Live A Better Life By Improving Your Communication Skills

STUDIO CITY (CBS) — Can the language you use help create a life you love? Communications expert Josselyne Herman-Saccio says yes.

Herman-Saccio visited the KCAL 9 studios Friday. She works for Landmark Education, a personal development company that’s had more than 1.3 million people in 20 countries use its programs to create a life they love.

Tips To Create A Life You Love

-Distinguish: Distinguishing fact from fiction helps to create a life you love. Get clear about the facts.

-Know Yourself: You know what you’re committed to and what you’re not committed to. So, get clear about your commitments in life and communicate that!

-Discover Unrealized Potential: Once you get clear about the facts and find what you’re committed to, put it in a calendar so you’re sure to see your dreams realized.

For more information, visit Landmark Education online.

  • darkitec

    Too bad that this is completely worthless, I would love to watch the story but the clowns that built the website didn’t provide a way to cache the video so that those of us with slow internet connections could actually make use of it.

    Go back and try again.

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