,REAL and vigilant judgements and by appealing/overruling bad judgments from clowns like kevin ross.Maybe even go on his show( americas court ,kevin ross) and 2nd judge his case properly, in front of him and his wrong desitions.Producers please contact me to discuss my new peoples street vigilance court show with KIRT to set AMERICA straight. Question?, What the “F” is wrong with American women and the society they’re creating with all this single mother,large in charge false sence of entitlement and exspecting to be rewarded for their bad behaivor and attitudes, doesnt anybody raise and teach their offspring MORALS,RIGHT/WRONG, DISIPLINE, TEACH RESPECT/COURTESY, HONOR THE ELDERLY for their knowlege,wisdom and the FACT they gave us what freedoms we still have that todays pollition and the youth of society are trying to destroy from within with their lack of thinking ,lack of common since ,lack of responsability, false since of entitlement and pure arrogant iggnerance. Well what do you exspect when the parents themselves are that way. I answered my own question. GET True AMERICAN OLD SCHOOL JUSTICE WITH JUDGE KIRT. I will set AMERICA straight ,like it or not. CAN I HAVE MY OWN SHOW, PLEASE.? contact me, we can talk. THANX. Kirt.

  • MB

    He definutely does NOT know the law!!!!!! He rules on what HE wants to do and NOT what the law says, I can not believe the things that I hear come out of his mouth. And I do believe his is only for show and not real because has ANYONE noticed that he does only the most bizarre and whackiest cases ever!!!! He had one guy that had his privates glues by his former girlfriends! Then he had a case where the lady was suing her neighbr because the neighbors dog “RAPED” her dog. The woman was saying the craziest things, and any normal judge would not have even taken that one!! To bandy about the term “rape” as if it was some kind of a joke was horrendous and incredible!! This show is a travesty to the American judicial system!!

  • michele

    judge kevin ross love your show but big but should never be but here you go its who you know and money my husband passed away 7/14/11 we were apart his brother took everything from me and his two children all because he is someone big this realy sicks saw many lawer they all talk.

  • Sally

    I liked judge Ross, But now that I found out it’s fake I have lost all interest in it

    • cheryl

      I also like this judge, I think he’s a little arrogant but so is judge judy. I think he’s very serious with his cases and is pretty much fair. Maybe I don’t see what you guys see. How do you know it’s fake? mostly every show besides the news is for entertaining. I hope you did your research or can anyone put stuff in your head and you believe it.

  • Walter

    What is the purpose of watching a court show where the judge, the litigants, and the cases are not real? I can watch reruns of Law and Order and get the same entertainment value plus the acting is better. America’s Court with “Judge” Kevin Ross is lame. The show is a soapbox for all the social ills Ross wants to expose. I think the time slot was formerly filled by Judge Pirro, which was a real judge and her show was entertaining if not a little smarmy toward the end of the series.



  • Stephen

    I have generally liked the show and thought that “Judge” Ross was generally fair and abided the law. However when there was a case where a male was the plaintiff and a female the defendant (it involved the male throwing the cell phone operated by the female, out the window (of a car I believe). Anyway this system is almost impossible to type in.

    The main poiint i want to make is that when the femalel (both the female and male are black or African-American if you prefer) just to help identify the case.

    Anyway the female objected (on faulty grounds I think) but any way “Judge” Ross asked about her license to practice law. Well that is what ticked me off! She has as much right to object as any damn lawyer! She is appearing in court pro se and may object as she so chooses. A license to practice law is NOT required as I am to infer from Ross’s comment to her. You know better than that Kevin! I would like to see you publicly confess your misstep and inform the public that in the U.S. a citizen appearing pro se may object just as any lawyer might. Come on, be the man I think you are, and do the right thing.

    Don’t ask her if she has a license to practice law and make a gesture with your hands as if you are outlining some “super special” license whcih allows only those who have passed the bar in that state to make an objection!

    Come on Kevin. You are better than that.

    Stephen (in Alabama)

    P.S. Otherwise,and untilthis point, I really liked your stand from the bench. And I also found you to be one of the most informed judges I have seen on TV. Well, until you correct this you are a fallen judge in my estimation.

    Stephen (from Huntsville, AL)

  • Kelly

    I love court tv! When I first started watching this show I thought, what the….? I still disagree with 85% of his decisions, but I’m not a judge. On the other hand, he awarded a husband over $600 because his wifes foot got damaged at a hair salon and so she was unable to make a complete fist with her toes and so the husband suffered emotional damage because he has a foot fetish!!! Seriously? That’s enough! He should not be a judge of anyone, anything….. anywhere!

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