SILVER LAKE (CBS) — Police are looking for a suspect involved in a shooting that sent a man to the hospital in grave condition.

The shooting in the Silver Lake-Echo Park area was reported about 5:08 a.m. Sunday, according to Los Angeles police Lt. Rick Stabile. The incident took place in the 1400 block of Silver Lake Boulevard.

Sources tell CBS2 and KCAL9 that the shooting suspects are a man and a woman who were driving in a dark-colored four door sedan. One of them shot into a Chevy truck, hitting its 23-year-old driver in the head.

road rage victim1 Road Rage Victim Put On Life Support After Being Shot In Silver Lake

David Vasquez is in grave condition following a road rage shooting. (credit: CBS)

Police Sunday described the incident as one involving road rage.

Two coworkers, who were with the victim at the time of the shooting, were uninjured.

Friends at the hospital identified the victim as David Vasquez. On facebook he goes by the name Juan David Loma. There he lists his two jobs; he bussed tables and was also a pizza deliverer. CBS2 is told his actual name is Juan David Vasquez Loma.

Paramedics transported the victim to an area hospital where he was placed on life support.

A friend of the victim’s told KCAL9’s Rita Garcia that his friend was not expected to survive and that hospital officials were only awaiting a family member to make the decision to take the victim off life support.

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Comments (28)
  1. Yes says:

    The shooter was a Latino man in his early 20s with black hair, a medium build. He drove a green Honda four-door sedan and used a .9 mm handgun, police said.

    1. SL says:

      I never see Latins driving Hondas. They usually drive Chevys

      1. Peter says:

        If they are in a Honda you can bet that it’s stolen.

  2. Ben IncaHutz says:

    MIke, dont feed the trolls. He lives in his moms basement and getting people to respond to his stupid posts is the only attention people pay to him.

    Its sad really.

  3. Right Again says:

    It’s Silverlake. Who else could it be?

  4. The Mayor of Silver Lake Blvd. says:

    There is no traffic at 5am on Sunday. Rage may be a factor, but the road doesn’t have anything to do with it.

    Here are a few suggestions for detectives:

    Run a tight check on the white Mercedes.

    Separate the two co-workers reported as passengers and conduct an independent in-depth interview covering events of the previous 72 hours.

    Go to the Los Globos dance club on Sunset Blvd. with photos of the victim and passengers and vehicles. Have the club security and management take a close look. Ask Los Globos to pull any video they have from last night.

    Go to the Olive Motel on Sunset and break down the door to each room and drag every occupant out of bed. run a warrant check on eveyone and write up every violation down to a petty infraction. Then give them a choice: provide information or get the book thrown at them.

    Then go to the apartments at Vendome?Silver Lake Blvd. and Marathon. Write up all violations down to petty infraction. Tow all vehicles with expired reg. Tow any vehicle parked on private property which encroaches more than one-inch onto the public sidewalk.

    Then go back to the scene of the crime . Go up Scott Street alley and I.D. every person in each shantytown apartment built over and next to a garage. Open every door and check for occupants, including any garage door or laundry shed door. Also, check vacant homes and carports for squatters along Scott from Silver Lake Blvd. to Occidental and up to Angelus.

    Then go to Effie Street up behind the 7/11 where there was a 2am weekend night street shooting a few weeks ago. Go to the rental property that held the party. I.D. all occupants and guests and get their alibis for 3am – 6 am this morning.

    The detectives need to get on this. They should be finished by Midnight tonight.

    If I think of anything else, then i’ll let you knoiw.

    1. Den says:

      Police are looking for yet another coward

  5. NY_1232 says:

    “White’s of all races” –

    A mind is a terrible thing to waste. Get off the computer and go back to school.

  6. Stubby says:

    Johny, you need ot sign up for the Dream Act and quickly.

  7. Timothy McGarry says:

    feelin’ the love…

  8. colleen says:

    Someone dies and it becomes a race issue, you people are so insensitive. Life means nothing to you, you sit on this computer hiding your stupidity when most of you work around people that you are speaking so ugly of. I agree with jose_El_Illegal , say it in their face. No you will not, you know why…because you are COWARDS, just like the person who shot this young man and ran. Such a coward! Some of you need to grow up and try and bring an intelligent conversation on these comment boards. I don’t know of any race that do not have a group of people that will display evil behavior. Evil does not care what race you are, if you are willing to be influenced by it, then you are a great candidate.
    To Kevin1980, to say that the victim deserved it, you are a poor excuse of a human, you are pathetic and you are actually just taking up space in the universe. As you lay your head down, I hope you have sleepless nights until you apologize for saying that, may the one who is closest to your heart don’t find themselves in the same situation.
    You people need to watch what you say, you speak death and harm on others and it will fall on your own family.

    1. Have Respect! says:

      @colleen .. I totally agree! Let them bark their useless words. They do it for attention anyway. I almost feel bad for them. It makes you think what miserable lives they must have.

    2. esr says:

      And they do the same racist bs over at the LA Times anytime there’s a story about Latinos. You are absolutely right about the courage they have posting their bigotry on the web but never say anything face to face or in public.

    3. Twinzo66 says:

      AMEN SISTER !!

    4. Denise Rae Groce says:

      The racist idiot is what I call a “internet racist”. They hide behind that computer screen talking mess about people, because they don’t have the guts to say it in person.

  9. wilkimay78 says:

    So true, im white but I do know that most child molesters and rapests are white. It really doesnt matter the race of the shooter! An innocent person was shot!!!

  10. Jake in the Lake says:

    I’m so appalled, but sadly, not shocked to read the idiotic comments. All of your bigotry and hate aside, this is a very sad tragedy. I know all the folks at garage pizza and they are a lovely bunch. I know for a fact that the victim (who has since died, btw) was a very good guy and certainly didn’t deserve his fate. It would be nice if you hate-filled creeps could try to find an ounce of compassion.

    1. Denise Rae Groce says:

      Jake, these bigots seem to hide behind the computer and write racist comments. Than again they are cowards!

  11. Truthandnothingbut says:

    @Kevin1980- You are seriously twisted and I suggest that you get some psychiatric help. Anyone with that much animosity towards his fellow man really has major issues that need to be dealt with. I feel sorry for you and I hope you get the necessary medical attention that you so desperately need. Maybe with therapy you can be lifted out of the abyss of hate that you have fallen into. It can’t be fun for you in there. Happy, well-adjusted people don’t think like you do and don’t hate strangers with so much intensity. You’ve got some real problems Kevin.
    Straight up.

  12. Bigfoot says:

    I drove around with roid rage once. My hemmoroids were flaring and I really shouldn’t have Ben behind the wheel.

  13. quietbutLOUD says:


  14. The Mayor of Silver Lake Blvd., says:

    Jake in the Lake has provided us with potentialy important information. Maybe it can result in an order of justice with all the consequences for David Vasquez Loma’s killer via home delivery.

    But the first thing which anyone needs to know if they want to see the killer put behind bars – a case like this is already cold and hard.

    The detectives have finished their crime scene investigation and each passing day this case will have new cases thrown on top and quickly move down towards the bottom of the file stack. The next 30 days from now until Labor Day is the busy season for booze, heat and boredom fueled shootings and assaults.

    Then add the fact that David Vasquez is nobody special and watch his file dropping to the bottom of the stack faster than you would ever imagine.

    When I say that David Vasquez is nobody special i mean that he is nobody special to this society at large. Therefore he is nobody of particular importance to the detectives who are assigned to his case.

    David Vasquez may be very special to his family and his friends and even to regular customers who came to know him. But that means nothing to the police or to anyone else in this city, state or nation who never met or heard of him.

    David Vasquez had his brief window of attention from the cops – that is probably now over. If David Vasquez was important to any that knew him out there – then its time for you to step up and prove it. Starting today. Starting now.

    I know that its hard enough to endure the pain of this sudden tragedy and place this young man into the earth and say the good-byes which should never have come so soon. I know that just standing up and pushing yourself to make it through today is probably the toughest thing you have ever done – if David Vasquez was somebody special to you. Tomorrow will be just as difficult to get through, maybe even harder.

    But if you want David Vasquez to carry importance with the cops and the court system, then you will have to FIGHT to make that happen. That fight has to begin today now. It will have to continue each day from now on without a break if you want anyone who never knew him to treat him with importance.

    You will have to force the cops to do their job. And if they won’t , then you will need to do it for them.

    I never met David Vasquez. Never heard of David Vasquez. But I heard the shot that killed David Vasquez.

  15. HUH? says:

    What are you trying to say???

  16. BeckyBoo says:

    Why are you insulting gay people? You are no better than Ken1980. Stick to the topic, I am sure he gave you enough ammunution without you having to resort to childish tactics such as calling him gay. If you try and fight ignorance with more ignorance your point becomes meaningless.

  17. The Mayor of Silver Lake Blvd. says:

    I never knew David Vasquez, but I extend sincere condolence to everyone who knew and valued him.

    Furthermore, I accept and bear my portion of responsibility for tolerating conditions which contribute to this deadly shooting.

    My policy as Mayor of Silver Lake Blvd. is a goal of zero incidents of criminal violence and 100% solve and convict for any which occur.

    I regret not having done more to prevent this kind of incident from occuring on Silver Lake Blvd. and I apologize to everyone who will be personaly affected by the death of David Vasquez.

    If anyone reading this comment wants to know how i was elected to become Mayor of Silver Lake Blvd – the answer is that I was not elected. The position was vacant. I was self appointed.

    The monthly salary is zero. Level of recognition and appreciation is near zero. That does not reduce my expectation of performing my duties completely and effectively.

    Anyone who wishes to take over the position will not have any struggle from me. I am weary and would welcome the chance to have a break.

    Until then, standards will not be compromised. In fact, standards have been allowed to slack and this decline must end. That means strict zero tolerance must be reestablished. We can do that by making every effort to solve the Vasquez killing and bring the perpetrator to justice.

  18. BD McGee says:

    I just farted.

    1. :o/ says:

      I’m sure it smelled wonderful

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