LOS ANGELES (CBS) — The USS Abraham Lincoln is the first aircraft carrier to be docked in the Port of Los Angeles in more than 20 years.

Thousands of people have flocked to San Pedro to see the ship, which has been to both Iraq and Afghanistan, but Friday, it will be closed.

Tours of the nuclear-powered aircraft carrier will resume Saturday and Sunday after overflow crowds prompted the early closure of free tours on Thursday.

Cars were lined up for hours, roads were congested and despite months of planning, it was clear that officials did not anticipate the massive onslaught of crowds and traffic.

Additional shuttles will be added to Friday’s free tours of the USS Princeton, the USS Chafee and the USS Champion, which will still be available for free tours until 5 p.m.

Parking is available at the World Cruise Terminal, but attendees can expect long lines, large crowds and tons of traffic.

Navy Night will also be celebrated at Dodger Stadium on Saturday.

For more information about the Port of Los Angeles and schedule for Navy Week, click here.

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  1. charlie says:

    I visited on the first day, Wednesday. Poor planning, not enough buses were available to shuttle visitors, then buses were caught in traffic on the return trip into the designated parking area along with everyone else. I spent a total of 4 hours waiting in line for the bus to the carrier, in line at the carrier, in line for the bus back, than the 1 hour spent on the carrier itself.

  2. Sammy says:

    Hey everybody, the SS Abraham Lincoln is an AWESOME tour! But all visitors BEWARE! Like the previous comment, I was there Thursday morning 10:30am. and waited in line for to board the shuttle bus 2 HOURS later!…the ONLY way to reach the ship. That was around 1pm!…RIDICULOUS!!! And there is also a line at the Port-a-Pottys!…no bathrooms available on the ship. Also there a another line for bags and metal check detectors BEFORE boarding the ship. Rethink before going to the tour. Stamina, patience and alot of humor is required….other than that, enjoy the 30min tour!

  3. Taron says:

    U.S. Naval Sea Cadets will be aboard the ship on Sunday !!!

  4. EMENDEZ says:

    I was stationed on the ship 20 years ago. I wanted to reminisce my days aboard the USS Abe Lincoln (AKA “The Stinkin Lincoln”) so I went on Saturday morning. Man, forgetaboutit! We got to the 110-405 junction, and the traffic stopped! bumper to bumper all the way to the ports o call in San Pedro. We got there at 11AM knowing that the tours were going to go til 4pm. When we got there, there where these mall cops with attitudes were shouting that there wasn’t going to be anymore tours today! I was sadden to hear that, but ole’ well. Even though we didn’t get to board the ship, I was able to see the tower with the big 72 and that my friends brought back some good memories! Don’t get me wrong, it sucked to be young and stationed aboard a ship, but 20 years later I can honestly say Those were the best years of my life!

  5. Nancy Graner says:

    We went on Friday, got there early and my son was actually intervied by channel 9 while we were waiting for the doors to open…they opened and we had to cut the interview off because we were lossing our place in line. Disappointed the interview did not even air online or TV. The ships were awesome, hit the Destroyer USS Chafee first not a long wait but after were told we had to go back outside and wait in line to get into another ships viewing line…had to go through security twice which I think was un-necessary took us 4 plus hours to get on the Cruiser USS Princeton then just walked to the Minesweeper USSChampion. The tours were awesome baring the few fellows who thought they knew more than the trained seamen who guided the tours….they were very friendly and informative!!! My son plans on serving in the Navy, I hope he has this opportunity when he is enlisted all the kids were facinated and the stories told my Veterans regardles of military branch were awesome….a lot of history was shared as well as a lot of personal decisions for joining up….Thank you to all who are and have served with out you we could never experience events like this…..my advice if you ever have a chance to attend a Naval Fleetweek DO IT!!!!

  6. D. Silverman says:

    This tour was very disappointing. Visitors waited in line for 6 hours to see what life was like on the carrier. While I waited one person collapsed in line and was taken away by ambulance. No water, snacks or restrooms were nearby during the wait. When visitors finally got to the carrier they were only allowed to walk the decks. We wanted to see quarters, cafeterias, entertainment rooms, work areas, etc, and we saw none of that. This was very poorly planned.

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