ALHAMBRA (CBS) — A teenager is speaking out against an unsafe intersection in her neighborhood, demanding Alhambra officials install a stop light after her friend was hit and killed at the crosswalk.

Kamiko Nishitsuji has started an online petition for a stop light after her friend, 17-year-old Bo Feng, was struck at the intersection of New Avenue and Shorb Streets.

More than 700 people signed the petition during the first 24 hours it was posted.

“I was here at the memorial with her mom and I don’t think another parent should have to grieve,” Nishitsuji said. “Something really needs to be done.”

It’s a crosswalk that residents say has long caused safety concerns.

“It’s like a race from the green light right there — as soon as it turns green they’re rushing over here,” said Alhambra resident Thongh Ngo, referring to the drivers coming towards the crosswalk from a nearby stop light.

Alhambra police say there have been five accidents at the intersection within the last year, but the most recent fatality was the first that involved a pedestrian.

But Alhambra police say they haven’t viewed this intersection as unusually dangerous.

A city engineer said both Alhambra and San Gabriel, which borders the intersection, are working on a solution.

Comments (5)
  1. Tony Vo says:

    Alhambra can afford thousand of dollars for firework shows every year but they can’t contribute to a simple safety light that will save many lives in the future?

  2. Jessy blonde says:

    That’s very easy, just copy those 3-person-running signs you can see on Fwy 5 and post it on the street in Alhambra. Case solved.

  3. unknown. says:

    Honestly, they should just take out that cross walk. Lights dont always save lives. They have many more options then just putting on lights. they can take out that crosswalk and/or add dips and bumps, l

  4. Dripable says:

    Your exactly right with this writing!

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