OAKLAND (AP) — Oakland Athletics owner Lew Wolff hopes Frank McCourt will soon sell the financially troubled Los Angeles Dodgers so baseball can move forward from the sticky situation.

Wolff, a successful retail developer based in L.A., tells The Associated Press he spoke out publicly on the topic in support of Commissioner Bud Selig, a longtime friend.

Wolff first discussed the situation in an interview with the Los Angeles Times.

The Dodgers filed for bankruptcy protection in June, about two months after Major League Baseball assumed control of the club’s day-to-day operations.

McCourt blamed a cash-flow crisis on MLB’s refusal to approve a multibillion-dollar TV deal McCourt was
counting on to keep the franchise afloat.

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  1. Ida says:

    Not a good statement for A’s owner. Your team is in the cellar and you’re having stadium problems in the Bay Area. Solve your own problems before offering a statement about something that’s not your conern. It’s not you’re loved in Oakland.!!!!!

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