Happy, Kids? McDonald’s To Substitute Fruit, Raisins For Fries

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LOS ANGELES (CBS) — Will your kids be happier with a healthier McDonald’s?

The world’s most famous fast-food restaurant is revamping its “Happy Meals” in an effort to cut down on America’s child obesity epidemic.

KNX 1070’s Pete Demetriou reports on a number of changes coming to the Golden Arches this fall.

Beginning in September, McDonald’s has agreed to cut the amount of fries in a Happy Meal by over 50 percent and include apple slices, carrots, raisins, oranges, dropping the amount of Calories by about one-fifth.

But despite the reduction in food volume, the price of the reconfigured meal will stay the same.

McDonald’s hopes to lure new customers with the transition — a strategy that could pay off with both kids and adults.

“It might just trick these “New Age” hippie parents into buying a lot of this food if they think it’s healthy,” said one man.

The shift comes amid accusations from activists that the brand uses its mascot clown Ronald McDonald to specifically target children in their marketing practices.

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