(CBSSports.com/Matt Snyder) — Just in case you’re bored with the trade deadline and actual, on-field baseball, we have a slightly humorous — and slightly sad — update on the ongoing fight between Frank McCourt and Major League Baseball, Bud Selig and Jamie McCourt.

First things first, McCourt alleged that MLB commissioner Bud Selig has taken more money out of baseball than McCourt has. In response to an allegation that McCourt has cost the Dodgers over $180 million in revenues, McCourt’s attorney’s pointed to Selig’s $18 million-plus salary — which is subject to approval by all 30 MLB clubs.

“The claim that $100 million was taken out of the Dodgers over the course of seven years is patently false,” according to the court filing (LA Times). “Moreover, even taking the Commissioner’s false claim that $100 million was taken out of the Dodgers at face value, it is difficult to understand how the Commissioner can complain about this when he pays himself a salary of approximately $20 million a year — meaning that he has taken out between $120 million and $140 million from baseball revenues during the same period that he complains about $100 million being taken out by the owner of a team.”

The response from Major League Baseball was priceless:

“The claim that Mr. McCourt took $100 million is patently false. He took a lot more than that.” (LA Times)

Meanwhile, Jamie McCourt — with whom Frank is going through divorce proceedings — has offered up a filing of her own. Her claim is that Frank is failing to honor his court-ordered obligations of spousal support, instead using all his money to wage “jihad” against Major League Baseball (LA Times).

So, to sum up: McCourt thinks Selig is stealing his own salary, though McCourt is allegedly using the money he’s supposed to be giving to Jamie to wage a “jihad” against Selig.

Comments (2)
  1. Hollywood Reporter says:

    If anyone was in need of a fatal Massive Coronary I’m sure both the McCourts would top the list.

  2. Robert miller says:

    Really Jamie? A jihad? He’s waging a HOLY WAR against Selig? What’s wrong with these people? Are they really THAT stupid to not know what the words that fly out of their mouths mean. Seriously, shut it. You are money hungry with the best interests of your divorce lawyers and yourself in mind. No one cares anymore.

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