ARCADIA (CBS) — Lynn Merchant has already gone through the devastating loss of her husband Robert.

But some thieves Wednesday added insult to the injury when they made off with her husband’s ashes.

The couple loved going to Las Vegas. “We went every 2-3 months,” she told CBS2. The promise of a big birthday bash there was used as a draw to help prolong his life. But, sadly, Robert died from liver cancer before the party could be held.

Lynn decided to make it a memorial service instead, and asked a friend if he would drive most of Robert’s ashes there so he could attend his own party. She had them adorned in a red velvet bag.

Sometime during the night, the friend’s rental car, parked in the Merchant driveway, was burglarized. Thieves took the GPS, a camera, and most importantly, the velvet bag.

Merchant fears that once the thieves realize the box doesn’t contain jewelry they will toss it in a dumpster.

Edward Lawrence, reporting for KCAL9, spoke to Mrs. Merchant. She says she wants her husband’s ashes back, no questions asked.

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  1. Jose Gutierrez says:

    Maybe you need to translate it to spanish to get a better chance. Oh well. Sorry. Even cops in Arcadia now need to learn how to speak spanish, well, you know, at least “put your hands in the air”.

    1. HUMBERTO says:


  2. Tom says:

    So sad… One person has to pretend to be 3 different people to look as if someone is interacting or even acceding with him. Find a job. Get out of your parents basement already.

  3. guest2011 says:

    And why weren’t these items taken into the house???? Are people still so unaware that burglary happens EVERYWHERE????

    1. K Merchant says:

      If you actually listened to the new story and actually stopped being a troll, you’d have realized that his ashes were packed in the car so they wouldn’t forget to pack him for him memorial service. And yes we are aware that robbery happens but we went to the news with hope that somebody would know something.

      1. Jeezus says:

        great story and insight abut your pops….and for guest2011-if robbery happens EVERYWHERE then that means in the HOME as well as the CAR….so your theory is bunk.

  4. K Merchant says:

    Actually to really appreciate this story you have to really have known Bob (my father). The story is less about the break in but more about how typical of this was of Bob. Bob was always getting lost. Anywhere you’d go with Bob you’d turn your back and he’d be gone.
    In the 60 sec spot you can’t really appreciate the entire story. Rather than a sensationalist news cast about a break in, the true story lays in how Bob would be cracking up about this event and calling everybody about how he’d been on the news.
    The reason why Bob’s ashes were put in the car was so that he wouldn’t get lost or left before before everybody left for the memorial service.
    With Bob’s luck the one night that the car was broken into was the night that it was specially packed to leave to bring his remains to Vegas.
    As much as we’d like the ashes (and mostly the picture of him on it) returned, I’m actually laughing at the whole situation because it’s the irony of how things would happen with my father and how he’d be laughing at the situation as well.

    1. Jeezus says:

      looked like a good guy….nice hats too

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