Study Suggests Indoor Tanning May Become Addicting

LOS ANGELES (CBS) — If you are one of millions of Southlanders who frequent tanning salons, a new study suggests you may actually become addicted to tanning.

A psychiatrist at the University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center recently studied the brain activity of people who tan frequently.

Researchers found tanning had a rewarding effect in the brain, which made some people feel compelled to tan repeatedly.

This may explain why some people still love tanning beds, even though they have been shown to raise the risk of melanoma.

The study was published in the journal Addiction Biology.

  • DD

    Tanning beds have fried their brains.

  • Joseph Keller

    “Studies?” Actually, it has been shown that those who do not tan are more at risk for skin cancer. If you over do it, then yeah, this can be bad but the addiction they describe from good feelings is actually scientific in that Vitamin D is produced which has been shown to alleviate depression.

  • c

    Who the heck made the decision…Lets study the brains of people who lie in tanning beds??? Lets make a study on how many of these studies are totally idiotic!!!

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