BELL (CBS) — The eight former Bell city officials who are accused of looting money from the city will ask to have their charges dropped.

Their lawyers will argue that a new California State Supreme Court ruling should force their cases to be dismissed.

KNX 1070’s Pete Demetriou reports.

The justices ruled in another corruption case that prosecutors must prove defendants knew they were breaking the law when they inflated their salaries.

Former city administrator Robert Rizzo and seven others argue they had no clue what they were doing was illegal.

The “Bell Eight” will file their requests next month.

Comments (4)
  1. Robert S. says:

    Corruption charges DISMISSED? What “gaul”! You got to be foolin! All of um deserve state prison, and the sooner the better! Oh!, and throw the key Away!

  2. Uncle Sam says:

    They didn’t know they their pay was escalating by a whopping 100 % or over paying themselves? Come on !!!! Try again

    1. LAX says:

      I agree with your comment 100%

  3. Somedudeinanaheim says:

    Ummm… They knew they were acting in an illegal manner. They faked an election to change the City’s charter so that it would appear they authority raise their pay!

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