Long Beach Police On Alert After 3 Attacks On Gay Men

LONG BEACH (CBS) — Long Beach police are beefing up security after a string of attacks on gay men.

Martin Sanchez is one of five men to be assaulted in three unrelated attacks in the past 10 days. Sanchez was beaten after he reportedly told his attacker that he’s gay.

Two of the assaults, which have been labeled hate crimes by police, happened in Long Beach’s gay-friendly Broadway Avenue corridor.

Sanchez’s friend caught the man who attacked him. However, Long Beach police are looking for at least two other suspects, and will be increasing patrols in the area to prevent future attacks.

  • TT

    I dont know if it was being gay or just being Long Beach – my daughters old Boyfriend moved there and he has been attacked and sent to the hospital at least 3x, since about April. And he’s not a kid that goes looking for trouble.

  • Jazz

    That is what we will say when someone kick your a$$

  • Ericlb

    If a stranger asks you if are gay or where you are from, that never leads to anything good – just run and weave!

  • lori

    Usually when someone talks like this, it because they’re the ones puffin on things. It’s ok you can come out of the closet.

  • Marco

    Gay or straight…..its against the law to assault anyone.

    Lets start there.

    And Everyday Guy if you “Don’t care. Not one bit.” Then why comment?

  • Jeezus

    dont care so much that you came to this news story and you even commented. just like those gay bashers who hung out in a known gay part of long beach…..and acted like they weren’t gay too. i guess your everyday guy turns out to be gay, whether he admits it to himself or not.

  • CC

    Everyday Guy = Everyday Idiot

    If you don’t care, then why post a comment. Idiot.

  • Richard Smoker

    Long Beach is a hole.

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