Gable Grandson Says He ‘Made A Mistake’ Pointing Laser At Chopper

LOS ANGELES (CBS) — CBS2’s Serene Branson was the only reporter on scene when Clark Gable III made bail and was released from jail Friday night.

Gable, named after his grandfather, the legendary movie actor, was arrested Thursday night after reportedly aiming a green laser light into the cockpit of a LAPD helicopter while driving through Hollywood.

Gable, 22, made bail just after 6 p.m.

Maximilian Anderson, 23, who was riding in the vehicle with Gable was also arrested. He has not posted bail as of Friday evening.

Both men were taken into custody Thursday even and charged with the felony.

Gable’s sister told reporters earlier in the day that the whole thing was a big misunderstanding. She explained her brother had the laser but was just installing new batteries in and testing it out.

Gable seemed to stick to a similar line when he was approached by Branson. “It was a misunderstanding,” he explained, “you know, people make mistakes and you learn from them. (The laser) was just a gift I got and people make mistakes and that’s the bottom line.”

He added, “I’m going to learn from it and hopefully others will.”

Gable will learn his fate when he returns to a Los Angeles courtroom late next month.

  • Guapi

    As I’ve said before… If they can really bring down an aircraft, they should be banned altogether.

    • Ron

      @Guapi: Absolutely !! What is the holdup? Ban these devices before someone IS killed.
      Who is the idiot that bought it, as a gift for him?

      “…People make mistakes and that’s the bottom line.” Are you kidding me? How many previous cases have there been ? Do these guys and the idiot that bought it, NOT watch the news or read the paper? They are very lucky that no one was killed.

    • Ron

      @drink n drive: with your moniker, it is evident why you are really the DUMB@SS !!!
      “…dumbest law ever…they should sue your…”. I can only hope, that if ANY helicopter or passenger jet, EVER falls out of the sky, because of some idiot pointing a laser light at the pilot, that you are below to catch it and that all the occupants are safe, when it hits the ground.

      And you CAN sue me.

  • James

    Well, Serene, it sounds like a heaveh bird-tation to me.

    • Wally Wharton

      James! You are FUNNY!!!

  • Timothy McGarry

    geez, who cares?

    • James

      I think you meant to say, “Frankly, my dear, I don’t give a damn.” :)

      • Wally Wharton

        Darn it– I wanted to use that line– thanks again, James for a good laugh!

  • Bob

    I have a new gun I would like to test out. Would good old Clark Gable III stand in front of the gun to see if it reallly works. I’ii im Aim for the brain to insure little damage is done.

  • Bill

    Those helicopters were hovering there AL DAY and into the night! They were very annoying. No excuse for trying to hurt anyone, but I can understand the motivation.

  • HooDatIS?
  • LuLu

    Funny, I know that if it were some random Black kid who did this all these comments would be talking about how much of a stupid animal the kid was, using racial epithets, blaming the parents and suggesting the kid be locked up. But since it was some white famous person’s relative, it’s all harmless fun and games.

    • Bryan Conover

      White people rule the world and are 14% more intelligent than other races…Is there a conflict?…I really don’t like your attitude.

  • Bryan Conover

    How exactly does one get caught doing something like this?…Did he have the laser pointed for the entire 5 – 10 minutes that It would take to get a ground unit to pull them over ?…If I shot my neighbor with a hand gun it would take at least 30 minutes for the police to arrive but pointing lasers in the sky gets you pushed to the top of the LAPD response list?

    Next time I need a quicker response I think I’ll just point a laser to the sky…A bit like calling for Batman?

  • Jessenia Martinez

    Ha, and his sister was saying how he was being targeted… Targeted for what? Being famous? He is no one, why would they just happen to go after him. Until I saw this on the news I didn’t even know he existed, as I am sure the officers and pilot didn’t either.

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