By Jessica Derschowitz

LOS ANGELES (CBS) — Ashton Kutcher is the newest star on “Two and a Half Men,” and now he’s also the highest-paid sitcom actor on television.

The actor earns $700,000 per episode, according to TVGuide, enough to land him the top spot on the magazine’s annual roundup of highest-paid TV stars.

Kutcher’s take is far less than the $1.2 million per episode that Charlie Sheen used to earn, the magazine points out.

Hugh Laurie of “House” reportedly takes home the same amount as Kutcher, making him the highest-paid dramatic actor, while Tim Allen and Kiefer Sutherland are each making $225,000 per episode for their new TV projects.

Mariska Hargitay of “Law & Order: SVU” commands $350,000 per episode, The Huffington Post notes, while Ted Danson will earn $225,000 an episode on “CSI” – less than the $350,000 that predecessor Laurence Fishburne was paid.

Simon Cowell will reportedly make $75 million per season of “The X Factor.”

Comments (4)
  1. men says:

    The jew hollywood is showing up charlie sheen.

  2. Chris QLxchange says:

    Not only is he the highest paid he is the highest overrated tv actor. He stinks! One and a half men will get good ratings for the first show then tank. Take it off the air now!

  3. yourbizness says:

    The comment by “men” is racist, and uncalled for!!!!

  4. noneoff says:

    As a country, our priorities suck. In your article you have all these high paid actors, Ashton and Hugh to name but two, making the most not per year but per episode, but we are unwilling to put any monies toward education, or health benefits, etc. Pay what the market will bear seems to apply here, but we need to put our heads on straight, and focus our efforts in a more productive manner. The same hold true for sports figures. No one in the entertainment or sports business is worth these multi-million dollar prices. NO ONE!!!

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