Not the 48-Carat Ring She May Have Had In Mind

...Stand down, Kim Kardashian; this story is not about you.
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Unbelievable: this guy gets his girlfriend to accept his proposal, after getting 48 friends to dress like giant carrots (They look like oranges, to me. -Ed.), then dance toward her at a shopping mall while he professed his love over the mall’s Public Address system.
I say again, unbelievable. Right?  I mean, who proposes at a mall?  The other parts all make perfect sense. Except how this guy could have 48 friends.  But then, it turns out, he doesn’t. He only has 47.  He was #48.  He took off his costume to get down on one knee to seal the deal.  I’m not sure how I’d react, if a giant carrot broke off from its dance partners, took off its clothes, then approached me on bended knee to talk about forever together. I guess I’m not a romantic… or a drug abuser. reports Pang Kun’s dancing carrot proposal in Shandong Province, China,  cost more than $16,000. but she said yes. Obviously, she was  impressed with his fiscal responsibility.
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