Meet the People Who Lie on Train Tracks for Better Health long as they don't fall asleep

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So, to cure your  diabetes/high blood pressure/bad cholesterol/  malady-to-be-determined-at-a-later-date, go lie on the train tracks.  It’s all the rage in Jakarta, Indonesia, where proponents say the” electric current” works to heal their bodies.
I want to stress here, that we’re not even talking about electric train tracks: you know, “beware the third rail.” No, this is the plain old train trackss, where the worst that can happen to you is getting run over and dismembered.  Bet your diabetes wouldn’t seem so bad then, huh? By the way, the sign in the picture above says don’t do it; but I’m not sure it’s helping.
Indonesia’s health care system is in disarray. So the population of poor, which is not small, clings to folk medicine and rumors or miracle cures, like magic rocks, or eating sacred cow waste.  You read right.
Of course, doctors say lying on train tracks provides no health benefit. Other than sharpening one’s reflexes, I guess. You’re supposed to get up, just before the train goes by.   I’ve never believed in acupuncture, but suddenly, it looks downright sensible by comparison.

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