VICTORVILLE (CBS) — A 20-year-old pregnant woman was struck and killed by a hit-and-run driver in Victorville Friday evening, according to authorities.

The woman’s 17-month-old child was also struck and was sent to the hospital with minor injuries. The girl was treated and released. She is now with her father.

Officials say Dejuan Rene Smith, who was 5 months pregnant, was walking northbound on the edge of a road in the 1200 block of Balsam Road and pushing her daughter in a stroller when she was struck from behind by a Ford truck.

The truck fled the scene.

Paramedics responded to the scene and declared Smith dead.

The accident occurred at 10:26 p.m.

Authorities say the Ford truck will have damage on the right front and will be missing a mirror on the passenger’s side.

Saturday evening, KCAL9’s Jay Jackson spoke to Smith’s distraught and devastated boyfriend Travon  Anderson. He was on the phone with Smith at the time of the crash.

Anyone with knowledge of this vehicle is urged to call Deputy James Snow at the San Bernardino County Sheriff’s Major Accident Investigation Team (M.A.I.T.) 760-241-2911.

Comments (86)
  1. Colleen says:

    It’s always sad when you have hit and run drivers, because 90% of the time the pedstrian may have been at fault and it would be considered an accident, but if these idiots would just stop they may save a life! The young woman may have had a chance if parademics were called immediately. I hope the individual have sleepless nights until they turn themselves in!

  2. april myers says:

    Whoever you are you need 2 watch your mouth I dont care if she was 20 and had 20 Kids I still doesn”t mean she should die. And that”s my cousin you better be glad your on the computer and in my face cause you would truely get hurt. You idiot.

    1. LOL says:

      April, ever hear the phrase “sticks and stones…?” Come on, you really should grow up a little and honor your “cousin’s” memory by NOT being a violent thug. People can say words all they want to. Who cares? Learn to turn a deaf ear (or a blind eye in this case). You are just playing into the stereotype that all you people know is violence with your childish threats. Geez.

      1. Mark and yes in 100% white says:

        Which family member is going to post next? Funkuita Jackson saying “I’m gona kick yo ass fo disrespectin my family”???

      2. Step Then Fetch It says:

        looky heah, honky mofo, watcha yall sayin der?

      3. April d says:

        Please knock it off, stop trying to fuel these racist people, gtfu!, everybody knows that you are white.

      4. Rye says:

        You must be really insecure about yourself to disrespect someone else. I’m very sure that if you were in her family’s situation, th last thing that you would want to see is someone criticizing her because of her name. That was just ignorant and heartless, but it’s not just you a lot of these people are being rude for no apparent reason. I didn’t even know her, but I still can be kind enough to give my condolences to her family and friends who shouldn’t have to deal wih your poor judgement and ridicule. The worst part of this story is that her little girl has Tigris up without her mother and her unborn child never was able to see the light of day. I hope that people will come to the realization that no matter what color you are or how you grew up and with whatever name you were given, loss never changes. Death is still death and it should be regarded as such, it is not a lauhong matter. And I would always try to send out positive messages to the world because in the end, the universe will humble you. But I’d anyone is dying and desparate to get their point across in a negative manner, don’t hide behind he computer screen. Come out and say it.

  3. april myers says:

    Some people r so inconsiderate not even thinking about the family and their feelings

    1. willy says:

      why would we concider the familys thoughts when they clearly did not care about her enough to drive her where ever she was walking to at that time of night??

      1. los says:

        It is possible the family didn’t have a vehicle. It is possible she shared the road because the side walk ended. There are many factors besides she was out this late. Personally I don’t think.she should have been out that time of night. But she was. can’t change that nor the vehicle who hit and ran. No matter if the person was black , Mexican Asian doesn’t matter. Her talking on the phone doesn’t matter if a vehicle hits you from behind. If it was a mistake or accident why not stay and aid the victim?

  4. stix says:

    I wish april wouldn’t make threats against another poster. Most likely you would be the one that would get hurt if you were foolish enough to start a physical altercation.

  5. Jessenia Martinez says:

    It’s sad that the idiots come out and talk bad after someone has died. Hopefully one day something bad happens to someone you know and people talk bad about them too, and see how you like it.

    1. jj says:

      Whether she was pregnant or not, it is irrelevant.

    2. LOL says:

      Bad things happen to everyone on a daily basis. Karma’s a witch too. Just simmer down and pretend you’re deaf and/or blind. Try something different this time when someone else offends you: try acting like a grown up and keep your fists in their pockets.

    3. PAYAZA818 says:


  6. navaht says:

    does anyone ralize that 2 innocent lives were taken away? my thoughts and prayers go out to the family and friends. to everyone else thats crititsizing you need to get a life and maybe ask yourself what does the the victims personal life have to do with this . 2 innocent lives were taken away and for what come on give me a f@#$% break get over your selves .again to the family and friends my thoughts and prayers are with you .

  7. igor doublebubblevich says:

    victorville area is innundated with drunk hit run drivers. place is culturally deprived.

    1. Exodus says:

      I think they should lower the speed limit to 25mph when the motorist are approaching resindential area. My prayer goes out to the family. I hope somebody will catch the driver. It really broke my heart to see that lovely lady got killed.

  8. jj says:

    At that point, it is irrelevant whether she was at fault or not. The point here is: He is now a criminal.

  9. Stubby says:

    If the driver was drunk or under the influence of pot or some other drug, he may not even know he hit someone walking in the road. What difference does it make now anyway?

  10. josh says:

    Zero tolarance for Hit and run!

  11. Marco says:

    Wow….lotta sad posts here. Find the driver and prosecute him.

    My condolences to the family and the father who now will be raising a child without the mother.

  12. Rogmil says:

    Wow. I just graded every post here for mistakes in grammar, and my computer caught fire. I don’t normally criticize, but when you post a comment you only need to do ONE thing right. Just ONE thing. And that is: WRITE WORDS IN ENGLISH. Bowling is more difficult. Here on the internet, you people are the Ford truck, and the English language is the innocent pedestrian.

    1. LOL says:

      LOL – So very true, Rogmil! I often get headaches trying to read the comments posted on these forums. They are clear evidence that our school system is failing.

    2. LOL says:

      LOL – So very true, Rogmil! I often get headaches trying to read the comments posted in these forums. They are obvious proof that the school system is failing.

    3. April d says:

      Serioulsy, are you getting paid to grade every post? Who appointed you to proofread everyone’s post. You sound really sad. Stick to the topic thats all..nothing more nothing less.

  13. Lynn says:

    Dave, there are no sidewalks where she was walking so of course she had to walk on the edge of road in order to push the stroller. Kind of hard to push a stroller on dirt! The driver obviously wasn’t paying attention and didn’t have the decency to stop afterwards. What a coward!

    1. dave says:

      ok lynn if the road is like that where she was walking why use a stroller?? i watched the vid on the news she could have done one thing leave the stoller at home and carry the baby in which case she could have walked far off the road

    2. Chris says:

      You are missing something…..she was on her cell phone, as the boyfriend stated that he had been talking to her via cell phone as the accident happened. I have seen this happen before and when you are sharing a road with Vehicles 10 times the weight of a person walking along the edge or side of the road….YOU NEED TO BE PAYING ATTENTION!!! NOT talking on a cell phone! especially with drivers that cant drive!
      It’s sad that two lives are lost but this has to go in my “Duh” hall of fame..and the driver who killed them suffers mentally the rest of his life!

  14. Lil Mirkk Actor & Rapper says:

    Some of Y’all are sic that was my Sister it was not her fault. The driver should have been paying attention. She were going to get my niece some diapers from Wal-Mart. This idiot needs to confess this his wrong doing. She was also 4 Months pregnant. RIP Sis 😥 ~Lil Mirkk~.

    1. rich says:

      i find a problem with your statement that your sister was headed to wal-mart to get diapers? the accident happened at almost 1030 store closes at 10 had she already been to the store cuz if not then your story is totally off

      1. Lil Mirkk says:

        If you have a problem run up fool my sister was grown.

      2. rich says:

        was not askin if she was grown asked if she was still on her way to the store or not cuz if she was then this really sucks cuz the store would have already been closed when she got there

      3. kayla says:

        walmart close at different times they do have some thats 24hiours

      4. los says:

        Rich that was my little sister as well. I’m certain if he says she was going to get diapers, that was an accurate and truthful statement. I’m also certain if she or a friend had a vehicle to drive her to Walmart she would have preferred to have been in a car. It was late, true and I don’t agree that she should have been out that late. However , she was. In some areas, sidewalks do end believe it if not! So her having to share the road for a brief moment inside of the white line doesnt excuse the fact she was hit, killed and if the driver was innocent…why didn’t they assist? Regardless of the race , her being on the phone or an area she resides.A person has passed. We all have our seasons. Hers was short. Im appreciative for the care and support made by some of your comments and the rest……. just sounds ignorant. Have a great week. Sending ❤ from Texas lil SIS.

      5. n. allen says:

        Lets face it . it was a deliberate act by some raciest individual in the community
        and there are plenty. Walmart is open 24 hours there. many people shop late to avoid ignorant A-holes!!!

    2. rich says:

      yes kayla some do close at diffrent time and yes some are 24hr HOWEVER the one she was headed to on bear valley in victorville closes at 10

      1. rich says:

        los i do not doubt she was going to wal-mart my question to your family was more along the lines of WHY WAS SHE GOING AT 1030 when the store had already been closed for almost 30 min the trip even if she had not been hit was a waste she would not have gotten her diapers that store closes at 10pm

    3. guest2011 says:

      I’m sorry you lost your sister, but WHY in the WORLD was she WALKING on the road at 10:30 at night. Doesnt anyone in your family have a car or a neighbor that could have DRIVEN her to Walmart????

    4. Mirkk says:

      Dude u don’t want any parts I suggest your punk ass stay cool bytch.

    5. Stryker 21 says:


      I’m really sorry I don’t speak Ebonics. Please go back to school and take English 101. And please, you have no clue who I am and I don’t your threats serious. Your a little punk who needs a trip to the wood pile. Grow a set and get a job, my back hurts from carrying your lazy welfare bottom feeding a$$.

  15. kayla says:

    so what that was someones daughter what if that was yo daughter they should of been payin attention story says she was struck from behind smh

    1. Annomus says:

      It is upsetting to me the comments some people have made about this very tragic accident.No matter who’s fault it was it is a crime to leave the scene.And second of all it was not her fault that this city has not put side walks and lights for the peoples safety.It has been a concern of mine since I moved out here a few years ago.Just imagine if it was your loved one who was left for dead.Some people are so heartless.

      1. aadam says:

        so whos fault is it then that she was walking in the street at that time of night?? personal accounability folks yes the driver is wrong also but the girl was wrong to be walkin down that street and her family is most wrong for letting her

  16. Lil Mirkk says:

    If you the culprit come forward your ip
    Address can be traccd dumby.

    1. LOL says:

      Okay, after reading your past two comments left here, I HIGHLY doubt the young woman was your sister. For one, IF it’s true that she was, what the HECK are you doing on your computer responding to comments on the Internet? And two, your language and choice of words totally gives you away that you are a liar. You’re just somebody bored who figured he’d have a little fun with this woman’s unfortunate killing. And for that, my friend, you are a sick fool. Even if she truly was your sister, you are still a sick fool for not giving her the respect she deserves by grieving with her loved ones INSTEAD of typing away on the computer. You’re sad.

      1. rich says:

        i agree LOL sadly i think this person is her brother BUT I AGREE that he should be with his family mourning her death rather then sounding like a thug on here

  17. kayla says:

    wow how do yu know if they had a car and of course she would take a stroller if she was buying some diapers for her baby if that was your ass walkin and got hit how wouold yu feel

    1. paul says:

      its sad that this girl died yes but if your walking on a street with no sidewalk you would be a little safer walkin on the side where you can see the traffic as it comes at you as opposed to how it seems this girl was walkin where she had the traffic to her back if she had walked with the traffic comming infront of her then she may have seen this driver comming at her or avoided it all together but YES the driver needed to stop and i disagree kayla if i had to walk at that time of night to get diapers one i would not take the baby with me and if i had to cuz there was no one to sit with the baby then i WOULD NOT use a stoller on a street like that it sets you up for failure cuz if the road was that unsafe then you can not roll it as safely as on a smoother road thus if she saw this comming she had no real chance to get out of the way with a stroller to push

  18. Jesse Chavez says:


  19. Missy says:

    At Bill it does not matter what color she was, she was a human. She was a smart individual and for you to be so cold hearted means you are brain dead.And to everyone else that’s making a comment about a20 year old being pregnant that’s not the issue. She was a grown lady and if she wanted 10 kids it was her business, and how does anyone of you know if her family was at home to take her to the store? I really didn’t know that there was sooooo many ignorant cold hearted people in this world. Just the fact of a person being ran over pregnant and leaving a baby here to wonder what happened to her mother is a horrible thing in itself. My prayers go out not only to her family but to all of you that are making comments about it was her fault and she should have been at home and she shouldn’t have had her baby out in a stroller and all the other crazy comments. One day you will have some one in your family hurt and you will feel pain just as this family is. Noone does not know who hit her but the driver and GOD. And trust me He will be revealed….

  20. Lil Mirkk says:

    I will summon this shyt up drivers all must yield the right to a pedestrian bottom line. Case closed like an Elevator. Especially stop and make sure a person us aighht like my Sis.

    1. LOL says:

      Amen, Michelle! That’s the real point here- that Lil Mirkk is a LOSER. I’d give my right arm that he’s a liar too. Hey, Lil Mirkk- doesn’t your “sister” deserve some of your tears? You idiot.

    2. Lil Mirkk says:

      Bytch fucc you dirty ass hoe.

    3. GUEST2011 says:

      Could you please TRANSLATE what you just said into ENGLISH PLEASE.

  21. PAYAZA818 says:


  22. Mrs Washington says:

    I never thought it was so many cruel people in this world. BUT by reading these post it’s awful. The thing that’s bothering me is that none of you knew the lady. I knew her personally and she was a sweet heart that cared and loved her baby. None of you know the reason she was walking to get the baby pampers, how do you know if the family had a car or if her mom was even home ? So being the mother she was, she walked to take care of her child’s needs. Something a real mother would have done.. .Then the fact that she was 20 with 2 kids is really not an issue here, she could have had 10 kids and it would have just been her business. how can one judge? why would she not push the baby in the stroller? Why would a pregnant lady carry a baby on her hip? Woow And to the comment that said something about her being colored, it’s obvious that you are heartless and brain dead.The bottom line here is ,a young lady and her baby is dead a little girl is stuck here without a mother , and the person that hit her is somewhere in these streets. No one knows who hit her but the person who did it and God. I pray for her family and the person that hit her, because his life will be doomed if he’s caught and her families life is destroyed. So before you post stupid comments , just think if this was a family member of yours.

    1. Mrs McCoy says:

      Mrs Washington you say she was someone you knew well and she was a good mother for going to the store to fetch diapers for her wee one??? if she was a good Mum why did she wait till she was clearly down to her last diaper at 1030 at night to go fetch more?? a good Mum would have well Gone before such time to fetch them rather than to wait till down to her last one. and if she was not down to her last diaper then she need not have gone atall for she could have waited till the morrow to go fetch some. i do not excuse the person who took this lass’ life for he/she is lower then dirt but does well seem to me the lass made her own mistakes. and could well have avoided this one had she not been walking down a dark way at such a late hour

  23. Mike says:

    It’s so funny how black people always use violence (instead of their brain) to resolve a dispute. No wonder nobody wants them as neighbors! LOL!

    1. TheWindrunner says:

      There are many more legitmate reasons besides that fact.

  24. Bob says:

    Let Patrick run withthenbig boy and get the fans back. Look at the Nascar brickyard 400, 100,000 empty seat,

  25. Chris says:

    In many parts of Victorville, there are no sidewalks and pedestrians are forced to walk on the edge of the road. I drive up and down these streets everyday and am always vigilant for pedestrians. If I were to ever hit one, and I hope I never do, even if they were in the exact middle of the road, I would stop and help. Obviously someone failed at this.

  26. The Big Logic says:

    Victorville sure isn’t the same place as when “Roy” settled in. From what I’ve seen in the news over the last few years, it has become infested with the same type vermin that comprises most urban areas of America, and that’s a real shame. Anyway, two fewer isn’t much help, but it’s better than zero.

  27. Sailing soul says:

    I can’t believe the level of ignorance present on this forum.
    Majority of the things stated here are irreverent race, gender, social economic status, origin of name, why she choose to go when, where and why. Two lives were taken in a cowardly way. And friends and family are devastated that some individuals will stop for an injured animal, but not two human lives. Your first amendment gives you the right to speak, however the negative banter should be left unspoken. God Bless Dejuan Renee Smith and child and family and friends.
    @ Lil Mirrk and April
    To the family and friends
    You understand the great lost because you were blessed with her presence, Forgive these ignorant individuals because they know not what they say.
    Love Leighton

    GOD BLESS Love Leighton

    1. rich says:

      sailing something you and i gues alot of people seem to lack now adays is the concept of self responsbility YES the drive is wrong for what he/she has done but that does not negate the fact that this young woman was walking down a dark road at 1030 at night to buy something at a store that was not even open and did so in the traffic lanes of said road she did not deserve to die but she in some form through her own neglegent action CAUSED her own death nothing in this life HAPPENS to us by chance we make our own fate we make decisions or in some cases fail to make some that directly effect us and she made the decision to walk down that road at night in the traffic lane no one forced her to do this she made that decision on her own it also is known she was on a cell to her Boy friend as she walked which means she did not have her full attention on the traffic so AGAIN she made a bad decision

    2. Saling soul's mom says:

      Wow, are you a dork.

  28. anonymous says:

    I pray that god has mercy on the souls of the ignorant and flat out stupid. My prayers go out to my family and those praying for our family. To everyone else, please do me a favor and find something better to do than to sickeningly attack the deceased.

  29. PAYAZA818 says:


  30. Vanessa Marie says:

    I think your comment is totally unnecessary and called for… Not only are you ignorant but you lack empathy… Many of you stupid people are missing the entirety of the picture… 2 people’s lives were taken unjustly and abruptly… Her financial situation should not even be a factor!! I knew this wonderful lady personally and it’s a shame that small minded people like you are quick to throw the welfare card at a woman of color! She was truly a great mother and will be missed dearly by all who know her…

    1. cindy says:

      Vanessa in reading your statement you fed into the negitive comments on here ONE the use of EMPATHY which means the ability of one to feel to some extent what you as a friend or family member feels in this matter THAT IS NOT POSSIBLE the correct word would be SYMPATHY which is the ability to stand with you and UNDERSTAND your pain. TWO you conceed she was on welfare by your statement HER FINANCIAL SITUATION SHOULD NOT BE A FACTOR which i agree with you on but what was the purpose in admitting that the poster was correct in his assumtion that she was on it? and as for GOOD MOTHER that is factually untrue if she was she would not have had that child out of the house at 1030 headed to a place that was not even open for her to do the stated task of getting diapers for her child, and surely would not have been walking in the street with the child i understand carrying the child minus the stroller might have been a harder option to use but had she used it SHE would be alive and this child would not be motherless

      1. April d says:

        You are ignorant! Grammar check that.

      2. MJ says:

        WOW Cindy did you just there and break down everything Vanessa wrote? I have no further comment about that.

      3. Annomus says:

        Walmart is open at 10:30 and was right by where the accident happened and its a little hard for a woman who is 5 months pregnant to be carrying a 17 month old baby.And maybe she would be alive if the driver would watch where they were going or stopped and called 911.JUST SAYING!

      4. rich says:

        that wal-mart IS NOT open at 1030 it closes at 10 my mother works there and was on duty that night there may be people there still at 1030 but the doors are not open to new customers

  31. April says:

    @Cindy, knock it off, no one comes on this site to have their grammar corrected, if that is your field of choice than why don’t you exercise it at work. Why is it that this human life is gone and you guys are on this site speaking so ill of her? She is dead, and so is her unborn child. Remember, you too shall be judged the same way that you are judging this innocent victim. I simply cannot believe all of the negative energy that is being directed at this young lady. She was hit and killed by someone who did not have the decency to stop and try to help her, maybe they were just like the people on this site. You can sit behind the computer and type total ignorance. If this world would turn from its’ wicked ways this world just might be healed. America would be beautiful if it was not filled with so much hate and racism. You are only hurting yourselves, you have no idea how your future, your childrens , your siblings future, etc., will turn out…..Be very cautious with things that you say, it just might come back and bite you right where it hurts… R.I.P. Dejuan Rene Smith..

  32. pregnancy quiz says:

    Giving pregnant women folic acid and iron supplements does really increase the intelligence of their children later in life?
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  33. rosalyn says:

    Dejan was my friend… she was so sweet and committed to her family. She was always smilling and a good cook. Her boyfriend tray is emotionally broken they were having his first son… I’m just sharing because I was saddened by the comments and finger pointing … please find it in your hearts to stfu n sit your ass down. Your insecurity n disregard for my friend is disgusting. To everyone else with that send prayers thank you soooo much

  34. rosalyn says:

    Dejan was my friend… she was so sweet and committed to her family. She was always smilling and a good cook. Her boyfriend tray is emotionally broken they were having his first son… I’m just sharing because I was saddened by the comments and finger pointing … please find it in your hearts to stfu n sit your ass down. Your insecurity n disregard for my friend is disgusting. To everyone else with that send prayers thank you soooo much… missing you D.

  35. Jay says:

    There are so many ill-bred people, AKA the in-humane, posting heinous comments, which only makes me consider that these monsters actually have cars…how many of them would stop if they accidently or purposely ran someone over? Only a monster would condone this type of behavior. Not even monkeys act like this. There’s definitely a moral deficit here! Hell’s bottom will definitely drop out.

  36. Annomus says:

    My boyfriend works there and they are to open at 10:30 they are open from 6 a.m. till 12 midnight so get your info right!

  37. Regg says:

    Reading this comment board really makes me sad. People making ignorant speculations and having no respect for human life at all. Evil. sick and cold hearted! I hope nothing of this nature ever happens to you or your family, and others point fingers and degrade your existence on a comment board. Is your life that miserable? Is your life that empty? God bless this girl’s family pray for America.

  38. Mirkk says:

    Dude u don’t want any parts I suggest your punk ass stay cool bytch. Fucc u locc

  39. terri says:

    Mirkk i read this story and felt so bad for your sister and your family TILL YOU decided to comment on this page you showed that you are a low life who first of all was on here reading and relpying to comments the day after your sister died that is sad why you would be online and not tending your family i don’t understand then in your replies you make threats of violence you have just gave fuel to all the people who say that people of color are slime and i my self am Black and ashamed to have someone like you as part of my people

  40. Laniece says:

    All of you playing detective regarding the time line, she had already made her purchase, HOWEVER, they caught the suspect Brandon Lee something! The most important thing about this hit and run case are the victims and suspect, where she was going, how she got there, her race, social status, is totally besides the point.

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