LOS ANGELES (CBS) — Singer Amy Winehouse reportedly tried to reach to a television rehab doctor prior to her death earlier this week.

Dr. Drew Pinsky of “Celebrity Rehab” told KROQ radio hosts Kevin & Bean Thursday morning that the late singer tried to contact him in her final days.

“I found out also yesterday that believe it or not she was trying to contact me which was weird. Janice Dickinson told me that. I remember getting calls from Europe and thinking ‘what the hell is this?,” Pinsky said.

To read more and listen to the entire Dr. Drew interview, click here.

Comments (5)
  1. dan says:

    Just a taaaaaaaaaad to late……

  2. HollywoodSaint says:

    I love kevin & bean…they ROCK !!!….I cant stand dr. drew….psycho mike used to be cool when he was on KROQ, but now it seems he is much more interested in how many calls he gets on loveline rather than actually helping people on loveline………RIP AMY WINEHOUSE…welcome to the 27 club…you get tolive forever now

  3. Ro says:

    What happened to patient privacy?? Where’s your ethics “Dr.” Drew? Because she is famous and dead, doesn’t give you the right to discuss anticiapted patient care. You had no right giving out this information.

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