Group Pushes To ‘Let Bert And Ernie Get Married’ On Sesame Street

LOS ANGELES (CBS) — Will the Children’s Television Workshop give way to same-sex puppet love?

An online campaign is calling for the producers of TV’s “Sesame Street” to allow characters Bert and Ernie to get married in an attempt to “put an end to the bullying and suicides of LGBT youth”, according to the group’s Facebook page.

The petition letter adds that “[w]e are not asking that Sesame Street do anything crude or disrespectful by allowing Bert & Ernie to marry”, suggesting that the show “even add a transgender character to the show…in a tasteful way”.

While over 900 people have “liked” the group’s Facebook page so far, the comments from visitors are fueling the controversy over whether children should be exposed to homosexuality at such an early age — echoing a similar battle over proposed gay-oriented curriculum in California schools.

“This is not ‘Desperate Housewives’…this is a baby’s program people!” said one commenter.

The group’s Facebook page also includes a photo mocking Christians for their opposition to homosexuality and same-sex marriage.

The two characters — which first debuted in the original “Sesame Street” pilot episode in July 1969 — have long been depicted as bickering best friends who sleep in the same room together.

UPDATE (8/11): Sesame Street issued a statement on their Facebook page Thursday in reaction to the online petition, saying “Bert and Ernie are best friends. They were created to teach preschoolers that people can be good friends with those who are very different from themselves.”

“Even though they are identified as male characters and possess many human traits and characteristics (as most Sesame Street Muppets™ do), they remain puppets, and do not have a sexual orientation,” the statement concludes.

  • ben

    No way.

    • Stryker 21

      Keep your pole smoking/carpet munching beliefs to your self. This behavior is not normal. No one wants to see the Muppet’s smoking each others pole and munching carpet. The H0m0 nation needs to be put on an island far away from the normal society.

      • lila

        Don’t hate just because you aren’t like them. CALM DOWN.

    • dodge2city310

      why not just turn it into a full blown porno?

    • maverick_1978

      all i have to say is ….WOW…..sesame street is about abc’s and 123’s….whats next…a jerry springer muppet( im guessing oscar the grouch) and that poor wittle illegal immigrant trying to get work,healthcare,and welfare even though they arent a citizen? keep sesame street AS IS. kids dont need to grow up so fast. TRANS GENDER IN A “CLASSY” WAY….what put lipstick on big bird and have snufflegus tuck his trunk? LAME

      • bobby gonzales

        These are sick people calling for this type of trash on kids shows!Keep it in the bedroom where it belongs!

      • Marie

        Haven’t you all seen the episode where they sing the song about how all families are different!!! ie.some have two mom’s, some two dads or just a grandmother… I think Sesame Street and PBS started this whole ‘group push’ for the publicity and because they are actually in agreement with the H0M0 indoctrination of our very young children. I’m glad my kids never liked the show!!

      • Connie

        Amen to that. Plus, I grew up watching Sesame Street and thinking Bert & Ernie were BROTHERS — not lovers. I’m all for supporting social diversity, but c’mon — this is a kids show. Leave it alone!

    • Shut Up Little Man

      Do they really need a wedding?! They already act like an old married couple: A wedding won’t change nothing!

    • travis

      Those groups pushing for this need to find jobs.To much time on thier hands.

    • Stryker 21

      Who wants to see Ernie smoking Berts pole? Please keep it pure for kids.

  • Robert Weed

    No disrespect intended … but … are you kidding … that is crazy.

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  • eyearedan

    watch out Sesame Street, If the Gays don’t get their way, they will Bully You till they do. it’s OK for them to Bully , just not anyone else. I bet it will be on Ellen Degenerate show. Wasn’t she the one who Bullied the Pet Adoption people into closing their doors just because Ellen didn’t get her way.

    • uconnors

      If the producers of Sesame Street resist this Gay marriage push….then I can foresee the Gay community organizing a boycott against the program. Like my mother used to say…”Mark my words.”

      • Enrique

        Mira; vivo en Chile y veo que EEUU va cuesta abajo en cuestiones morales porque estan fanatizados con la cuestion de los derechos civiles. Y esto es lo que usan los Gays para sus campañas. Tienen que ser duros y pararlos ahora, sino se los van a comer a todos Uds. y Sodomizaran esa nacion que nacio en tan buena cuna. Lo repito; Van cuesta abajo y no seran un buen ejemplo para nadie ni en nada.

      • AngryMarine

        And if they do allow it I can see the program going off the air for lack of viewership. People are sick of these extreme minority groups trampling all over everything that is good in this country. I am one among many thousands of families that will not allow filth like that to be on a television in my home. And yes, I pay attention to every single program my children watch.

      • Satn

        Like they have lots of kids who will be watching the program?

      • normal

        So? So what? So the 3 out of 100 people who are H0M0s (it’s actually a lot, lot lower but I’m giving them the benefit of the doubt for arguments’ sake) boycott the program. The other 97 out of 100 people who are normal will continue to watch it and probably buy more advertisers’ products JUST BECAUSE they don’t push the H0M0 agenda.

      • Tim

        Well, gays don’t (and can’t physically) procreate. No procreating means no kids that watch the show so a boycott of Sesame Street would be kind of a non issue. I’m not being mean, I’m being honest.

      • Richard

        I don’t think it will matter very much, this country,our beloved United States of America, has already lost it’s way and is headed for oblivion and very soon !!!

      • Ben

        Betcha Burt squeals like a pig when Ernie gives him the old purple muscle up his poop shoot. Good for them, those two silly qweers!

    • Karen


      No kidding right? And that 14 year old who was continually taunted by a gay classmate had enough of the gay bullying. It was not right to kill the gay kid but hey, ENOUGH is ENOUGH.

      Bert and Ernie DO NOT HAVE A SEXUAL ORIENTATION. Amen.

      • GiGi

        You know if it had been the other way around and the gay kid shot the other kid for being harrassed, he would be defended to the end for his actions.

      • Calm Down Everyone

        Karen, Gigi: The killer’s lawyers in that case are using a gay panic defence. The killer saw that the victim in this case, was wearing makeup and acting out of the gender norm, so his lawyers are defending, that this is why their client had to bring a gun and shoot the gay victim dead. Now of course, gay men are masculine too, but this is the repugnant defensive line they are using, not just that the defendant was being bullied. Getting back to the atcual topic of the article, it seems true that the puppets on Sesame Street have always been asexual. That’s a point. However, I believe some of the human characters I believe have been shown to be in straight marriages, such as Gordan and Susan. It’s been so long since I’ve watched the show. I’m not sure if they are still on.

  • Gregory Creswell

    Sad, sad, sad. Next this group will be demanding that a adult son and his mother be allowed to marry on the show.

    • Naomi Cary

      If they keep on we are all goiing to have to get rid of our TV’s because there is nothing to watch but filth and degradation. Now they are workiing on our children, even in the kids movies they throw things in very subtle but it is meant to teach them these things in a way they don’t know what they are doing. BUT, the parents know what they are doing.

  • Lauging out loud

    This is one of the most stupid “causes” I have ever heard, read, or seen.

    • Dave

      No, this isn’t stupid, it’s just plain sick and demented. These are PRESCHOOL age children, sexuality of ANY kind is OFF THE TABLE as subject material. Quit threatening our children.

      • Rachel Baker

        Thank you, Mr. Dave! You are so correct!

      • Chomes

        This is exactly how I feel. I’m tired of sexuality being pushed on our children at such a young age. My child got abused by another child because of this!

  • maryann

    Bert and Ernie were never meant to be a gay couple. At one point, there is even mention of and/or a picture of Bert’s girlfriend.

    • scott

      That’s right, I forgot about that. Bert did go on a date. I always knew they were adults, because there are no parents involved. But why they would have to be in any kind of relationship is just absurd. People are friends and live together without any type of physical attachement at all. It’s insane. A disgrace.

  • wendy

    Aren’t they supposed to be kids?

  • Haiders B. Hayden

    They’re not gay, they just have a rad bromance.

    • GiGi

      I am LOVING your name!!!!!

  • Andy

    Grow up. How about we let kids just be kids and stop sexualizing everything?

    • Chris


      • POO POO: A Human Right

    • chic


  • nena

    I have 3 words Sodom and Gomorrah.

    • sallys

      Sodom, Gomorrah and The KarTrashians.

    • Tony Sailor

      I could go for Sodom tonight…. hmmm

  • crewjobs

    With all due respect, and in this case no respect is due, this is insane. Bert and Ernie are puppets not gay men. They are not even puppets that portray gay men and they sleep in separate beds. Sesame Workshop has said they are not gay. Jim Henson must be rolling over in his grave over this.

    • GL Lee

      Jim can join Walt Disney.

  • John Smith

    I knew a fellow for some 45 years. About 7 years when anyine ever saw us was when we were tod=gether, The Laugh about Beryt and rniw=e….. Nothing sexual at that
    I really resent the Gay Community

    • Fred Furd

      The Gay Community sucks!

      • DCB


  • Jon Dough

    The left can’t stand the religious right pushing their morality on them but has no problem with pushing their immorality on us.

    • normal

      That’s right. How about OUR freedom of speech? How about OUR freedom of expression? And how come no one worries about US getting offended?

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  • amy

    Bert and Ernie are best friends! NOT LOVERS!!

  • Jim Billy

    The radical gay movement wants to force acceptance of their lifestyle on everyone of us. They know that if it is fed to our children at an early age, such as kindergarten and through venue’s like Sesame Street, the battle is pretty much won for them. It is just plain sad and DIGUSTING!!

    • normal

      Degenerate, sad, and disgusting. And once you take away any sense of identity, stability and personal responsibility, you end up with Blacks pulling Whites out of cars at county fairs and beating the sh!t out of them. Not to mention riots in London and Blacks posting White getting mugged and made to strip on YouTube.

      And no, I’m not African-American or Non-African-American. I’m an American! ONE COUNTRY, ONE NATIONALITY, ONE VOICE: AMERICAN!

    • Mike

      Well said.

    • Karen

      That is why Jerry Brown said we have to teach gay history in school. IT’S LAW. It is especially disgusting that our students can not read or write, but they will know about gay history.

  • Jeff Hoffman

    Sounds like the adults need to grow up and quit pushing their “stupidity” on our children. Leave children programs alone. The USA is too worried about hurting someones feelings rather than taking a stand. We are quickly becoming the country of LOSERS… GROW UP!!.

  • Disgusted

    Just one more reason not to allow your kids to watch tv…absolutely atrocious!! I can’t even stand half the commercials that are on before prime time!! What is our world coming to?

  • Getting Tired

    At some point gay people, there is going to be a backlash if you keep pushing this sin down our throats. Enough is enough.

    • jeanmchambers

      Okay, how about YOU stop saying “I’m getting tired…” and step up!

      Just say it! You ARE tired of this minority BS and it is time to put these sickos in their place.

      “I’m getting tired…” is what has gotten this whole nation in the freaking mess we’re in!!!

    • Richard Henkle

      haha, pushing this sin down our throats. Sorry

  • Hank Warren

    This is all about limiting Free Speech. After all, censorship is everywhere. The gov’t (and their big business cronies) censor free speech, shut down dissent and ban the book “America Deceived II”. Free speech for all.
    Last link (before Google Books bans it also]:

    • normal

      I’m gonna look into that book. Thanks for the info. And I agree with you.

  • ELizabeth Freebird

    That A$$ Bert, he was engaged to me….now he’s with Ernie? Gosh Dang these men…

  • Galt

    Hmm so bert and ernie hooking up will end bullying and suicides of LGBT kids? How about putting a responsible father who is not a buffon or ogre on a primetime show? Maybe we could avoid the plague of deadbeat dads by this convoluted logic

    • cyx

      It will NEVER work….it makes TOO MUCH SENSE!!!!!

    • ben


      • normal

        Double Amen to that.

    • SerfCityHereWeCome

      You must understand first above all else that the degenerate leftist perverts destroying our culture and civilization– and thus country– are doing it for profit as well. Note that all divorce lawyers, child shrinks, etc., are leftists who cash in on the destroyed lives of people who are effectively sent to them by left-wing deviant “entertainment” writers, etc., who whip them into a frenzy of ignorance, stupidity, anger and they can be far more easily controlled by the nanny state

    • jerrykregle

      We need people to stand outside hospitals and when these Jerry Springer green room women step out side the hospital SAY YOU ARE NOT taking that child home
      then give that infant to a deserving loving husband and wife

  • Jay

    How come I already viewed this episode years ago?

  • yobaby

    leave all sexuality OUT of children’s programming…sick!!! Can we just focus on 123ABC, please! I am about to scream…all these people care about is their agenda and how they can bully their views on everyone else. this is Sesame Street for crying out loud…i remember watching this show as a young child…if Ernie and Bert were portrayed as gay, that would have been too early for me to understand…I wasn’t even thinking of hetero-love when watching the show back then…stick to education and silly skits…that’s all kids want…and need at those very tender ages…i am absolutely and thoroughly disgusted…

    • TT

      you yobaby !!! this is about kids n learning – NOT POLITICS !!!!!

      • TT

        sorry wrote that wrong – I meant you are absolutely right yobaby – they a CHILDREN not pawns for POLITICS

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