Convicted Sex Offender Arrested After Allegedly Assaulting 2 Teen Girls

MORENO VALLEY (CBS) — A convicted sex offender is being held on $50,000 bail after allegedly sexually assaulting two teenaged girls in a tent.

James Russell Watkins, 29, was arrested Saturday night after police received an anonymous tip that he had possibly sexually assaulted the teens, officials said. According to an investigation, Watkins assaulted the girls in a tent that he was living in near Alessandro Boulevard and the old 215 Freeway at some point in July.

Watkins is currently on parole and is a registered sex offender.

He is being held on charges of unlawful sexual intercourse, child abuse, and a violation of parole.

The Moreno Valley Police Department is asking anyone with information about this incident to contact Investigators Mehlbrech or Viveros at (951) 247-8700 or (951) 486-6819.

  • Really

    Wish we could execute him….it’s the only cure.

    • Dave Culver

      No…..They just have to keep him locked up………and stop letting them out!! Let prison politics take care of them…..he wouldn’t be alive long…….. Or he would get assaulted……Everyday…

  • AmeriKKKa

    Another white rapist/criminal

    • JEff

      do some research before you spew your nonsense. Blacks make up only 13% of the US population, yet are responsible for over 47% of the violent crime in America. Take a look at the LAPD Most Wanted List. Notice anything? I thought so, punk.

      • AmeriKKKa

      • ZZ

        It only seems whites commit less crime
        Judicial system let’s them off
        L Lohan, C Anthony, etc

      • Jessenia Martinez

        Also, the news loves to write about when every other race BUT white commits crimes.

      • Dave Culver

        It looks like you need to do research idiot….13%…..are you kidding me……

      • Dave Culver

        Your’e the punk B!tch!!!!

    • Dave Culver

      Your an Idiot…….. You must be black, Latin, or a dumb Middle Easterner……….Just a coward….thats what you are….

  • Fred F

    No surprise here!
    He’s white, Anglo , Caucasian

    • Dave Culver

      I’m your father Fred…..Ask your mom…..

  • not

    Dam we have to deport these anchor b!tches back to Europe. 2050 whites will only make up 42% of American population and Hispanics 46%. Maybe ill let their kids work in my farm or cut my grass!

    • Johny Chingas

      WOW “not”, you are really nuts….
      First of all, I am sure you are one of the white losers living under the bridge…
      So, what grass do you need to be cut?? Maybe your long hair that looks nasty and dirty….
      What farm do you own??? Ohh, I got it…All the animals living on your Dirty HEAD!!!!!
      Don’t be mad hommie..Be happy… You won’t live a good life if you don’t learn to get along with others…. Latinos, Asians,Brazilians..We are all humans….

      • Dave Culver

        Every race mentioned above are the cause of the fall of the great United States Of America….You people have no morals….. At least we flush our toilet paper in the toilet!! After we wipe ourselves!!!! We don’t put it in a trash can……. You people can’t even develop a sewer system……You people are the cause of Disease’s in the vegetables here in the States……. Your too lazy to take it to the outhouse…… I have a house on the beach…….Where do you live?…. In a trailer with 6 other families….Puto….

    • Dave Culver

      No… dumb gang banging ,Machismo idiots will kill each other off….eventually…….we just gotta have patience….

  • ScottysFriend

    Wow, this guy doesn’t learn, does he? Some say these molesters can’t help themselves, no matter how severe the penalty. Hope he gets a very long prison sentence this time, since we can’t execute him.

    • Dave Culver

      Your right bro…….

  • not

    Simon. Johny mamas vergaz! Your just a dam coconut if you don’t know what that is brown on the outside and wannabe white on the inside. Aqua puro Chicano Que gringo menso.

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