LOS ANGELES (CBS) — Former Los Angeles Unified School District police officer Jeff Stenroos will be tried by a judge.

Stenroos’ attorneys waived his client’s right to a jury trial Thursday.

Stenroos, 30, is accused of lying about being shot by a burglar last January while on duty outside of El Camino Real High School. His claim prompted a huge police response with several schools placed on lockdown in the San Fernando Valley.

The incident cost the city and the LAUSD more than $400,000.

Stenroos is facing four felony counts, including filing a false police report. He faces five years in prison if convicted.

Stenroos  is free on $30,000 bail. His trial will begin Aug. 26.

Comments (14)
  1. mo says:

    sure, jury would give the guy what he deserves and the judge will “back the badge” no matter how guilty.

    1. Plo says:

      No. As a lawyer I will tell you a jury would of faired better. With a jury all one needs is a single juror to not agree with the rest and one will turn to two

  2. Dax says:

    He looks like Knucklehead Smith (Smiff)

    1. LHO says:

      Looks like a jew.

      1. Hot cop says:

        Looks hot

      2. Really??? says:

        Looks hot

      3. cleaners22 says:

        I would have to agree. He is cute

      4. Royal says:

        I worked with him about two years ago at Birmingham high, and he is very attractive

  3. Beverly Hills says:

    Now he’ll be treated like the criminal he is. too many criminals hide behind badges.

  4. Chino hills says:

    He should run for mayor. Better yet, President considering they are on the same playing field

  5. Core says:

    Come on, think about it. He worked a Cleveland high school. The place had a magnet program that breaks law everyday. Patton the child molester, magnet teachers who have sex in bathrooms during school hours, teachers who off themselves, the place breeds the bad

  6. 10851 says:

    I hope he is found not guilty. This case is not about the truth, it’s about lapd hating Laspd

  7. Open minded says:

    A question!! Why did LAPD make a big deal about not
    Knowing what happened, and that they would never know what happen. I think this guy is covering for someone, probably another com

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