LONG BEACH (CBS) — The son of one of the business leaders in the city of Lakewood was among 30 Navy SEALs who was killed in Afghanistan this weekend, according to a report Monday.

Lt. Cmdr. Jonas Kelsall, 33, is the son of John Kelsall, the president and CEO of The Greater Lakewood Chamber of Commerce.

Kelsall and the other SEALs were killed Saturday when Taliban insurgents attacked their Chinook helicopter while they were on a mission.

The Shreveport, Lousiana native was killed along with his childhood friend and fellow Navy Seal, Chief Petty Officer Robert James Reeves, according to the Shreveport Times newspaper.

The Lakewood connection was first reported by the Long Beach Beachcomber newspaper on its website.

Kelsall and Reeves were both graduates of Caddo Magnet High School in Shreveport, where they played soccer together, the paper reported. Both joined the military after graduation.

Jonas Kelsall received most of his training in San Diego and was one of the first members of Seal Team 7, his father told the Shreveport paper.

He attended the University of Texas out of Basic Underwater Demolition training and met his wife, Victoria, there. They had been married three years, according to the Shreveport paper.

John Kelsall has been president and CEO of the Lakewood Chamber since 2005. He is also a co-founder of the Los Angeles County Business Federation, known as BizFed, a group that works to give local companies “a voice” in policy matters.

An associate of John Kelsall told the Beachcomber he was always talking about “my son, the SEAL.”

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Comments (16)
  1. Nicolas Cruz says:

    Sorry for you Loss Sir and your sons childhood friend !

  2. charlie says:

    The country, grieves along with your family on the loss of your son,

  3. Mary Kvenbo says:

    I am so sorry for your loss, no words are enough when you lose a loved one, especially someone so young. I would also like to say thanks to all of our service people who are fighting for our country.

  4. Ben IncaHutz says:

    Opinions are like a**holes. Everyone has one and yours stinks.

    I have no doubt you’ve never served so you are not in a position to determine who or what he was fighting for.

    Vets like him(and myself) served so that bozos like you have the freedom to run your mouth and make stupid comments. In communist Russian you’d have died a slow death in a work camp.


    1. Peace is Patriotic says:

      My family served – BIG TIME
      My dad is a decorated combat veteran.
      Who served in the celebrated 1st Division – USMC in the Pacific Theater.
      I know more about war than Ben will ever know.
      I also know some past navy Seals.

      War isn’t a contest, and it shouldn’t be a political ping pong ball.
      the fact is, Ben, you’re the bozo – and I’d love to hear your informative
      explanation on “Why the US is in Afghanistan?

  5. Alex says:

    He is a moron, Indeed.

  6. Patricia Dulin says:

    Your son has made the ultimate sacrifice my heart breaks for you and your family we honor him for his sacrifice

  7. Patricia Dulin says:

    shut up until you have the balls to do the job that these young men have done you have no opinion

  8. Ninja says:

    We do whatever it takes and by orders to protect your Freedom and Rights. If you think like this..GO TO CHINA and bring your comments with you.

  9. James says:

    The Navy Spec Ops are a very small community. The loses was tragic and will be felt for a long time. Our country is behind you guys! Not matter what, Bravo Zulu!

  10. Matt says:

    Either a sick mind or a child who can’t see the clear contradiction in demonizing a dead man as the family grieves while waving your flag of morall superiority. Grow up. And I’m speaking as a person who thinks we should pull out from Afghanistan. But you, because of your own lack of humanity, are worthless in the discussion.

  11. Timothy McGarry says:

    Condolences to the Kelsaw family.

  12. Beverly Hills says:

    From my family to yours……may God give you peace . He was only on loan from God. Think of the good things…good times…good days that you did have together.

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