SOUTH EL MONTE (CBS) — At least one suspect, who allegedly led authorities on a pursuit, has been shot by authorities in South El Monte.

Shots were fired at the end of the chase at Workman Mill Road and Crossroads in Avocado Heights. According to authorities, that’s where three suspects in a silver Honda Civic ran out of the car.

One of the suspects was shot and transported to a local hospital in serious condition and a second suspect was taken to a hospital in unknown condition.

A third suspect was arrested without injury.

The car was initially wanted for DUI, according to authorities.

The pursuit, which reached speeds of 100 mph, began in Banning and went through the Inland Empire, eventually ending in South El Monte.

Comments (8)
  1. HooDatIS? says:

    im so sick of these losers destroying our neighborhoods

  2. c-man says:

    Too bad all three weren’t executed by the police. How many hundreds of lives did they endanger. Probably fukin hispanics….again.

    1. james says:

      no they wasn’t my cuz was in that car he called the cop’s before they stop the car so know some thing befor u talk

  3. Bailey Elliott says:

    You know what?!.. the guy in the backseat is my family! You guys do t know what’s going on! He was being held hostage and he even called the cops while in the car to let them know what was going on! And you know what?! He was the k e shot! In the head and in the chest! 4 times! And he’s the one in critical condition! The driver… Who wouldn’t pull over and had a gun… Didn’t get shot! My brother was begging and crying to the driver while on the phone with the cops to let him out of the car and the driver wodnt let him out! He also has a three year old beautiful daughter who is asleep on my lap while the rest of the family had to drive from our palm springs home to a hospital in LA. So u wanna keep up with ur bad disrespectful comments?

  4. Bailey Elliott says:

    K there were a few typos in that… But I’m sure your all smart enough to figure it out.

  5. Jessica Mynhier says:

    wow poor s….. tell him hes in my prayers. i hope your okayy. ppl needa stfu fukingg ppl these days. get outta ppls bizzness u dnt evn know him. bailey said it wasnt his fault so there you go listen to her!

  6. VENICE says:

    my brobro beder Be okayy

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