FULLERTON (CBS) — A police security camera may shed light on what happened during the beating of a homeless man by Fullerton police officers, but the Orange County District Attorney’s Office won’t release the video.

Kelly Thomas, a 37-year-old homeless schizophrenic man, died after being beaten and tased by Fullerton police officers at the Fullerton Transportation Center during a burglary investigation. Six officers have been put on paid leave, and the District Attorney’s Office and FBI are investigating the incident.

Since the incident on July 5, outrage has grown among Fullerton residents about the brutal beating. Cell phone video camera and eyewitness accounts have only fanned the flames, but the view by a police-controlled security camera may give the best view of what happened that night.

However, the OC District Attorney’s office is withholding that video, calling it evidence in an ongoing investigation.

“We need to make sure if there is a trial, that witnesses testify to what they actually saw at the scene, not what they’ve seen in the video,” District Attorney’s spokeswoman Susan Kang Schroeder said.

The camera has a bird’s eye view of the Fullerton Transportation Center’s parking lot, about 50 yards from the scene. Trees may obscure part of the view, but Schroeder, who has seen the footage, says that the camera captured part of the incident.

Comments (57)
  1. Jeff says:

    Never release incriminating evidence to the public. It will hurt the coverup.

    1. Jeff says:

      Mike grow up and face the fact that you serve no useless purpose in the world.
      It’s low life trash like you that gives LA a bad name.

    2. Keith says:

      Mike, its none of YOUR business if YOU dont wanna see it. Our tax dollars pay for the police, and their investigations and it ALL PUBLIC RECORD. Its ignorant people that would want to limit the freedom access to public information.

    3. Mike says:

      Wrong, it’s people like you that stick their nose where is dosen’t belong, and cry cover up, when you have no clue what happened. If the news media told you to jump off a cliff, your dumba$$ would do it, because the media said it was right. If you would have seen this homeless person on the street, you have driven right past him without a second thought. Now you have a reason to get your pathetic a$$ out of bed in the morning, saying, “i’m gonna get up today and figure this what happened to this homeless guy.” You’re a loser, and that’s all you will ever be….JEFFREY!

      1. Amused says:

        Mike, why don’t you just go ahead and use your real name,Jay Cicinelli, when posting?

      2. Mike says:

        Amused, i do not kmow this person Jay. Sorry, but my name is really Mike.

      3. upyours says:

        He’s the one-eyed a$$wipe pu$$y cop that is to have done most of the beating, but then, you don’t “kmow” sh!t, pu$$y dumbf**k.

      4. Kobe Champ says:

        you must be a law enforcement officer…maybe a security guard…lol

    4. Mike says:


      You’re right, the investigation is PUBLIC RECORD, after the investigation is completed. And unless you live in Fullerton, you don’t pay the police in that city a dime.

    5. upyours says:

      You “think”? Well Mikey, more people now KNOW what a pu$$y dumbf**k you are, and next time come up with a screen name more original than “upinya” to follow me around being a d!ckbrain

    6. Mike says:

      Don’t what your talking about with the screen name. But i’ll go out on a limb, and say it’s probably your boyfriend with the screen name “upinya.”

    7. upyours says:

      Right Mikey, you’re already out on a d!ck, and everyone knows it

    8. Mike says:

      Wow, thats the best you can do???? Your boyfriend won’t like you talking like that. UPYOURS and UPINYA….what a perfect little pair….how sweet. You two must be very happy.

    9. upyours says:

      Nope, I’m not you and your daddy, a$$breath pu$$y dumbf**k. D@mn you truly are a d!ckbrain.

    10. Astonished says:

      Thank you. Releasing that tape would severly jeprodize the investigation and only serve to inflame troublemakers who live only to cause trouble. Oh, and please ignore upyours. He hates everyone, including himself.

      I have counciled patience, especially since the only “facts” we know about come from the news agencies, and they are far from unbiased, and received several “love notes” from upyours. After a while, if you don’t buy in he goes away.

    11. upyours says:

      ASTONISHED, it’s “counseled” not “counciled” (or whatever the f*** words you think to make up)” so thanks for telling everyone what a total sh!tbrained dumbf**k you truly are. You continue to talk out your a$$ and with all the traffic up there it all trickles out as b.s. And, FYI d!ckhead, a$$wipe cops can be suspended without pay which is what Thomas’ father wants done, but there are too many pu$$ies like you around to do so.

  2. RJ says:

    To see a pic of the outcome, google kelly thomas beating. There is no excuse for anyone to be beaten like he was!

  3. Arod says:

    Good move on her part but no matter what this guy didn’t deserve to be beaten to death….I don’t care if he gave the police a reason to “take him down” or not I think there were enough cops around to control him without killing him. They showed a before and after photo of this guy on tv last night….it’s a shame what these “men” did to him. If there is real justice in this case, someone will be charged with murder. another case of cops gone wild

  4. Peter says:

    This story has made national news. Go to cnn.com and check out the comments there. Not many nice things said about the cops.

    1. keith says:

      what is there nice to say about murdering someone?

    2. duh says:

      But you visit CBS’ website?

  5. Pam says:

    What I don’t understand is: Why the hell are these abusive cops on “paid” leave??? They basically just murdered a handicapped man and they still get paid and are not in lock-up?? What is happening with the Legal System, it is sad. OH YEH I just remembered, to get away with murder you either have to be a cop, government official or have lots of money.

    1. Astonished says:

      They are on paid leave because the investigation is still on going and everyone, including police officers are given the benefit of the doubt. Believe me if they are found to have used excessive force they’ll pay for it with their jobs! And a far worst penalty of not being able to get another job anywhere else.

      1. kl201 says:

        Pay for their crime with their jobs? I hope that’s not all and that they will be charged, prosecuted & sentenced to the full extent of the law, if the evidence proves they are guilty of this crime- which it is seeming like more & more. Police should be held even more accountable for the crimes they have sworn & paid to uphold. An individual citizen is much more powerless to defend themselves against police officers.

  6. joe says:

    They said one of the cops hit the man so hard that the cop broke his own hand.
    Roid rage? Steriod abuse is highest in police and highscool kids.

    1. Mike says:

      Who said????? The always believeable news media…Dude you’re dumb.

      1. upyours says:

        HEY PU$$Y MIKE, when the story first broke, the spin was cops were injured and a two had bones broken, the b.s. was later corrected, dumbf**k.Lies tend to grow. Been four weeks since the incident and the only thing more stupid than the overpaid incompetent a$$wipe cops and idiots handling this matter is you … d!ckbrain.

      2. Mike says:

        No kidding dumba$$, and where did that information come from???? The news media, read my post idiot!

      3. upyours says:

        The moron cops “broke” the news, pu$$y dumbf**k.

  7. igor doublebubblevich says:

    cops enjoy a decree from the highest court called Qualified Immunity, in essence they are protected from everything; compounded with creative writing aka falsifying reports. ,code of silence, brotherly love fraternity brothers lying for each other, seldom if ever does the public have a chance.

  8. Thomas Bleming says:

    I have posted onto my Facebook several of these videos. I strongly urge everyone to do the same. Those cops who murdered that guy, need the same done to them.

    1. Jeff says:

      Too bad that your little pig buddies are going down for the count go play with your dolls and get a life…!!!

    2. upyours says:

      Well,if isn’t the d!cklipped Mikey running its pu$$y mouth and letting more people know what a pu$$y dumbf**k it is. I see the moron cops still have you on your knees as their mouthy little btch, and you still haven’t grown a pair, a$$breath.

    3. Mike says:

      I’ll even drive you so called 100 mile round trip. It would be worth it.

    4. upyours says:

      I called you out and you keep running your pu$$y mouth about some hospital in Uplandl. Do you work there or just pulled it out of your a$$ when your daddy was done? I’ll be more than willing to give them a call and confirm your arrival and mine, and now I’ll bet there are a few others who would do so too, pu$$y dumbf**k.

    5. Mike says:

      That made no sense whats so ever. You didn’t call me out for anything. No i don’t work there. It’s ok to be afraid, just admit it.

    6. upyours says:

      Then you confirm you did pull it out of your a$$, right after your daddy was done, pu$$y dumbf**k.

    7. upyours says:

      “It’s ok to be afraid,” must be why you never did post your number then, pu$$y dumbf**k.

    8. Mike says:

      That still made no sense…..Two words describe you, YOU”RE SCARED…and you know it! HAHAHAHAHAHAHA

      1. topgun says:


      2. Nobody Reads says:

        Thru should require posters to have an IQ
        of at least 80

    9. upyours says:

      Mikey, note my use of quotation marks do you know what they signify, pu$$y dumbf**k? I doubt it. Okay, you’ve more than confirmed d!ckbrain pu$$y dumbf**k, crawl back on your daddy.

    10. upyours says:

      Mikey, right back at ya, pu$$y dumbf**k.

    11. topgun says:

      The only reason this was not covered up was for the simple fact that someone was able to get this video on there phone. Release the tape. Seeing is believing

  9. swhitS says:

    It is becoming “normal” behavior for the cops and Obama wants to take away our 2nd Amendment. Watch out folks, it will only get worse.

    1. d'ayes says:

      I’m sure every single one of those cops voted republican.

      1. Mike says:

        Great post…..MORON!

  10. Thomas Bleming says:

    The actions of those police reminded me of what you’d expect to see in third world countries.They should have a police review board to oversee that those responsible for the uncalled for beating and subsequent outright murder of that disabled man get fiired. I hope that the district attorney does what is right and brings criminal charges against those out of control monsters. I can just imagine how they’d be in the state /federal pen. They’d have to keep them in max segregation, away from general population for their own safety. The public should demand justice and continued publicity about this incident should not in any way be swept under the rug. Looking at the videos on You Tube, of that one cop hitting the person taking a video is a criminal action. There’s absolutely no excuse for any of what they did.

  11. Alarmed says:

    I’ve read many of the news stories about and reactions to the Kelly Thomas murder and think that something more disturbing is taking place. The bigger, more systemic, and disturbing issue is a lack of self restraint, self discipline, and possibly training of some in law enforcement. While I respect the fact that their duty is to serve and to protect, reactions to situations by some officers often go to far and there is a mentality of react first and ask questions later which leads to these types of unfortunate situations. Fellow officers who speak out are ridiculed or censured. This mentality marginalizes and calls into question their ability to do what they were sworn to do. My brother is a schizophrenic and I often worry about his safety. It pains and saddens me to learn that out of six trained officers, that not one stepped in to intervene in a situation that ultimately resulted in Kelly’s death. This avoidable event does not help to affirm any trust by a public they are sworn to protect. There is not enough accountability for the actions taken by those law enforcement and not enough policing of the police and unfortunately much of this responsibility has fallen on the public. This should also serve as a cautionary warning to those in law enforcement that wherever you go and whatever you do, we’ll be watching you.

  12. Justice says:

    It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out that Kelly Thomas was murdered it does though take an idiiot to not.

  13. Drew says:

    Mike suffers from cop worship. Don’t worry, maybe one day he will get it beaten out of him by some cops.

  14. Drew says:

    The first time I’ve ever seen a video of a crime not released because they only want the witnesses to testify to what they saw at the scene. If this video showed a cop being assaulted it would have been on the news the very next day. It’s so obvious that they are trying to cover this up. If they are planning on witnesses testifying in court, why hasn’t anyone been arrested yet? A video of what is clearly a crime isn’t enough evidence?

  15. TOPGUN says:

    If the video showed the cops acted right the video would be all over the news FACT.

  16. Sigh, says:

    Hello, people… Uh, “Mike” is an Internet troll. Look up “Internet troll” on Wikipedia to understand his motivation for his postings.

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