REDLANDS (CBS) — Police say sprinkler parts have been disappearing from dozens of Redlands homes over the past three months and possibly being sold for their brass content.

Thefts of brass sprinkler heads and other parts have been reported in local neighborhoods since May. The thefts happen mostly at night, and police believe many of the thefts have gone unreported.

“It will likely take an alert citizen calling police and providing information to get a good description of the suspects or a vehicle or even to catch the thieves in the act,” said Lt. Travis Martinez. “Landscapers rarely work at night, so anyone other than a resident working in the yard after dark is a likely suspect.”

Investigators are in contact with local recyclers in an effort to track down the thieves, but police want residents to report suspicious activity by calling 911.

Anyone with more information about the thefts can call the Redlands Police at (909) 798-7681. Residents who have had their sprinklers stolen can report the thefts online.

Comments (5)
  1. Hillbilly Foo says:

    It’s either drug addict’s or wet backs stealing srinkler heads

  2. Jeff says:

    Just trying to supplement our welfare checks.

  3. Sherlock says:

    “Landscapers rarely work at night, so anyone other than a resident working in the yard after dark is a likely suspect.”
    Lt. Travis Martinez did you come up with this all by yourself? How does one person get to be so smart?

    1. LaPd says:

      That’s a Martinez for you.. ..

  4. euro says:

    anyone with 99% chance of being right would agree….only an illegal most likely mexican would have anything to do with this! we’ve NEVER seen such petty, obnoxious thefts as what these people are caught doing! AND WE STILL DON’T ROUND THEM UP AND DUMP THEM AT THE CESSPOOL FROM WHERE THEY WERE MADE!

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