Reiner, Nunez Help Mayor Triple Fundraising Target For Ethics Fine

LOS ANGELES (CBS) — Despite thousands of dollars in fines for accepting free tickets to entertainment and sporting events, apparently it still pays to be the mayor of Los Angeles.

Dozens of contributions from both Hollywood and the high-powered political world helped Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa raise $123,000 to pay ethics violation fines for accepting free tickets to high-profile events, according to newly-released public filing.

KNX 1070’s Bob Brill reports the money raised is nearly triple the amount of fines that stem from an admission by the mayor that he did not report tickets he received to over 30 events during his first five years in office.

The Fair Political Practice Commission and the city Ethics Commission fined Villaraigosa nearly $42,000 in April for tickets to events including Lakers and Dodgers games, the Oscars, American Music Awards, the Emmy Awards, Screen Actors Guild Awards and a 2009 “American Idol” show.

Villaraigosa established three legal defense funds enabling him to raise money to pay for the violations.

Fifty-four contributors gave money to the mayor, including film director Rob Reiner and electoral campaigns for Assemblyman Fabian Nunez and state Sen. Kevin de Leon.

  • pacpalham

    can I hold a fund raiser to pay for my new sewer and the damage caused to my home? I would like to invite Mayor Villaraigosa to share his $100.000 windfall with the rest of the citizens of L.A. I’m sure the comptroller could find some disadvantaged children, or sick street people that could use a helping hand.

    • Stryker 21

      What a low life $pic. He makes a ton of money and he holds a fund raiser? At the next election, vote for anyone except for the ILLEGAL ALIEN lover who gives minorities everything he takes from the working class man.

      • upyours

        He needs all the money, how else could the m0nkey eared a$$ faced be@ner get into the pants of the tramps he bangs.

  • Astonished

    Maybe you can hit up the 42 contributors who so generously gave to his “defense” fund. Or perhaps he will donate 100,000 or so to the City he keeps saying is so broke.


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  • upyours

    Three more years of this m0nkey eared a$$faced be@ner. Thanks to a majority of moron voters. Too many be@ners are ruining CA and running it into the ground.

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