LOS ANGELES (CBS) — Two teenage inmates are unaccounted for after working with a crew in the Hollywood Hills.

The two teens were reported missing around 2 p.m. Friday after a supervisor noticed they were gone, Los Angeles police said.

The prisoners were last seen at 8400 Mulholland Drive while working on a fire road in the Fryman Canyon area.

Authorities are currently searching for the two identified as Pablo Ladislow Ontaneda, 18 and Christopher Ochoa, 19.

The prisoners were from a Ventura Youth Correctional Facility who was working in the hills clearing brush.

Ontaneda is described as Hispanic, 6 feet tall and about 187 pounds. He was reportedly sent to the facility in June 2010 for second degree robbery.

Ochoa, also Hispanic, is 5 feet 4 inches tall and weighs 126 pounds. He’s been held for second degree robbery and personal use of a firearm since July 2008.

Both men were last seen wearing dark blue pants and plain white shirts, officials said.

Reporting for KCAL9 and CBS2, Melissa McCarty says the California Department For Inmates has a tip line for the public if they have seen or encountered the inmates. That number is (559) 647-5474.

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Comments (19)
  1. uh oh says:

    Oh great, that’s all we need is two prisoners on the loose!

  2. Shoot on sight! says:

    This is not a problem folks!
    The way to stop this is to notify the escapee’s that they will be shot on sight. This covers both the two that took offf and any that may think about this in the future. Treat them as prisoners and not children, they are not children! They are convicted crimanals!

  3. Wondering says:

    Why are they bringing prisoners from Ventura when we have plenty of our own to do the work?

  4. kandles says:

    Must political correctness prohibit the writers of this story from giving a detailed description of the suspects including their ethnicity.

    1. Really says:

      So at least we know what to look out for, right?

  5. dan says:

    Nothing like sleeping on the job.

  6. Whoops says:

    Someone’s getting fired!

  7. Josh Butts says:

    Ok,everyone done? Lets do a head count and then we can go. Uh Oh, I’m in trouble.

  8. Chris says:

    Uuum….. pictures would help instead of the description which basically describes the looks of 1000’s of other Hispanics……

  9. puro pedo says:

    We need to close our borders to keep these type of people out of our once great country. They steal, rob, kill, rape, spray paint and have anchor babies to collect weflare. This is why California is broke to these leeches. Put a bounty on these 2 PUTO$.

    1. Raider Nation says:

      Once great country?? hahahaha what a fool ..When was this? Was this after all the Mexicans built all the nice structures and homes? More white folks are on wellfare. Most taggers are white dudes, mosr serial rapist are white dudes, most thieves are white tweakers lookin 2 get the next fix… Why is it all you ever see begging for money is white people or blacks?

  10. Dr. Rule says:

    Thank you for tell me they both are Hispanic. Then it will be much easier to catch them. Just tell them that their cousins are waiting for them for a make out. They will come out in no time.

  11. Jose Gutierrez says:

    Find the drug cartel, then you will find them. Easy.

  12. Maria says:

    Raid the most infested mexican place in LA, I am sure you will find them and many other you were looking for. Oh, don’t forget to bring pesticide in case they run!

  13. Orlando says:

    The news is not telling you the whole story. How did you know the supervisor is not their Hispanic brothers or cousin? Better yet, it could also be their father!!

  14. Raider Nation says:

    I bet you it was a white dude who was supervising the inamtes.. White folks are the laziest humans! should of hired a Mexican to do the supervising.

  15. Raider Nation says:

    Damn White folks! I bet you it was a white man who was supervising the inmates. white dudes are the laziest humans. they should’ve hired a Mexican to do the supervising of the inmates. White dudes just nap all day or go on facebook and internet sites and write racist remarks. If you want something done right then hire a Mexican. No wonder white women luv that mexican chorizo.

  16. witz says:

    California uses thousands of inmates on fire crews
    It happens
    Used a gun, non violent offender?

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