Banning Mother, 30, Accidentally Shoots Daughter, 12, With ‘Lighter’

BANNING  (AP)  — Police in Banning say a woman accidentally shot her 12-year-old daughter after pulling the trigger of a miniature revolver she had mistaken for a novelty cigarette lighter.

Sgt. Nick Schoen said Thursday the investigation into the July 24 incident is ongoing, but that police believe it was an accident.

He said 30-year-old Rachel Avila and her daughter were talking with friends in front of their mobile home when Avila found what she thought to be a cigarette lighter on the ground.

Avila picked it up and tried to light it by pulling the trigger.

Police said nothing happened the first time, but on her second try a 22-caliber bullet fired and struck the girl’s right arm.

The girl has been treated for her wound. The gun’s owner hasn’t been determined.

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  • Mayor

    Stupidity Kills.

    • Ben

      It’s so stupid it’s actually hilarious!

  • Norm Simpson

    Ok. I’m not a drunk on crack, so I’m a little slow. You pick something up that looks JUST like a GUN, and you point it at your face to lite a smoke? Is that it? And you SHOOT YOUR KID? Do I have this right? And the Police and D.A. are going for this? Ok. Well, I mean sure, I’ve picked up lots of items off the ground that looked JUST LIKE A GUN, and pointed them at friends and family, then pulled what kinda looked like a trigger, but hey, you know, I thought it might be a liter….

    • Give me a break

      You took the words wright out of my mouth.

      • Give me a break


    • Paul Castillo

      No doubt Norm. I did this twice just yesterday as a matter of fact.

  • Scott Anderson

    it is called NATURAL SELECTION folks!!!
    Hillbillies right here in sunny socal

    • Hanalad

      Hillbilly? Did you check out the name. Another clueless person, courtesy of our lax immigration policies.

      • Stupid Is As Stupid Does

        I was gonna say just that. Avila doesn’t sound too redneck to me. It does sound like a spanish last name though. You know, those names that come from that southern country… You know, all those people that jump our borders on a daily basis…

      • PAYASA818


  • Stevve

    Stupid lady.

  • Timothy McGarry

    The things you find laying around trailer parks these days.

  • UMMark

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